Is Coffee our Friend or Foe?


There is a plethora of information out there regarding the consumption of coffee. Is it healthy or unhealthy to drink coffee? How much is too much? Unfortunately, this is a complicated subject, and a lot of information provided by scientist tends to contradict. And one of the main reasons for this occurrence is due to coffee being composed of many chemicals.

The most common chemical present in coffee, which Sergio Cortes says is also responsible for causing addiction, is caffeine. Many plants, such as cocoa leaves and tea leaves, produce caffeine as an insecticide. This chemical keeps predators away from them. But although caffeine is not lethal to humans, it does provide one with several effects, stimulation which countless people crave.

Our bodies produce a chemical called adenosine, and this chemical, if present in large amounts, is what makes us sleepy. Caffeine bonds to the receptors of this hormone and prevents it from sending signals to our brain, signals which makes us sleepy. However, caffeine also stimulates our nervous system and adrenaline, which can cause us negative effects in high amounts. Common negative effects are high levels of anxiety and abnormal levels of blood pressure, which can be worst to certain individuals.

But scientist have found out the there are other chemicals that are as influential as caffeine. There are a group of chemicals known as polyphenols, and these are also produce by many fruits and vegetables as insecticides as well. They are found a lot in super foods, such as broccoli. And studies show that people that consume conventional amounts of coffee a day have a daily intake of polyphenols of at least one gram.

In order to obtain a good balance, researchers recommend that people stick to lighter roasts, which is where polyphenols tend to be more prominent. They also recommend to people to not drink more than two cups of coffee within an hour in order to not overdose in caffeine. Thus, the answer to this question is still not objective, and drinking coffee is still healthy.

The Zika Virus Could Spread In The City Of Xerém According to Dr. Sergio Cortes

Dr. Sergio Cortes is the Brazilian government’s Secretary of Health. On a recent visit to the flooded city of Xerém, Cortes was looking for signs of infectious diseases. Xerém sits about 30 miles north of Rio de Janeiro. The topography is mountainous so the city is rather isolated from it neighboring cities. The Capivari River became a home wrecker when it spilled out into the city after one of Brazil’s notorious spring rains. More than 8 inches of rain flooded the streets, and turned them into a huge garbage dump. The river did the rest of the damage. More than 250 people lost their homes and one person lost their life.

A Brazilian medical team, under the direction of Dr. Cortes of crunchbase, visited the water-logged city a day after the event. City officials provided a homeless camp for the victims of the flood, and the medical team brought antibiotics and calamity kits. The team also used sodium hypochlorite to remove the free radicals that accumulated in the drinking water. Cortes asked for bottled water donations, as well as food donations. The medical team immediately started to look for symptoms of leptospirosis and other mosquito related diseases.

There were no reported cases of the Zika virus before the flood, according to Dr. Sergio Cortes. An article posted by explained the conditions in Xerém and what the Cortes mission was while he and his medical team were there. The main mission was to stop the spread of mosquito-related diseases, and to remove any potential mosquito breeding grounds. That mission was a bigger task than the team realized once they started to assess the areas around the city where mosquitoes could breed.

The Brazilian government decided not to waste time talking about the spread of the Zika virus in Xerém. Xerém is located in an area where the virus could spread quickly. Dr. Cortes and the medical team believe the army will come in and begin to treat the area in order to destroy the mosquito population. The team’s job was to identify symptoms and eliminate risks. According to the article, the medical team has set up the appropriate procedures to prevent an outbreak of any mosquito related diseases.

Dr. Cortes has extensive medical training and all his credentials are listed on his LinkedIn page. Cortes also has a Twitter account and he is very active on that social network.

Hugh Jackman Receives “Wolverine 3” Script

The end of an era in superhero cinema is soon to arrive. Wolverine 3 is slated to be Hugh Jackman’s last appearance as the violent mutant anti-hero. The script for the final film in the trilogy has been completed and sent to Jackman. No details on the plot are confirmed, but most indications are the narrative is based on the “Old Man Logan” mini-series.

“Old Man Logan” features an aged Wolverine approaching his passing. The bittersweet tale takes place in the near future, a future in which Wolverine takes part in one last adventure before departing the earth.

Hugh Jackman will forever go done in geek history as the quintessential Wolverine. His first appearance as the character in the original X-Men film made the Australian actor into a worldwide superstar. A solo series was spun from the X-Men features with the second Wolverine film receiving more acclaim than the first.

Jackman may be departing the series, but Wolverine is going to live on in film. As the X-Men universe continues and new films are made, a new Wolverine is going to be cast. Originally, Fox was going to recast a young celebrity like Jon Urbana in Jackman’s part in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Jackman ended up keeping the role. 20th Century Fox likely worried about an audience backlash due to unnecessary (and unwanted) recasting.

The X-Men cinematic universe is slated to get a total reboot after the release of X-Men: Apocalypse. Rumors suggest Jackman has a cameo in the new film.

Phillip Diehl From US Money Reserve Speaks About The Penny

It may come as a surprise to you, but the President of US Money Reserve has announced some major changes in the line up of currency that is used within the United States, and it is fascinating news that will have a great effect upon our society. Have you heard of US Money Reserve? You probably have already heard of them, but if you haven’t, here are some quick facts about them. US Money Reserve is the largest company that is in charge of distribution of the most precious metals available on the market, and they have over 100 professional individuals working with them.

It is really important that you hear about the information that was revealed by the President of US Money Reserve, Phillip Diehl. Mr. Diehl spoke about the changes in the currency line up on a special report on CNBC’s hit television show, Squawkbox. He basically says that the penny is the one piece of currency that the United States market needs to do away with because of its high cost of production. Apparently, the smallest piece of currency that the United States currently uses also costs more to produce for the market than it holds in its value. This would, of course, be a major change for the US economy. Mr. Diehl says that the penny isn’t even worth picking up from the city streets at this point.

The President of US Money Reserve took some time to respond to an interesting comment that was given by Andrew Sorkin. Apparently, Sorkin believes that the penny is important to the US economy, and Sorkin believes that taking the penny away from the market will cause some changes in inflation that could not be foreseen. Sorkin also believes that the penny leaving the US market will cause prices to become distorted. It was an interesting point, but Phillip Diehl had an impressive rebuttal that put Sorkin’s point to shame. President Diehl pointed out the stunning statistics about the way our economy works currently. According to Diehl, who has credible sources, the majority of our country’s transactions are not done with currency. 75 percent of our transactions are done by means of electronic transfers, so the changes from taking the penny from the market would be minimal.

Here is the url for that article about US Money Reserve from News On 6 and PR NewsWire.

Will the Ukraine be the next big financial crisis?

George Soros began his philanthropic work according to in 1979, first by providing scholarships to blacks in South Africa under apartheid and has grown to be a part of ventures in over 100 countries. The Open Society Foundations have sought to work towards more democratic governments around the world, better conditions for all citizens, and better transparency within governments. On the Open Society Foundations website (2016) Mr. George Soros is stated as considering “open society—where rights are respected, government is accountable, and no one has the monopoly on the truth.”

Within the United States economy there were many factors that together led to the Great Recession. Some of these factors were investment banks were not held to the same regulatory policies that depository banks were, banks were borrowing short and lending long, and in the attempt to stabilize and save the economy money was diverted from business investment to share buy-back for executives. Shortly after this in 2009 Greece had their great financial crisis. The Greek government had spent beyond its means for many years, borrowing more money than it was collecting in taxes, and presenting its financial situation as much better than it was in order to join the European Union. Things got so bad that it was too expensive for Greece to borrow money to pay off its debts. Due to expansiveness of the situation if Greece declares bankruptcy all of the countries that have extended loans to Greece will not get their money and most likely will not be able to pay their own debts. This has led to the creditors’ not being willing to disclose the amount of the loans that Greece has with them.

The Ukraine in recreating itself is looking to the European Union for some assistance in this process and to stave off aggression from Russia. However, the European Union seems to be looking at the Ukraine as the Greece crisis all over again. Mr. Soros (2015) postulates, “the new Ukraine is one of the most valuable assets that Europe has, both for resisting Russian aggression and for recapturing the spirit of solidarity that characterized the European Union in its early days.” There was a large mismanagement of the crisis in Greece through loans at punitive rates and micromanaged reforms from outside of Greece that has wound up creating another string of problems. The Minsk II agreement in February 2015 puts the Ukraine at a disadvantage with Russia due to the deliberately vague language on what kinds of status and financial responsibilities the Ukraine owes the separatists in Donbas. With the current situation in the Ukraine, there are two choices according to Mr. Soros, either repeat the mistakes that were made in the Greek crisis, or treat it as the great asset that it is for the European Union by preserving the new Ukraine and assuring its success with Ukraine’s allies doing whatever it takes to enable Ukraine to survive and introduce far reaching economic and political reforms.



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The Appointment of Shaygan Kheradpir as the New Coriant CEO

Coriant, which was founded as an independent company in 2013, appointed Shaygan Kheradpir as the new CEO of the company. Coriant Company mainly focuses on providing networking solutions in the quick changing business world. The company has really achieved in improving network resources improvement and creating new services that generate revenue.

Currently, Coriant is recognized as a leading network operator working in over 100 countries. The company has also attracted a vast line of customers that include, content providers, cable MSOs, government agencies, large enterprises, mobile and fixed line service providers, financial institutions and utility companies.

Coriant was founded by the merging of Nokia Siemens Networks, Tellabs and Sycamore Networks. Over the years, Coriant has helped offer ¬solutions that has really generated end-user service revenue.

The current Coriant’s CEO, Shaygan Kheradpir, has gathered much of executive experience working with the telecom, technology and financial industries. He has been recognized in the business and technology field for the last over two decades.

Shaygan graduated from Cornell University and got his PhD, masters and bachelors in the engineering field. After graduating, Shaygan started his career at GTE Corporation after which he later joined Verizon as a chief information officer and a member of the executive leadership team. Shaygan has also worked in other organizations including Barclays bank where he served as a technology and chief operations officer. He was also in the bank’s executive committee.

Prior to joining Coriant, Shaygan worked with the senior management team at Coriant and also held the position of an operating partner at Marlin Equity Partners. He dealt with telecom and technology investments. Shaygan was also the Chief Executive Officer of Juniper Networks.

TOWN Residential Analyses the Manhattan Real Estate Market

According to Virtual Strategy Marketing, Town Residential has released its quarterly report on the residential market for the final quarter of 2015. The firm found that the average price of real estate in Manhattan is increasing despite a slight “soft patch” in the fall. The average sale price in Manhattan increased by 5.2% over the course of the past year, and the median sales price growth over last year reached 16%.

The price per foot increased by 6.2% to a record high, reaching prices of $1505 per square foot by the end of the year. The median sale price of a condo in Manhattan showed the most significant growth, reaching an average value $1,736,250 by the end of the fourth quarter of 2015. The price of a co-op in Manhattan likewise increased, but by a significantly smaller margin.

The price of real estate of all kinds has steadily increased in Manhattan. According to Andrew Heiberger, the CEO and founder of Town Residential, the trends can largely be attributed to the sale of trophy listings in new real estate developments, many of which have record prices which are having a significant effect on the average price of real estate. In contrast to the market for new developments, the resale market has instead been stabilizing, which helped to prevent the fall’s rough patch in sales from turning into a significant downturn in the market.

The data for this report came from a thorough analysis of real estate sales from October to December. Comparing that data with that of previous periods revealed the current trends of the real estate market, a valuable aid for any who wish to buy or sell property in Manhattan.

Bruce and Karen Levonson’s Gift Fosters Philanthropy

Seed Money Followed with Major Gift
The PR Newswire first reported the story about Bruce and Karen Levonson and their launched seed money that was followed with a major gift. This gift from the Levonsons has led to the growth of The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership. This is at the University of Maryland. Their gift has grown into a leading center that fosters philanthropic studies. This is in the Nation’s Capital. This had first been launched three years ago with seed money. This had been followed up with a major gift from the Levensons.
Students are Given Skills and Experiences
The Center provides students with many opportunities to be the next generation of leaders. These University of Maryland students are able to obtain skills and experience with innovative programs. Each and every student will graduate with an informed knowledge. They will have the ability to be a motivated and informed philanthropist. This Center is providing many unique opportunities thanks to Bruce Levenson and Karen Levonson and their gift that fosters philanthropy.

New York Real Estate Breaks Records in 2015

New York apartments for rent prices are rising to record breaking highs. It doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Among the higher prices of the past year is a penthouse worth $100.47 million. There have been other sales in Central Park. Throughout Manhattan, there were new records set for prices paid for townhouses as well as condos. Many extremely expensive pieces of property have been selling at high rates in places such as Cobble Hill. Shaun Osher has named this past year “The Year of the Big Sale. It seems like the records are going to continue to break in the next year.

For one thing, it is hard to break records without the help of a real estate agency. Agencies such as Town Residential have proven to be very useful in helping potential residents find a place that they can call home. Their site offers listings that are updated in real time. They also take the time to research the neighborhoods of potential homes in order to make sure that their clients are in a place that is great for them. Their customer service is one of the best in the industry for people that are looking for a home in New York.

Town Residential was founded in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger who is the CEO. It has also experienced a lot of growth in just 5 years until it has become known as the real estate firm with the best customer service in its class. The Representatives that work in this firm have shown that they are very passionate about their work. They are very interested in making sure that their customers find a home that they are satisfied with. Their specialty is in sales of luxury living spaces. They also deal with leasing, and marketing of property developments of different types of businesses.

With top notch service from firms like Town Residential, it is no wonder that some of the more luxurious homes are selling at a fast rate. Some of the most expensive and luxurious living spaces are being bought off which makes for new records of sales and prices in New York Real Estate. It is expected that even the current prices are going to be surpassed by double the amount in anticipation of a megadeal being field within a couple of years in the city. However, the sources who are making this anticipation prefer to remain anonymous so that the deal won’t be jeopardized.

The Healthcare Industry With Nobilis Nobilis

Healthcare is a fully staff healthcare company, with about one hundred surgical locations around the United States, which began operation in December 2005. Mr Fleming had been running Nobilis Healthcare very efficiently, since July 29th 2014. He was at first their Chief Financial Officer, a position he held for eighteen months. He came on board with experiences with a financial back ground, venture capital, merges and acquisition, and the list go on. He holds an MBA from Boston College,and a JD from the University of Houston,. With such an extensive background, it’s no wonder he was chosen. Nobilis centers are located in Dallas, Houston, Texas and also working in tandem alongside six other clinics which are located in Arizona,Oregon, Michigan, Minnesota, Tennessee and New Jersey. They are a public traded company on the NYSE and The Toronto Stock Exchange. They pride themselves in being exceptional caregivers and keeping the costs very reasonable. These clinic provides invasive surgery, in an out patient setting, so patients won’t have to stress out about the bill if they have to stay overnight while trying to recover,and the doctors believe it lessen the anxiety in patients if they can recover at their homes. The patients sing the praise of the doctors and the medical staff for the best care they receive. The doctors who run the clinics are also partners, and being this closely involved makes the clinics run most efficiently. They are highly trained across a broad spectrum, such as Spinal Surgery, Pain Management, Podiatry and General Surgery, just to name a few. To get patients, Nobilis Health does advertising, whether it’s by print ads, social media or print advertisement. Also, a satisfied patient may even spread the word about the good care they give. Nobilis health is committed to providing the best of care to their patients. They also have very unique opportunity for physicians and clinicians and anyone who is seeking employment with a dedicated staff. They offer an ambitious salary with great benefits to go along. This outfit looks for professional individuals with high morals standards, and sense of accountability.They want people who would show initiative and get along with each other. You can contact them, either by email or phone. Just visit their website, it explains everything.

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