Jason Hope Talks about the Role of Networked Technologies in Traffic Safety

Jason Hope has made a name for himself as Arizona’s top internet entrepreneur. After founding Jawa, one of the nation’s first streamers of premium content to mobile device users, Hope went on to have a long and successful career as a serial internet entrepreneur. Companies he has founded include SEO agencies, brand marketing consultancies and web design and implementation firms. Collectively, his businesses have helped thousands of clients meet their sales goals and enhance their brand image while creating a positive and compelling online presence.

But recently, Hope has begun blogging and writing on the internet. His favorite topics largely center around technological matters. In particular, Jason Hope is very interested in all of the new opportunities that will be created by the technologies that are broadly encompassed by the term Internet of Things.

One of the areas in which Hope sees major disruptions taking place as a direct result of network technology is in the field of transportation. Hope believes that self-driving cars, within the next decade or two, will almost completely replace all other forms of transportation. He thinks that this will lead to unprecedented gains in traffic safety, allowing for people to travel an average of millions of miles without being involved in a serious accident and learn more about Jason.

Hope believes that this will create vast new opportunities for entrepreneurs clever enough to learn the new technologies, master them and create solutions that will allow for their seamless implementation. Hope believes that tomorrow’s entrepreneurs may just be the ones to end all future traffic fatalities and Jason’s lacrosse camp.

More visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SENS_Research_Foundation

The Resilient Desiree Perez

Once beaten, twice shy. Business is more likely than not regarded as a gamble before it takes root and flourishes. Many efforts to build commercial ventures have failed, and this has resulted in people fearing to invest business-wise due to the numerous unforeseen risks. However, successful businesspersons have attributed their flourish to patience and the ability to push hard towards keeping their operations afloat and achieve their set short-term and ultimate long-term objectives. Desiree Perez is a good example of what she has done with tidal.com.


Desiree Perez Salvaged the Sinking Ship Business of Tidal

Tidal is a commercial venture dealing with music streaming services. It was founded by the renowned American musician Jay-Z. It is a line of business loaded with millions of money only if done right and with some level of creativity. Related article here.The company lags behind the giants of the industry by too far, and this has seen most top executives step down from their roles and members withdraw.

The company was not expected to survive for this long. Both its financial and operation records were dismal and rather embarrassing. Many people had already foreseen it crumbling, but that was not what transpired in Desiree Perez’s uniquely creative mind. She joined the firm’s management with an aura of confidence lingering all over her. Perez meant business, and she was here to salvage the sinking ship of a business and clearly stated that Tidal was there to stay.

Desiree Perez’s presence has commanded some degree of positivity to the business and has witnessed new increased membership and has attracted a great multitude of following in the music fan base. She has strived to capture the attention of prospective customers and has also overseen the introduction of new clients to the company. More so, she has been with the Jay-Z assistance when closing multi-million dollar worth contracts.

With her extensive experience in big money contracts with Roc Nation, she blossoms in this area and has been a major hit for Tidal. Desiree Perez was the perfect match for the job not only according to her impeccable work achievement but also to her employer, Jay-Z. Desiree helps him with all tricks and trades of the business making her an indispensable asset to the firm. Through her un-sizzling passion for assisting the business, she has helped it evolve and transition to a whole new level. For an update of Dez recent timeline activities, check on crunchbase.com

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Top Three Milestone Achievements Made By Sam Boraie In New Brunswick & New Jersey

Sam Boraie Currently serves as the Executive Vice President over at the powerful realtor agency, Boraie Development LLC. Sam is of Egyptian descent and his parents migrated to the United States close to thirty years back. Let’s revisit the highlights defining the shining career of Sam Boraie, the heir to the Boraie Empire. You can visit Bloomberg for more details.

Is Atlantic City the New Vegas?

Atlantic City is well on course to transforming into the world’s gambling center. The city lies next to the white sandy beaches of the frigid Atlantic Ocean. Sam’s construction company recently completed a mega project of a deal which led to the erection of 250 beachfront residential housing units. Space is taken up by retailers and by private offices. That entire stretch extending all the way from the Southern Inlet to Newark is called the Albany St. Plaza.

Another milestone project overseen by Mr. Boraie’s company is called Aspire. This behemoth undertaking comprises of a 238-floor high rise unit located nearby the railway station at New Brunswick. Again, space looks impressive from an architectural point of view and it is ideal for offices, health spars, retail outlets, just but to mention a few of the businesses which thrive on this particular location.

The third and most recent career high reached by Sam Boraie is breaking the ground at the site where a 26-story building is expected to stand in less than 24 months. Asides, the company is also rushing to beat the deadlines on the construction of Estates all over New Jersey’s posh suburbs.

Read more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/boraie-development-llc-opens-leasing-center-in-new-brunswick-new-jersey-300176946.html

About Sam Boraie

Sam comes from a respected real estate investing family. His families’ roots take you to Egypt. But, Sam’s every bit as American as the next New Jersey guy you meet in the state. His understanding of the topography and the dynamics which influence the consumer behaviors makes him one of the most reliable realtors you can bet on. Sam Boraie’s family is very keen on supporting noble causes and giving back to the less privileged members of the families in the societies they serve in. More details can be found on his Crunchbase profile.

See more: https://local.yahoo.com/info-11014537-boraie-realty-new-brunswick

The Career and Commitment of Jim Tananbaum

Foresite Capital is a growth equity firm specializing in healthcare. They have recently named Molly He, Ph.D. as their venture partner. Dr. He previously worked at Illumina as a senior director and has over fifteen years’ experience in genomic and pharmaceutical development and research.

Dr. He is considered one of the most respected scientific researchers in the field of next generation sequencing. Foresite Capital is thrilled to have Dr. He on their team and believes she will be an invaluable resource. Foresite is in the process of expanding and diversifying their portfolio.

During the time Dr. He worked at Illumina as a scientific researcher she was responsible for improvements to the company’s protein reagent innovations. Previously she headed the protein sciences department at Pacific Biosciences. She was responsible for developing protein reagents for single molecular sequencing chemistry. In her earlier career, Dr. He was in the pharmaceutical industry for ten years. Her target was immune diseases and cancer.

Dr. He attended Nankai University where she received her Bachelor’s degree. She earned her Ph.D. in protein biophysics at the University of California. She has written over twenty published papers and has over twenty issued patents and patent applications and learn more about Jim.

Dr. He stated Foresite has an incredible reputation and have invested in healthcare companies that are innovative and exciting. She feels honored to become a part of the team growing the sequencing portfolio for the company. She believes it is this area that will be responsible for the future breakthroughs in drug discoveries and clinical research.

Foresite Capital works with healthcare leaders and services all healthcare sectors. They are based out of San Francisco, have additional offices in New York and work in both the public and private markets and more information click here.

Foresite Capital Management was found by Dr. Jim Tananbaum who remains the company’s CEO. He has successfully led 21 healthcare companies. These include Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Amerigroup and Amira Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Tananbaum previously held management positions and founded GelTex Pharmaceuticals and Theravance.

Dr. Jim Tananbaum received his M.D. from Harvard Medical School and earned his M.B.A. at Harvard Business School. He also has a B.S.E.E. and a B.S. from Yale University. He served on the visiting committees or the advisory boards for the Yale School of Engineering and the Harvard-MIT HST program.

More visit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/foresite-capital-b9b972139/

Repealing The Myth: Why Passive Funds Are Not A Guarantee For Better Retirement

According to business mogul Warren Buffet, passive index funds are very cost-effective as compared to hedge funds. To prove his theory, the billionaire pledged a mammoth $1 million to charity if his investment in the passive funds yielded lesser return than his hedge fund competitors. By the look of things, Buffet’s gamble will pay off.

Warren Buffett is a well-known investor, known for his passion for cheap, long-lasting investments. Having noticed a rapid increase in second-rate and exorbitant funds that yield little returns, Warren decided to change his approach on the matter. He went for another tactic, one that involves an arduous scrutiny of enterprises before investing on them for a substantial duration.

Read more on Bloomberg.

As a consequence of high maintenance charges and excessive trading, a majority of mutual funds yield little returns. On the contrary, most folks are under informed on the matter regarding passive index investments, precisely the volatility risks, and opportunity costs. However, both of these factors are irrelevant. Rather, the profitability of returns and affordable costs should be the top priority.

It is popular belief that staking on passive index funds guarantees a pleasurable life after retirement. Though they have the upper hand over other investments, index funds are not immune to market downturns. In a research conducted online, a significant percentage of stakeholders were unaware of the risks posed by index funds on the event of market crashes.

About Timothy Armour

In the vast corporate world, Timothy Armour is one of the prominent individuals. His work portfolio consists of leading companies, including the Capital Group, where Timothy Armour is the incumbent chairperson. An alumnus of the prestigious Middlebury College, Tim has accrued massive experience in his illustrious career, which spans over three decades.

Find more details about Timothy Armour at http://www.pionline.com/article/20151014/ONLINE/151019956/capital-group-samsung-asset-management-form-strategic-partnership-in-korea

Get The Look You Want With WEN

WEN Hair by Chaz Dean is the revolutionary product that offers a woman a cleanser, a conditioner, and a leave in conditioner all-in-one. This product can also be used as a hairstyle, and it is natural and free of sulfates and parabens. Many women are searching for a hair care product that they can permanently use on their hair. They want to have a product that is natural, and they want a product that can give their hair the desired look. A good hair care product does more than cleanse hair, it also should condition hair and it should be a product that is PH balanced. Chaz Dean was able to create that exact type of product with Wen hair condition cleanser.

Chaz Dean worked in different hair salons in the LA area. He found that the majority of the expensive hair care products were not actually beneficial to the health of a woman’s hair. He wanted to be able to create a product that was different. According to his crunchbase page, he wanted his hair care product to benefit woman’s hair, and he also wanted his product to be affordable. Chaz Dean was able to get together with professionals in the hair care industry and create a fantastic product that is loved by women around the world. Emily McClure from The Bustle decided that she was going to try WEN by Chaz Dean. McClure did a seven-day test to see if the product would improve her hair. The first day that McClure tried WEN she was surprised by how shiny and thick her hair felt.

McClure has naturally thin hair, so her goal with hair care products is to find a product that makes her hair look more thick and bouncy. McClure does believe that WEN did the job. McClure believes that she will recommend WEN to women who have similar hair to her, because it is a product that does improve the look of fullness in thin hair.

Wen hair care products are available on QVC stores and Guthy-Renker online.

Follow Wen: https://twitter.com/wenbychazdean

Fabletics Is Using The Amazon Selling Tactic For Their Own Business

Fabletics is the brainchild of Kate Hudson, and it is a brand that she conceived of to help all working moms who simply have no more time left in the day for clothes. She is a busy mom who stays involved in the lives of her kids, and she works quite hard at balancing her schedule. She does not have much time to get dressed for the day, and she built the Fabletics brand to ensure all women would have nice clothes to wear when leaving the house.


#1: Why Is Fabletics Unique?


Fabletics was built by Kate for women just like her. She knows that it is difficult to primp for the day, and she must go to the gym or run errands when she leaves the house. She has chosen to ensure she may get dressed in seconds, and she has a line of clothes that will fit any woman. The lifestyle quiz on the Fabletics site is one all women must take, and they will find the clothes that suit them best.


#2: How Do They Sell Online?


The Fabletics website is one of the most-popular clothing sites online today, and they have a subscription service that millions of women are free to use when they like. The site is easy to use because it gives women the opportunity to search for casual clothes that fit them, and they will receive a box in the mail that has all the clothes they need for their next trip out of the house.


#3: Opening Stores


Fabletics plans to open a number of stores around North America that will be tied to their website. There is a technique in-play known as reverse showrooming, and the company will use the technique to remind customers of items they saw online. Customers come to the store very familiar with each item they see. Anything that is new catches their eye, and the customer has a special experience because they are comfortable with the company as it is.


#4: Linked Accounts


Fabletics uses a single account syste, that allows customers to track all the purchases they have made from one account to another when in the store. They will see what they have bought online, and they may check when was purchased in the store if they are on the website.


#5: Many Products To Choose From


There are many products to choose from that will ensure the lady has everything she needs. There are several different styles of tights, pants and sports bras for the gym, and women may layer over each other as they go about their day. Shopping becomes much simpler as women may mix and match clothing during the day.


Women may select swimwear and casual clothes for their style at Fabletics, and they will soon go to Fabletics stores to ensure they have a look at all their newest trends. The company and founder Kate Hudson want to see women look their best when they leave the house for a busy day.

How is Business Technology Visionary Eric Lefkofsky Taking Medical Research to New Horizon?

It’s disheartening how the dread disease,“cancer” has today’s society silently panicking. Fortunately, brilliant scientists, researchers, and medical experts are constantly working to find treatment, giving patients a fighting chance. What’s more, many philanthropists have joined the fight, strengthening research effort for treatment. One of such extraordinary donors is billionaire technologist, Eric Lefkofsky. He’s committed Chicago health-tech startup, Tempus, to support this endeavor. The facility aids researchers and oncology technicians in genomic sequencing, therapeutic data, and molecular analysis.

It’s been barely a year since Tempus launched. With a staff of 29, it’s revolutionizing breakthrough cancer treatment. Mr. Lefkofsky has been appointed as president and chief executive, a trusted source relayed to an independent correspondent. Tempus is housed within Lightbank, a prominent venture capital advisor established by Lefkofsky in 2010. Primary funding for research at Tempus is financed by the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. It’s a charitable effort organized by Eric and Elizabeth, his caring life partner.

They’re committed to helping humanity and communities in their quest for a sustainable future. In 2013, the family joined like-minded billionaires in supporting “The Giving Pledge.” It’s a global charity effort connecting the world’s richest families and professionals to positively affect change in communities. A Michigan native, Eric Lefkofsky was brought up on traditional Jewish values in Southfield. His sister, Jodi (retired teacher) and brother, Steven (lawyer) have remained in Michigan. Eric holds a Juris Doctor degree from Michigan Law. Groupon, InnerWorkings, ECHO (Echo Global Logistics), Uptake, Tempus, Lightbank, and Mediaocean are all successful startups established by Mr. Lefkofsky.

Eric and Elizabeth have supported over 50 charitable organizations through their foundation. The charity lends support to global aids, education centers, and science research efforts. The couple established the foundation in 2006 and have particularly focused on child development. Lefkofsky is also among the board directors serving the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago’s Art Institute, and Children’s Memorial Hospital. Similarly, he’s been appointed as a board member of the World Business Chicago community and co-chairs it’s Technology Council.

While Lefkofsky has seen mammoth success as a serial investor and businessman, he’s a well-cultured professor as well. His revelation with marketing franchise, InnerWorkings has been a direct source of inspiration. Lefkofsky was part of the co-founding family that launched the marketing giant in 2001. It’s ranked among the industry’s ivy league players. Today, Lefkofsky shares a wealth of information, real-world entrepreneurship skills and business technology as a distinguished lecturer at the University of Chicago-Booth School of Business. In addition, Lefkofsky released a book, “Accelerated Disruption,” which gives a profound interpretation of business and technology relationships. The copy released in 2007 by an independent publishing house, Easton Studio Press remains relevant in today’s evolving business world and more information Facebook on Eric.

Brian Bonar: A Brilliant Mind in the Financial Industry

Brian Bonar is the executive chairman and chief executive officer of Dalrada Financial Corporation. The company offers its clients business process outsourcing, insurance, and benefit. Bonar was named as the Executive of the Year in Finance in 2010 by Cambridge in its yearly award. Two men and ladies are honored for their exemplary efforts annually. Brian resides in San Diego, California.

Bonar has worked for over three decades in the financial sector and has gained a lot of experience. He has made Dalrada Financial be a very successful financial giant.

About Dalrada Financial Group

Dalrada Financial helps some businesses in the US. The primary service offered by the firm includes providing employee programs for enterprises. Other services provided by the company include tax strategy techniques, debit cards, supplemental insurance plans and tax deferred benefits.

Bonar’s passion for the financial and insurance industry are reflected by the increased growth of the firm and its devotion to providing quality aftermarket products. Dalrada, under the leadership of Brian, has helped many customers with dental insurance, vision insurance and managing their assets.

Bonar’s life and work history

According to PR News Wire, Brian Bonar studied at the James Watt Technical College and then the University of Strathclyde between 1963 and 1969. He graduated from the institution with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in mechanical engineering. He then did his master’s and doctorate studies for the same course at Staffordshire University.

Between 1969 and 1985, Brian worked as the procurement manager for IBM. At the company, he learned a lot including dealing with motherboard outsourcing issues for computers manufactured by the firm.

Bonar then moved on be the Director of Engineering at QMS. He managed 100 people at the company, and this experience was a crucial part of the leader he is today. The experience gained from working at IBM and QMS gave Brian the confidence to create his company known as Bezier Systems. The company dealt with products employing wireless technology.

Brian had worked for a few more companies such as Allegiant Professional Business Services, ITEC Image Technologies, and AMS Outsourcing before he landed at Darada Financial. Brian started working for Dalrada in 1992, and it is with the company that he achieved a lot of success.

In 2001, he became the executive chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial. He also became the Chairman and CEO of Trucept. This company deals with human resource administration, employee benefits matters, and payroll. It is located in Escondido, California.

Brian’s success in the financial sector has been due to his determination, desire, principles, and beliefs. He has held many positions in his illustrious career, and this has aided him to be flexible. Bonar’s hobbies are golfing and boating.

Sawyer Howitt, Entrepreneur

Sawyer Howitt is a senior at Lincoln High School in Portland, Oregon. Not only is he a great racquetball player, but he is one of the brightest minds in the greater Portland area. It comes as no surprise that he is already teamed up with his father for work.

David Howitt, Sawyer’s dad, is the founder of the already established and well-known Meriwether Group. Sawyer currently works as a project manager for the company. Outside of his office, Sawyer Howitt likes to go fishing.

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