ClassDojo is Helping Teachers And Parents Communicate


One of the most traditional aspects of education is the teacher and parent conference. The time is taken for the conference to discuss how children are progressing in school. While the conferences serve an important role in the educational system, the method that is used to conduct the conferences has not be altered for many decades.


However, in recent decades, technology has impacted education. Currently technology allows schools to do things that were unthinkable even a few short decades ago. While technology has made an impact in many areas of education, the teacher and parent conference is one of the areas that technology has not addressed.


This is slowly changing because ClassDojo is a company that is providing an app that is designed to allow teachers and parents to communicate in ways beyond the traditional parent and teacher conference. The app is helping schools currently in many aspects regarding teacher and parent communication.


Recently ClassDojo was able to acquire funding in the amount of 21million dollars for enhancements to the app. The funding will be used in a variety of ways to add functionality and features to the app to provide schools, teachers, parents, and students more ways to utilize the app.


One of the major benefits of the ClassDojo app is that it allows teachers and parents to communicate on a regular basis. The need to actually schedule conferences and meet face to face is not needed with the use of the ClassDojo app. There are other benefits to the Class Dojo app that many teachers and parents are able to use on a daily basis.


The ClassDojo app has features that allow teachers, parents, and students to accomplish a wide variety of tasks. Teachers can conduct school scheduling activities, create videos, send videos, take pictures, send pictures, and load student schoolwork on the system for others to view. In a similar fashion parents and students can use the ClassDojo app for various tasks related to the interest of parents and students.


The ClassDojo app is currently in over 80,000 schools. The recent funding acquired by ClassDojo will allow the app to be available in more schools along with enhancements to the app to provide users with more features and options.

The app developed by ClassDojo allows schools to help teachers, parents, and students communicate on a platform that is designed for educational communication. The app allows users to communicate on a regular basis and share information, videos, and photos.


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WEN By Chaz Pleases New User

Chaz Dean is one of the hottest hairstylists today. His clients includes Hollywood A-listers and some of the best known models and entertainers on the planet. Born in Vermont and raised in New Jersey by his adopted parents, Dean came to Los Angeles to work as a photographer. He decided to attend cosmetology school to enhance his photography career. Instead he found an entirely new career at which he has excelled. It’s not only Chaz Dean’s talent that sets him apart, it’s also his dedication natural products and holistic methods.

The natural approach he uses at his Chaz Dean Studio focuses on creating harmony and what’s best for the health and beauty of his client’s hair. He believes in educating his clients and teaches that shampoos, bleach and irons dry and damage hair. He hasn’t used shampoo since 1993. After having created haircare products for many companies, he decided to create his own haircare line. The WEN Hair by Chaz line uses only natural ingredients and does not offer a shampoo. Instead it features a fantastic cleansing conditioner.

Recently featured an article written by a woman after using WEN by Chaz for the first time( She explained her hair is fine and stringy and she wanted a hair care product to give it body and shine. Following the directions on the WEN by Chaz Fig cleansing conditioner container, she used a generous portion and rubbed it into her scalp and out to the ends of her hair. After a few minutes she rinsed it out. Almost immediately she began feeling increased body in her hair.

She followed the instructions for 7 days. On day 4, her co-workers were complementing her on how good her hair looked. By day 7 her hair was shiny, bouncy, healthy and clean and looked great. Get Wen hair products online, visit or at


Equities First: The Difference Between Margin And Stock Loans

According to a recent article on, Equities First Holdings, LLC reports that where more banks and other financial institutions have stricter lending rules, they are seeing more interaction in stock-based loans and margin loans.


Equities First Holdings is a leader in alternative shareholder financial solutions and is a global lender. People who need to get a loan quick may find alternative equity loans available when they do not qualify for traditional credit-based loans, says the article.


In this economic climate, many banks have made tighter regulations for loan qualifications. They have also increased interest rates, says the article. The founder and CEO of Equities First Holdings, Al Christy, Jr., considers stocks as collateral for those who are seeking loans for capital. Traditional marginal loans have less value than stock-based loans. The former can be had with a fixed interest rate, the article states.


In a quote, Christy says that the market fluctuates during the term of a three-year loan. There is a hedge on stock-based loans because the borrower does not have as much of an investment risk. Even if the stock goes down, borrowers are not obligated to stay with a stock loan, says Christy. They can keep the first part of the loan proceeds and not be obligated anymore to the lender.


Christy explains the difference between stock-based loans and margin loans in the article. Although some people think they are the same, they actually are not, says Christy. On stock loans, there are no restrictions on how the money is to be used. Borrowers get a low-interest rate and a loan-to-value ratio as high as 75%, the article says.


In a marginal loan, the money must be used for a certain purpose. The variable interest rate is higher and the loan-to-value ratios are lower. In the event of a margin call, the lending institution may liquidate the borrower’s collateral without notice.


Although there are risks associated with any type of financial transaction, stock-based loans have not received a lot of attention, says Christy. This is because of bad business procedures on behalf of some lenders. Christy says that Equities First Holdings has a mission to deliver the best benefits with minimal risks for their customers’ financial goals.


Equities First Holdings, LLC has provided clients with alternative financing solutions since 2002. They also make loans against publicly-traded stocks for their clients. They have a client base around the world. This company has offices in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia. for more information’s.

Securus Technologies Provides a Powerful New Tool

When Securus Technologies announced the release of the latest JLG Technologies Investigator Pro 4.0, with the added feature of searchable voice I was excited. Securus Technologies is a leader in the field of civil and criminal justice technology and provides modern solutions to public safety concerns. Their software is easy to use and only requires minimal user training, I learned to use it effectively within several shifts.

The new software allows me to search a database of inmates’ telephone calls by using a voice sample from either party participating in the telephone call. The selected voice sample is then matched to other all other calls within the system.

The new searchable voice feature lets me track individuals’ voices, and I no longer rely upon ID, PIN, or telephone number. This means easier tracking of multiple inmate calls and contacts, without hours spent cross-referencing logs. When tracking the activity of groups of callers voice search quickly became an invaluable resource for me. Searchable voice can also be used in conjunction with high-interest group tagging and voice identification. When I use the software with the tagging and voice identification enabled I find isolating the connection between both the inmates still incarcerated and released inmates to be simplified. I am certain that this software has allowed me to make several valuable connections that I otherwise would have missed in the volume of calls. This combination provides me with a powerful tool for predicting and preventing crime.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

All You Need to Know About Norka Luque’s Musical Life Full of Adventure

Every time that people hear of the 80’s they are more likely to think of music then people who were born it that time. However, it just so happens that one of the musically talented individuals that are well-known today, happened to be born in 1986, her name is Norka Luque. Having been born in Venezuela, it is easy to see how she has lived a very interesting life. When it comes to producers, there are none that are more famously known then Emilio Estefan, which is probably why Norka and her family made the decision to add Emilio onto their team, as a guide for the music career of Norka, and also as a guide for her parents.
As an individual who has been said to be one of the most talented vocally in the world, Norka’s fans find it to be no surprise when they are able to hear about her success in the releasing of her famous song that was named “Como lo Haces Tu”. This song was able to lead this very young woman to so much fame, that she was able to become a nominee for the Best Female Pop Artist award. Norka held very much appreciation in her heart for the people that brought her to the point of being nominated for such an amazing award/

One of the years that Norka will always hold close to her heart was the year that she came out with the song and album Milagro. This song made her make everyone turn on their music system, she was able to reach record highs for numbers within most music charts from all sorts of different genres. This song also became very popular, not only because of the words said or the way it sounded, but also because of the way she presented it, she presented it in many different versions, such as pop and salsa. To hear her newest release, Tomorrowland, all that you have to do is go onto one of the many app stores for music now available.

Norka and her parents would all at the moment tell you how excited they are for Norka’s relaunch for the year 2016. When asked about how she became so successful in her career, Norka does not in the least bit take all of the credit, she in fact gives most of it out to her parents and Emilio Estefan. These are all the three people who have helped guided her down the right path and made sure that she didn’t forget about school and fun along the way.

Fabletics Makes Casual Clothes More Fun

Every woman who leaves the house to start her day deserves to be in clothes that she knows will work for her on a personal level. She needs something that will help her look great whether she goes to the gym or goes to lunch, and that is where Fabletics has come in to save the day. They have created a whole culture around their clothes known as athleisure that allow women to wear gym clothes on the street. The company is expanding on, but they have held onto the vision of Kate Hudson who started it.

The plan is for a woman to walk out of the house in something that they think will make them look good. Every woman who wears this line will find out that they can work out hard at the gym and wear the same clothes to run all their errands. The clothes are meant to fit any woman, and Fabletics are designed to help a woman make her figure look better. The clothes are great for the woman who knows what she wants, and they even extend to swimwear.

The line wants to open stores soon, but they also want to keep offering more clothes for women who need their special brand of casual. Every women who gets dressed up in Fabletics will feel really good when she leaves the house, and these women will look amazing because they are so much better put together than the normal woman in gym clothes.

Fabletics wants to help women look their best even when they are running out the door every day. Kate Hudson started Fabletics because she is a busy mom who has to run out of the house most days, and she wants every woman to look good when they do the same thing. She knows how hard it is to get ready in the morning, and she knows what it takes for these women to feel good about their bodies. Fabletics is the best choice for a woman who has no time but still wants to look good. It helps her be casual and chic at once.

David Osio Business Man And Philanthropist

Businessman and entrepreneur David Osio is primarily a businessman but he is trying to be known more for his philanthropic work than his business skills. For more than twenty years David has been in a partnership with several non-profit organizations whose main goal is to better the people, art, and the culture in those communities where he develops businesses. Many of these businesses revolve around financial services which David loves but he also is expanding his financial support of charitable organization on not just a local scale but also a global scale. Locally it is no secret that he is known for his support of music, the arts, medical research, and his local community. Learn more:

On the business side of things, David is the founder and CEO of Davos Financial Group where he is personally in charge of the firm’s domestic and global strategies. Over the past two decades, he has transformed Davos Financial Group into a global powerhouse with offices in all the major financial centers of the world. David started out as a lawyer after graduating with honors from the Catholic University, Andres Bello in Caracas Venezuela. After graduation he began his career in Venezuela as the Director in the Legal Desk MGO, providing legal advice and other services to such multi-national clients such as Ferro, a leading global functional coatings and color solutions provider that supply products and technologies to thousands of clients around the world. Ferro has also pioneered many innovative technologies in ceramics, electronics and consumer electronics. David has also done consulting work for Consolidated Bank a national bank for east Africa’s largest economy.

About 10 years after this legal work was finished he completed course work for specialization at the Institute of Higher Administration Studies in Caracas. In 2010 he received advanced credentials by studying The Management of Investment Portfolios at the New York Institute of Finance.

On his philanthropy, he is noted for his support of the Miami Symphony Orchestra. He was so taken by the Miami Symphony that he also served as a member of its board of directors. When asked about it, he is quick to point out that it is rewarding to see a foundation like the Miami Symphony have the ability to stay in operation year after year and bring the joy of world-class music to the community with the help of our donations. He is also a supporter of the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation He is quoted as saying that every little bit helps when it comes to medical research for children. He has also stated that his hope is that someday those who are fortunate enough can all come together to make a true financial difference in this important cause.

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Hedge Fund Activity From Madison Street Capital

Recently Madison Street Capital, LLC, released an overview of hedge fund activity covering M&A opportunities and recent transactions. Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking firm well-known to the financial services industry. The information provided in this article is taken from their February 09, 2016 report. To read the full article please visit

There was a total of 42 hedge fund transactions either announced or closed globally in 2015, far exceeding the 32 transactions announced in 2014. This 27% jump was mainly due to increased transaction activity in the fourth quarter of 2015. This could lead to a record year in 2016 for hedge fund and M&A transactions.

Despite mediocre performance for most hedge fund strategies in 2015 hedge fund assets remain at an all time high. Because hedge fund performance was not very good in 2015 investors are finding new ways to increase allocations to the alternative asset management sector. Although small hedge fund managers are operating below their capacity levels they find themselves struggling to attract new investors. Hedge fund managers of all sizes are not only facing higher operating costs they are under constant pressure to lower their fees. This means hedge fund managers are considering strategic alternatives to their overall business models.

Madison Street Capital was founded in 2005 and has its corporate headquarters in Chicago Illinois. Madison Street Capital provides financial opinions to what are considered middle-market companies. Their industry experts offer advice to asset managers and hedge fund managers while providing a variety of financial services for clients across the world.

Madison Street Capital realizes that every client is different and will need careful analysis and up-to-the-minute recommendations. Madison Street Capital will provide its clients with the very latest information on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) that might be right for them. This information will include, but is not limited to, first understanding the actual value of the company in question and then offering an accurate picture of the company’s current state and future possibilities. Madison Street Capital fully understands both domestic and international corporate governance and has offices in North America, Africa, and Asia to assist clients in mergers and acquisitions anyplace in the world.

Because of their knowledge and experience, Madison Street Capital can match buyers and sellers from anyplace on the globe. Madison Street Capital also has the ability to find the right financing and proper capitalization structure for any unique client situation. After spending some time analyzing this company it is no surprise that Madison Street Capital is a leader in the international investment banking industry.

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Securus Makes Inmates’ Complaints Heard

The Securus company has worked to provide solutions to inmates in jails across the country. They have made sure that the inmates have what they need when it comes to small comforts. From phone calls to commissary, Securus handles all of the problems and little luxuries that inmates can afford. They are able to do most of their commissary shopping while they are at the Securus kiosk. They are also able to use these to send monitored emails to their loved ones on the outside. Securus has made it possible and easier to handle other forms of communication between inmates and their loved ones.

The latest technology that has been created by the company is in the form of complaint forms. Before Securus came up with this, inmates had to submit their complaints to the correctional officers. This really wasn’t the officers’ job duty but was something that they were expected to do. They then needed to submit these complaints to the chain of command to eventually reach the administration. It was very easy for complaints to get lost or forgotten about when they were making their way to the administrative member that they want their complaint to go to.

The use of the Securus machine is also going to allow the jails to become safer. When correctional officers are focused on submitting complaints and doing the bidding of the inmates, they are not able to focus on maintaining safety within the jail. If they do not have to handle complaints, they are able to focus more on the security of the jail and to protect the inmates as well as the other employees who are in the jail. Securus, ultimately, will make prisons safer for the people who work there and for the inmates who are housed in the prison.

Wen by Chaz: One Beauty Blogger’s Positive Experience with the Revolutionary Hair Care Line

Nowadays, beauty on a budget tends to be a popular topic among beauty bloggers, particularly when it comes to getting the most bang for one’s buck. Originally reported on Bustle, one blogger in particular decided to find out what all the fuss was about regarding the Wen hair by Chaz hair product line. Having heard so many positive reviews regarding it’s cleansing power and ability to infuse bounciness and shine, she decided to give it a try. Initially wary, due to the tendency of her long fine hair to become easily weighed down, she took the plunge and purchased the fig scented Wen cleansing conditioner.

The WEN hair care product line was initially developed by Chaz Dean, a celebrity hair stylist who wanted to help the average budget conscious consumer achieve the same gorgeous hair that many Hollywood starlets sport on the red carpet.

While the amount of product necessary to deliver results took some time to get used to, she soon found that her hair was transformed from dull and lifeless, to healthy and shiny. As seen here through her numerous selfies, one can actually witness her hair transforming from limp and dull, to incredibly shiny and full of life. On the seventh day, she found her friends complimenting her on how voluminous and great her hair looked, boosting her self esteem as well as her praise for the Wen by Chaz product line.

In conclusion, she decides to give Wen a thumbs up, delivering accolades for the relative affordability of the products, as well as delivering on its promised results. Visit the website Follow Wen hair on Twitter.

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