The Information Technology Expert, John Goullet

John Goullet is an entrepreneur. He is an IT tech staffing professional. John started his career by working as an IT consultant. He later changed to IT staffing in 1994. John acquired a very broad perspective on the IT industry while working as a consultant and IT staffing. John was able to use the knowledge he had gained to establish Info Technologies. The company offered solutions in IT staffing to enterprises in the entire nation including certain Fortune 500 companies. Info Technologies was worth $30 million in a span of 5 years with the exemplary leadership of John Goullet. The Inc. Magazine listed it as the fastest growing privately held firms in the US.

John is also a visionary leader. He saw the benefits of partnerships and decided to merge Info technologies with Diversant Inc. which formed Diversant LLC. John became the principal of Diversant LLC. His position in the company is to come up with strategies that assist Diversant LLC in conquering and facing the challenges that exist in the ever-changing IT industry. Diversant LLC has involved leaders of information technology sector to the Innovative team that has led to the success of the company under the guidance of John.

John practices a lot of professionalism. This has been evident in the drastic growth of Diversant LLC even at times of economic downturn. He is known to encourage his staff to become creative thinkers, be disciplined, have ethical behavior, and show respect. Diversant is currently the top in the market and is certified as a Minority-Owned business enterprise.

John Goullet has a Master’s degree in Computer Science which he earned from Ursinus College in 1983. He has played a significant part in ensuring that Diversant LLC offers high-quality IT staffing services to its clients. He works extra hard so as to uphold the core values of Diversant LLC and to ensure customer satisfaction. John believes that hard work coupled with commitment and passion is the key to success. He has acquired a reputation as the person who steered Diversant LLC to a huge success.





Wen by Chaz: Revolutionary Hair Care

Chaz Dean has been a celebrity stylist for years with a studio in Los Angeles. He certainly has the experience and talent needed to make it in such a high profile business. Chaz Dean is very down to earth and passionate about the products that he develops.

His most notable accomplishment has been the creation of what’s known as the Wen hair cleansing conditioner. It may sound like a paradox, but the ingenuity behind the product is stellar. Cleansing conditioners take the place of your shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. You use one product to achieve the same results as the other products while producing healthier hair.

Wen hair cleansing conditioners come in a variety of selections that are geared toward the individual needs of your hair. Chaz has the appropriate cleansing conditioner for you whether you suffer from dry, stressed, color-treated, or oily hair. The main purpose of cleansing conditioners is to treat existing problems and to repair the damage done by chemical treatment processes or the use of sulfate shampoos.

Chaz’s cleansing conditioners do not contain sulfate. Sulfate is found in most shampoos, and the use of sulfate will strip the natural oils present in your hair. This causes dry and damaged hair. By using Chaz Dean’s cleansing conditioners, you can reverse the damage to your hair and keep it healthy through consistent use.

For more information on Chaz’s cleansing conditioners, check out the product’s Facebook page and Twitter account.

About Wen Hair:

Julie Zuckerberg Excelling In Leadership

One would think that a successful executive has little time for herself. She would have too many hurdles to jump at her job. She would have too many things to prove to her male colleagues. She basically would not have a heart. Julie Zuckerberg has defied all those odds. She is a straight forward woman who knows what she wants and how to get it.


Julie Zuckerberg started her recruitment career when she was a student New York Law School. She also studied philosophy at the City University of New York-Brooklyn College. With this education in hand, she entered the field of recruiting and quickly became skilled in the many areas of talent acquisition and executive management hiring. Julie Zuckerberg worked for 5 years as a Director of Candidate Placement for Hudson, a staffing and recruiting firm with several thousand employees. There she excelled at providing employees with guidance as to the scope and expectation of their roles and employee benefits. She acted as a link between clients and employees, offering invaluable guidance with regards to conflict resolution, as well as counseling and coaching.

Over the next six years Julie Zuckerberg took on a new challenge, working at Citi’s headquarters in New York as Vice President and Executive Recruiter. Her expertise varied while recruiting executives for senior level roles in legal, compliance, and audit. While with Citi Consumer Bank,


Julie’s recruitment was focused on Director and Managing Director hires.

Julie Zuckerberg made another bold move in her career when she took on a role at New York Life Insurance Company as Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead and Corporate Vice President. Later she landed as Vice President, Executive Recruiter, Talent Acquisition at Deutsche Bank, where she’s been ever since. As her experience grew she took on the new role of Executive Talent Acquisition Lead to Private, Wealth & Commercial Clients, Asset Management, and GTO. She continues to attract top level talent and provide strategic coaching to management. She often collaborates with business leaders and helps with negotiations of stakeholders.


Does someone who is so dedicated to her career still have time for a friends and family? The answer is yes. The proper work-life balance is one of Julie’s top priorities. Despite the busy work schedule she’s able to devote time to the personal causes which are near and dear to her heart: animal welfare, educational opportunities for disadvantaged communities, gender equality, civil rights and economic empowerment. She’s a voracious reader and enjoys investigative journalism and documentaries. Being professionally successful and personally fulfilled is a tough balancing act for anyone. It’s one that Julie Zuckerberg seems to have a knack for.


What Online Reputation Management Firms Do

Are you sure you have a good online reputation? Want to have a reliable way of tracking conversations about your business? Not sure how to take control of your online reputation?

No matter what issues you are facing with your business or customers, having control of your online reputation is important. It is necessary to establish the right technique for settling these issues and also preserving a great reputation online. A trustworthy business could assist you in establishing an effective online reputation management system that makes use of the search engine result and social media to grow and protect your company.

While most business owners understand the importance of online reputation management, few certainly get the idea what, exactly, an online reputation management company does. While the responsibilities of an online reputation management professionals are varied, the main objective of these experts is to take proactive steps to evaluate, increase, defend, and rebuild your business’s online reputation.

The natures of your business will often determine the approach to monitoring or managing your reputation. When you contact the professionals, they will go through your situation with you and come up with appropriate approach to meet your needs.

The essential issue is to have a system that enables you to track conversations and address issues that occur. Such a system is available and can be provided by reputable professionals.

A good online reputation management firm can certainly utilize search engine optimization practices and content publishing to increase the ranking of your organization’s content and get you a much higher listing in search engine results pages, which will therefore make you more visible on the internet.

These professionals can also search the web to track down positive, genuine feedback about your products, services, or company. If they find a fair amount of derogatory reviews or defamatory remarks about your company, they will handle the situation and ensure that Internet surfers do not see them. They will seek ways to utilize reliable, positive consumer reviews and content to increase your rankings in search results pages, protect your reputation, and build customer trust.


The Living Color of Lime Crime Cosmetics

Doe Deere was born in Russia and raised in New York City. Who, you may ask, is Doe Deere? She is the CEO and founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Her purpose is to prove that cosmetics have the ability to do more than conceal imperfections. They can be, and should be, a form of freedom and self-expression.

Beauty is not necessarily what looks best, but what feels right at the moment you apply it. That viewpoint is what led her to develop and launch her line of colorful cosmetics that seem somehow to be magical.

The Lime Crime line of animal cruelty-free cosmetics have bold pigments and electric shades and tints. These were conceived from her love of color. It fueled her desire to paint her world with lipsticks, eye shadows and nail polishes that are vivid beyond words.

She offers tri-color sets of velvet lipsticks in rose-shaped tins, as well as tube singles. The uniquely pigmented eyeshadows range from barest nudes to the most vibrant of grunge looks. The lipsticks have iridescent sparkle and vitality. Every container of eye shadow, lipstick or nail polish is certified vegan and cruelty free by PETA and Leaping Bunny. This is important to the self-proclaimed Unicorn Queen. Doe is passionate about giving back to animal rescue charities and other worthy causes.

The mission of her company is to revolutionize how you shop for cosmetics, and how it makes you feel. From humble beginnings, their popularity has soared to great heights. They are cult favorites and trend setters, and are setting new benchmarks for quality and performance.

Doe Deere believes in avidly supporting other women-owned businesses and in mentoring entrepreneurship. According to Urban Out Fitters, she believes in being a rebel at heart and created Lime Crime to shake things up. She came up with the product line just before Halloween 2008.

She had searched for cosmetics to match her catholic and diverse wardrobe. In keeping with the Unicorn Queen image, she wears a vibrant and colorful line of attire. She believes in allowing girls, and boys, to express their selves unapologetically. Be who you are. Be bold. Be a rebel in color.

George Soros Spends Big to Help Elect Democratic District Attorneys

George Soros secretly provided financial contributions to help transform criminal justice and elect prosecutors in various districts in the U.S. Throughout the years, the billionaire has announced support for the democratic party and donated hundreds of millions of dollars. His mission is to reshape the justice system on local, state, and federal levels by providing the funds to elect officials. According to Politico Magazine, he contributed $3 million in 2016 to seven district attorney campaigns in Mississippi. Florida, and four other states. Soros and the district attorneys share mutual interests in reducing racial inconsistencies in sentencing and avoiding prosecuting drug offenders.

Instead of prosecution and sending first time drug offenders to jail and prison, they should be sending them to helpful programs. Soros also supported district attorney campaigns in Texas, Illinois, New Mexico, and Louisiana through PACs state and national networks. The Florida Safety and Justice received more than $1 million to support Democratic primary for state attorney in Central Florida. He gave elected democratic district attorney, Raul Torrez $107,000 to help in his campaign in Bernalillo County in Albuquerque. Soros backed democratic district attorney, James Stewart in Louisiana with over $930,000 to conquer opponent Dhu Thompson, in 2015.

Reform groups, such as the Open Society Foundation, which is founded by George Soros believe that district attorneys have important roles in the justice systems. These groups demand solutions and transformation of the system to reduce prison inmate population and promote drug rehabilitation programs. Open Society advocates reform of the criminal justice system all over the world involving unjust and inequality policies and legislation. The foundation is actively working on drug policies and criminal justice in America and immigration worldwide. In more than 100 countries the non-profit is supporting transparency of human rights, criminal justice, liberty, and open society values.

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Last year, sources reported George Soros spent approximately $1 million to help elect and reelect district attorneys in Mississippi and Louisiana. Robert Schuler Smith in Hinds County, MS was reelected to office and Scott Colum won the election in east MS. The focus for those leaders is on implementing real solutions to prosecute violent crimes and first time drug offenders. In Texas and Illinois, he donated political funds into Harrison County in Houston and Cook County in Chicago. Many of the district attorneys Soros supported won their seats, including Raul Torrez, Kim Foxx, Scott Colom, Robert Smith and others.

George Soros is an experienced hedge fund manager, investor, author, philanthropist, open society advocate, and entrepreneur in the U.S. He became an American citizen in 1961 and is committed to his foundation, Open Society in more than 70 countries. The foundation was established in his birthplace, Budapest, Hungary first and later, expanded to Moscow, Europe, Asia, and the United States. His humanitarian causes are human rights, equal justice, freedom, democracy, social justice, healthcare, and social responsibility. Soros continues to support democratic political causes of blocking republicans, especially after the 2016 presidential election on November 9th.

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Reasons Why Madison Street Capital is a Leading Global Investment Banking Firm

Madison Street Capital is a reputable international investment banking firm devoted to providing world-class financial services and solutions to its customers. In fact, Madison is a firm that is dedicated to the highest standards of service, integrity, leadership as we well as excellence in providing corporate financial services aimed at serving both privately and publicly owned businesses.


Although Madison Street Capital has its headquarters situated in Chicago, Illinois, it also boasts of other operations in global frontiers. As such, Madison Street Capital’s Reputation is spread out in Asia, Africa, as well as North America. This has assisted the firm in responding quickly to emerging opportunities in various parts of the world, especially in the middle-market sector.


As a global investment firm, Madison Street Capital is one firm that is well-acquainted with corporate finance’s time sensitivity. This has strategically placed the firm in a position where it can react tenaciously and quickly to emerging opportunities in the market.


Services Provided by Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is preceded by its reputation for providing a variety of financial services to its customers. Some of the services include corporate advisory such as bankruptcy services, ESOP advisory, private placements, mergers & acquisitions among other services. Additionally, the firm offers other services including valuation for financial reporting, business valuation, wealth preservation and tax planning, financial opinions as well as asset management industry focus.


Expertise and Experience


The services offered by Madison target a broad range of sectors including agriculture, technology, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, oil and energy, media, healthcare, consumer retail and many others. As such, it leverages the expertise and experience of industry professionals to cater to the diverse financial needs of clients. This makes Madison Street Capital the go-to investment banking firm for customers with issues like creating a sound exit strategy, corporate governance, selling a business, business acquisition as well as favorable lending.


The team of professionals working at Madison is well-versed with the skills and experience to match both sellers and buyers. They can also match each client’s financial situation with the right financing as well as capitalization structure. More importantly, Madison applies a unique methodology that displays extensive experience and expertise in diverse fields of corporate finance. Some of these areas include deal structuring, the design and implementation of alternative exit strategies, due diligence and market pricing, valuation, specialized financing, mergers and acquisitions among others.


As a firm that is well-aware of how time-sensitive corporate finance operations are, Madison has assisted many clients in numerous industry verticals. This has made the firm to be a leader in not only various of areas of corporate finance but also corporate governance. Consequently, Madison has won several accolades over the years such as the 2016 M&A Advisor Emerging Leaders Award and the 2015 M&A Advisor Award Finalist.

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About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a banking firm with an international presence, one that has committed itself to its clients and strives to work in their best interest by upholding a standard of excellence that’s dependent upon a level of integrity that’s maintained by a leadership and workforce well versed in the dynamics of financial investing. This is done in order to best serve our clients in public and privately held businesses regardless of the markets they serve.


The world of corporate business moves at a rapid pace. At Madison Street Capital we are accustomed to the timely demands of the industry and have made it a point to best respond to the needs of our clients in a prompt manner that’s made possible only through our tenacity. Understanding the needs of our clients has defined out approach to grasping the nuances of corporate transactions and how they can best benefit those under our representation and receiving our counsel. We make sure that all clients receive the same level of care from our staff by recruiting those who possess the knowledge and experience, making sure that the relationships we forge last by giving the client satisfactory results. This includes having experience in capitalization structure and the particular financing needs of disparate industries in markets all over the world, making the unique challenges we encounter tasks we are qualified to contend with.


After years of operation, Madison Street Capital has helped hundreds of clients reach their financial goals while maintaining timely results as a focus of our work. The experience we’ve acquired in the many facets of corporate finance and structuring has made this firm one of the premiere service providers of financial counsel. From our offices in North America, Africa and Asia, Madison Street Capital has a global perspective of what makes for valuable service and relationships in the world of corporate finance.

How To Choose The Right Shampoo For The Perfect Results

Beauty is a broad area where different individuals prefer different types of products to suit their needs. Hair shampoo is one of the products that is used to maintain hair and keep it lively and beautiful. Everyone wants to achieve the perfect look when they use shampoo to clean their hair but in most cases the results are not as impressive as one wants. Choosing the right shampoo is a matter of analyzing your hair type and skin as well as the effect you would like to achieve once you use the product.

Different people have unique types of hair and this is a fact you need to observe while choosing the type of shampoo to use. For example, someone whose hair is dyed should choose a shampoo that does not bleach the dye if they want to retain the color. Most thin hair works well with shampoo that contains high amount of cleaning agents because that type of hair easily accumulates dirt and oils that make it difficult for the hair to flow freely. Oily hair is not complex to maintain, but the only problem is dandruff, which can be removed using shampoos that are less moisturized.

Wen By Chaz

Wen By Chaz has gained a good reputation over the years for offering unique hair conditioning products and styling ideas. The company was founded based on an idea hatched by Chaz Dean, a professional whose presence in the industry brought new breath with revolutionary products. Wen By Chaz boasts of working with some of the most celebrated celebrities, who have chosen the company for all their hair products and styling needs. Driven by the need to offer quality, Wen By Chaz has continued to attract more users and the company has been listed among the best in beauty and styling. Wen products are available online via guthy-renker and Sephora cosmetics.


Madison Street Capital: The Undisputed Industry Leader In Investment Banking

Madison Street Capital is an internationally acknowledged investment banking firm serving both public and privately held businesses. Since establishment, the company has been charged with the responsibility of evaluating different business opportunities and offering sound advisory services to their clients. Madison is mainly known for its ability to identify and quickly respond to opportunities and adequately match sellers with potential investors.

Maintaining unstained reputation in the industry
Since establishment, the company has tested and implemented various relationship building strategies between buyers and sellers and perfected ones that ensure mutual benefit. Additionally, the company has established extensive financing capital outsourcing leads that they introduce their clients to ensure smooth transitions. This ensures that Madison Street Capital’s reputation remains intact even after intense transactions.

The company is actively devoted to integrity and excellent service delivery while putting into consideration time sensitivity of corporate finance. Their many years of operations in different industries have enabled the company gained an all-rounded experience in dealing with investment options. Some of the company’s areas of operation include in handling
• Mergers and acquisitions
• Capital restructuring
• Private placements
• Corporate governance
• Bankruptcy services
The company is also committed to providing companies with the necessary expertise in areas that might compromise a smooth transition. For instance, Madison is continually helping other companies across the industry in tax compliance as well as tax planning based on the understanding of the hurdle such non-compliance may pose a threat to the company’s transition. Additionally, the company also conducts business valuation prior announcing sales, a decision that helps management in making critical business decisions regarding compensation and revenue division in advance.

Cross-border deals
Having started in Chicago, Madison has overstretched the national borders and established local presences in various parts of the world. The company first ventured into the Europe market before diversifying into North African as well as Asian markets. According to Madison’s management, the company has also instituted a global marketing concept that helps extend business relationships, networks, and interactions between the different players.

The company is continually receiving accolades from both local and international press for their input in the market. Madison has particularly been recognized as the fastest growing investment banks serving the lower-middle as well as middle-market international businesses.

Madison has also scooped several awards and recognition from different reputable institutions and association in the past. For instance, the company currently holds the national awards for the Refinancing deal of the year as well as the Cross-Border M&A Deal of the year, both of which are recognition of its most recent activities. Such awards are a mere representation of the industry leading path the company has adopted as well as an illustration of the heights the company is willing to scale.

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