Securus Makes Inmates’ Complaints Heard

The Securus company has worked to provide solutions to inmates in jails across the country. They have made sure that the inmates have what they need when it comes to small comforts. From phone calls to commissary, Securus handles all of the problems and little luxuries that inmates can afford. They are able to do most of their commissary shopping while they are at the Securus kiosk. They are also able to use these to send monitored emails to their loved ones on the outside. Securus has made it possible and easier to handle other forms of communication between inmates and their loved ones.

The latest technology that has been created by the company is in the form of complaint forms. Before Securus came up with this, inmates had to submit their complaints to the correctional officers. This really wasn’t the officers’ job duty but was something that they were expected to do. They then needed to submit these complaints to the chain of command to eventually reach the administration. It was very easy for complaints to get lost or forgotten about when they were making their way to the administrative member that they want their complaint to go to.

The use of the Securus machine is also going to allow the jails to become safer. When correctional officers are focused on submitting complaints and doing the bidding of the inmates, they are not able to focus on maintaining safety within the jail. If they do not have to handle complaints, they are able to focus more on the security of the jail and to protect the inmates as well as the other employees who are in the jail. Securus, ultimately, will make prisons safer for the people who work there and for the inmates who are housed in the prison.

Wen by Chaz: One Beauty Blogger’s Positive Experience with the Revolutionary Hair Care Line

Nowadays, beauty on a budget tends to be a popular topic among beauty bloggers, particularly when it comes to getting the most bang for one’s buck. Originally reported on Bustle, one blogger in particular decided to find out what all the fuss was about regarding the Wen hair by Chaz hair product line. Having heard so many positive reviews regarding it’s cleansing power and ability to infuse bounciness and shine, she decided to give it a try. Initially wary, due to the tendency of her long fine hair to become easily weighed down, she took the plunge and purchased the fig scented Wen cleansing conditioner.

The WEN hair care product line was initially developed by Chaz Dean, a celebrity hair stylist who wanted to help the average budget conscious consumer achieve the same gorgeous hair that many Hollywood starlets sport on the red carpet. Highly trained in the technical and biological aspects of hair care, he developed a revolutionary new way of cleansing hair that delivers maximum results without weighing down or causing damage.

While the amount of product necessary to deliver results took some time to get used to, she soon found that her hair was transformed from dull and lifeless, to healthy and shiny. As seen here through her numerous selfies, one can actually witness her hair transforming from limp and dull, to incredibly shiny and full of life. On the seventh day, she found her friends complimenting her on how voluminous and great her hair looked, boosting her self esteem as well as her praise for the Wen by Chaz product line.

In conclusion, she decides to give Wen a thumbs up, delivering accolades for the relative affordability of the products, as well as delivering on its promised results. Visit the website Follow Wen hair on Twitter.

The Talent and Goodness of Norka Luque

Norka Luque was nominated for Best Female Pop Artist of the Year in 2011 at the Premios Lo Nuestro. Born in Caracas, Venezuela on February 7th, 1986, Norka has been taking the music industry by storm since her first single, “As You Do It”, in 2011 with the guidance of Emilio Estefan, a producer who has won 19 Grammy awards and husband of Gloria Estefan, the famous Cuban American singer.

Beautiful and talented, Norka rapidly rose to the top within the past four years. Her driving force since childhood was music. She was passionate about music at an early age. Although still a child, she knew that she wanted to use music to produce positive energy and joy in people. With her talent and determination, nothing was impossible. She had her first musical production at the tender age of eight. Encouraged by supportive parents who recognized their young daughter’s gift and devotion, they enrolled her to voice classes, piano, ballet and other dance classes. She finished her formal education at the same time.

Norka Luque is extremely intelligent and creative. She can speak French, English and Spanish. She went to France to study business, marketing, fashion and attained a degree in the Culinary Arts. While in France, she joined a band. This was a stepping stone that helped her hone her talent. It was in 2012 when Nokia was in Miami that the legendary music producer Emilio Estefan, impressed with her talent, offered her the opportunity of a lifetime and directed her career. He produced Nokia’s first single, “As You Do It”. The song was immediately successful and brought Nokia her first nomination for best female singer where she competed with stars like Natalia Jimenez, Shakira and Gloria Trevi. To be nominated at the start of her career, speaks volume of Nokia’s talent.

According to Latino Show Magazine, Her second single, Milagro was a collaboration between composers Hermanos Gaitan, Luigi Giraldo, Archie Pena and others. Also produced by Estefan, Milagro was a huge success. Upbeat and danceable, it was a hit in Central, South America and the United States. Other countries in Europe, like Spain, are catching on to the delightful rhythm and message of Milagro. The mixture of reggae and Carribb7ean beat is highly conducive to joy and festivity.

Her latest single, “Tomorrowland”, was released early this year. Like all her songs it is full of vitality and resonates with love and goodness.

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George Soros Financial and Political Genius

A recent article in Politico reported on the increased efforts and contributions of George Soros in support of the Democrat Party in the United States of America. Soros is a multi-billionaire who has turned his interests away from money after his $1 billion bet against the British Sterling Pound went his way in 1979. There are thousands of investors trying to figure our the Foreign Exchange Market on They would be satisfied with less than $1 billion, but each investor holds Soros in high regard.

His early life was filled with conflict when his native country, Hungary, was invaded and occupied by the German forces during the early stages of the Second World War. Imagine having to live in the United States of America if Mexico had invaded, gained the upper hand, and taken control. The military strength of the U.S. makes sure that this scenario does not happen. But for George Soros, it was a strong and horrid taste of fascism. Next, as a youngster, he would experience his country being liberated by the Russian Communist forces. His parents were able to secure a passport for young George, and he was sent to England to continue his education and experience a new form of political freedom where a monarchy shared political power with a two-house legislature. Finally, his political education was complete when he moved to New York City to began making his fortune in the financial markets.

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In 1993, George Soros began his Open Society Foundations and started concentrating on the human condition. But the lure of the financial markets is a part of who George Soros is, and he has returned to shorten his positions in stocks as he had warned of another market devaluation similar to what happened in 2007-2008.

George Soros has a strong interest in politics and chose the Democrat Party as his party of choice. Hillary Clinton has been the major benefactor of the $25 million Soros has recently given to the Democrats.

Soros’ fortune is entirely self-made; it was not family wealth like the Trump, Koch, Mars, Cargill or other family fortunes. And perhaps that is the reason that his political leanings are far to the left of others on lists of the richest person or families. There certainly is a great deal of cronyism involved in wealthy families who have powerful individuals helping them at critical times. This cronyism may be the reason for the Republican Party which has been known as a private men’s club and a good ‘ole boy party. The transformation of the Democrat Party with a woman at its head could be a telling sign, and this will further stand in opposition to the Republican Party. Reference:

Bleaching Hair Using Wen by Chaz

Many women wish to attain the coveted bleach blonde look. In the United States especially, blonde hair often symbolizes youth, attractiveness, and (strangely) the ability to have fun. Many people who are heavily influenced by American culture wish to experience life as a blonde at some point and the market for hair bleaching agents has grown remarkably over the last 20 years. For individuals who are seeking to take their tresses from a naturally dark color to blonde, it is important to understand the process of hair lightening and to seek ways to strengthen the hair after this damaging process.
In order to change hair from a darker color to a lighter color, a bleaching agent must be used. According to Total Beauty, a bleaching agent is a chemical that is made with chlorine must be used on the hair. This chemical effectively strips the hair of the protein that gives it its color, causing the undertone color of the hair to show. In most people, this undertone is a blonde color that is easily adaptable to hair dyes. After the hair is stripped of its color using the bleaching agent, the desired color is applied to the hair and replaces the hair’s natural color. This process works to change the natural hair color to a permanent blonde color. The blonde color will, however, fade gradually over time and will not effect the hair that grows from the scalp.

After this lightening process is performed on the hair, it is important that a quality hair care product like those included in the Wen hair by Chaz hair care line is implemented into the daily regimen. The Sephora endorsed healthy hair care system is effective in strengthening hair that has been damaged through the use of chemicals or heat, as evidenced in this recent review of the product which was published on Bustle.

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IAP Worldwide Continues to Provide Expertise to the Global Logistics Industry

IAP Wordwide is proud to be a world leader in global logistics, professional and technical services, as well as facilities management. The company currently serves over 25 countries and employs more than 2,000 employees. IAP covers both the public and private sectors working on the most pressing challenges. Learn more about IAP Worldwide:

For 60 years, IAP has worked to solidify its reputation as a reliable leader in the market. From the battlefield to natural disasters, IAP has the people, technology, and resources to manage military installations up to the size of a small city. Research laboratories in remote locations and civilian facilities can also be managed exceptionally by the company.

Infrastructure services
Support teams are able to set out on an expedition to convert operating environments into fully functional communities. It is no issue to accomplish this in the United States or in any part of the world. IAP has yet to be matched in its ability to develop custom solutions regarding infrastructure, engineering, power, and construction among many others.

Only LEED certified facilities and structures are created for customers with housing and office needs. The company uses a modular system to create scalable communities that are highly customizable. IAP can meet other structural needs such as infirmaries, laundries, kitchens, power generators, and workshops.  Learn more about IAP Worldwide:

Communications and IT
IAP offers a wide range of highly technical communications services. The company’s capabilities include creating a brand new network or simply upgrading the one in existence. IAP has a deep and thorough knowledge of cabling, air conditioning, and wiring an infrastructure.

It can be done underground, above ground, outside, or inside. The capabilities are even as extensive as creating a complete data center capable of fitting inside a container that can be shipped to any location. The company has a great deal of experience developing border protection communications and facilities created for the purposes of monitoring.

Aviation engineering
The aviation engineering solutions provided by IAP Worldwide are depended on by the U.S. armed forces. AES is fully committed to being the most reliable defense company in the world.

The mission-critical systems developed are utilized by the United States armed forces, Navy, as well as national allies. AES has continuously transcended the needs of the Navy’s supply chain management by providing procurement, warehouse management, as well as storage.

IAP Worldwide is dedicated to realizing your ultimate goals and providing results. The organization is essentially a conglomeration of leading companies that evolved into offering global-scale services. Beginning with maintenance support, construction management, engineering services, and airport master planning, IAP expanded to acquire Pan Am Services. This positioned the company to be a worldwide leader in the maintenance, management, and operations of military bases and commercial structures.

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Securus Technologies Releases Report of GTL Wrongdoings

A top provider of criminal justice technology solutions for public safety, Securus Technologies, announced in a press release that they will be unveiling a number of reports that will highlight wrongdoings and integrity breaches by Global Tel Link, one of the Nation’s leading providers of telecommunications services. Securus is planning to expose many different instances of overcharges by GTL over the remainder of the year and hopes to influence GTL to act with higher integrity in the future.

Putting the Spotlight on GTL Wrongdoings

The first report involves the time when GTL provided Louisiana Department of Corrections outbound telecom services for thousands of inmates. The report reveals that GTL programmed the clocks in their telephones at Louisiana correctional institutions to add extra time to each call and also rated calls at much higher levels than rate caps allow. GTL also inflated charges to its by adding charges to its calls after they had already been rated and also regularly billed individual calls multiple times. These actions were found to be fully deliberate and are estimated to have costed Louisiana taxpayers over one million dollars in overcharges.

With their aim of shaming GTL into adapting ethical future practices, the release of this first report, and the extremely unethical behavior highlighted in its pages, will hopefully go a long way toward changing telecommunications practices in the corrections industry.

Serving Public Safety

Securus Technologies of Dallas, Texas serves over 3,000 corrections agencies and one million inmates across the Nation. The organization provides emergency response, monitoring, and many other services and is dedicated to promoting ethical and lawful practices throughout the corrections industry. In releasing these reports, Securus intends to cast a light on exploitative practices within the industry with the aim of improving practices, while at the same time promoting top public safety.

FreedomPop Has Many Satisfied Customers

Many customers of cell phone companies are highly disappointed with the service that they receive. Even if a customer can state that they are happy with their cell phone service provider, they may be unhappy with the prices that they are paying. Cell phone service providers find different ways to charge additional fees to customers, but some companies are able to keep their fees steady. One company that has low prices and great service is FreedomPop, which is what many people are now finding out. Not everyone knows about FreedomPop services, and this is why they are still paying high prices for cell phone service.

There is no need to pay up to $100 on a monthly basis for cell phone service, even if the service is unlimited. Many feel that unlimited services will cost a lot of money, but it’s proven that these services can be low in cost and still high in quality. FreedomPop has great cell phone service that is not only reliable but also costs less than what most people pay for lunch in a workweek. Imagine being able to use a cell phone as much as possible without having to pay extra fees for data, text messages, or phone calls.

What’s also great about FreedomPop is the services they offer, which is cell phone service, Wi-Fi service, hotspots, and home Internet service. It’s possible to get free home Internet service and cell phone service from FreedomPop, which is not something that other companies offer. Those who want services that are free will simply have to go online to sign up for them, or it’s possible to sign up for the services with a vendor that represents FreedomPop. Anyone joining FreedomPop’s cell phone services can bring their old phone over, or they can purchase a new phone.

Those who wants Internet service in their home can get a modem that allows them to have Wi-Fi service in the home. Speaking of Wi-Fi service, anyone who wants unlimited Wi-Fi service outside of the home should download the FreedomPop Wi-Fi application. Once this application is downloaded, the person can choose to purchase the service, which is only five dollars monthly and allows the person unlimited access to the millions of Wi-Fi hotspots available from FreedomPop. Those who also want to purchase their very own hotspot that is small in size can do so on the FreedomPop website.

Check out this FreedomPop review

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Kate Hudson Fabletics Recap

In a recent article in Marie Claire, Kate Hudson discussed the latest additions to her athleisure clothing company Fabletics. A new line of dresses has been added to the site that are made to wear for work or play. Hudson explains that while they wouldn’t be the best bet for a full-on workout, the dresses offer a more comfortable yet still sexy and body-hugging alternative to typical going-out attire. She explains that this line is made for women who live an active lifestyle and prefer casual clothes but still want to look feminine.

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Hudson also discusses the swimwear line that has been released on Fabletics. She notes that they are made with performance in mind, so doing yoga or playing volleyball on the beach will much more comfortable with less fear of exposing yourself. She notes that the entire point of the line is for customers to feel comfortable and sexy at the same time. Hudson ends her interview by praising her company for having comparable quality to high fashion brands at a more affordable price, thanks to its direct-to-customers sales model.

Fabletics is an online activewear retailer for women. They recently also opened six brick-and-mortar stores and released a line of men’s clothing. Their clothes are made for all levels of active lifestyles, from fitness instructors to busy moms chasing after their little ones. They try to inspire a look good, feel good attitude in their customers.

After you create a profile on the Fabletics website, you take a lifestyle quiz to help them choose customized product suggestions just for you. There are two ways to shop on Fabletics. A regular membership means you can shop whenever suits you. A VIP membership requires you to make a purchase (or skip it by a certain date) each month, but comes with perks like 40 percent off merchandise and VIP Rewards points.

Professional of Davos Financial Group

David Osio is an excellent businessman who has been a pioneer in Venezuela. He has been a leader of many companies, formed the Davos Financial Group, and has contributed a great deal to social organizations.

Osio studied at Catholic University Andreas Bello in Venezuela, where he obtained a law degree with honors. He then went to the Institute “Estudios Superiores de Administracion” (IESA) at which he completed an Advanced Management Study in International Banking Law. Finally, he went to the New York Institute of Finance and studied Investment Portfolio Management.

To begin his career, he became the CEO and President of OPED Enterprises in 1981. In 1984, he decided to use his knowledge of banking law to join MGO, a law firm in Caracas. Between 1989 and 1993, he served as vice-president of Commercial Banking for Banco Latino Internacional in Miami, and was responsible for managing customer acquisitions, supervising corporate management, and defining market strategies.

In 1993, Osio formed the Davos Financial Group, which offers financial advisory to a select group of clientele (individual companies). It was the first company to do so in Venezuela. This company has since expanded its market to places such as Geneva, Miami, Panama, and New York City. The company presently consists of financial advisors and a real estate group.

The Davos Financial Group is aware of its responsibility to social organizations. Osio’s firm has contributed between $10,000 and $14,999 to the Miami Symphony Orchestra, making them a patron to the ensemble. In addition to the performing arts, he supported artist Carlos Cruz Diez (known for his work in kinetic art, which depends on movement for its effect) on an exhibition in the United States through the Saludarte Foundation. He also gives back to his home country, supporting organizations such as the Children’s Orthopedic Hospital, the Wayuu Taya Foundation (a group which strives to better the lives of indigenous Latin Americans while respecting their culture and beliefs), and Fundana Foundation (an organization that gives homes to victims of abandonment, negligence, and sexual abuse).

For his contributions, he has received awards such as the Medal of Honor from the United States Congress, “Best Offshore Corporate Services Provider” by the magazine New Europe, and the 2014 Miami Award Winner because of Davos. He has been a powerful force in the world of Venezuelan business, and someone who gives back to society.

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