Tony Petrello, A Great CEO And A Man For The People

Coming from a low income working family, Tony Petrello is now one of the highest paid CEOs in the United States. Tony Petrello is just 62 years of age and it does not seem that he is slowing down anytime soon. Tony is the CEO of Nabors Industries where he began in 2011 after also serving as the company’s President, Chief Operating Officer, and Deputy Chairman. The 2016 salary of Mr. Petrello (over 15 million from salary and stock options) reflects the success that he is experiencing through his tenacious leadership of Nabors Industries in the worldwide gas and oil industry.

Nabors Industries supplies most of the oil and gas drilling rigs to land and off-shore companies around the globe, making it the largest and the most successful drilling contractor in the world. Mr. Petrello has company headquarters in Bermuda and Houston, Texas with billion-dollar revenues each year. The success of Nabors Industries has continued since its beginnings in 1952 when its drilling operations and the company’s lucrative acquisitions attributes to its growth. Nabors Industries retains its oil and gas leadership status because of the innovative aegis of Mr. Petrello. For the past 20 years, Tony has also vastly increased the company’s stock market prices.

Tony Petrello is not just a great icon for hard work to success, but he is also a great example of not letting your early background dictate your future. Mr. Petrello was a whiz at mathematics in grade school earning him a scholarship to Yale University. He attained both a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees. He furthered his education by graduating from Harvard Law School with a law degree in 1979. After college he experienced a long and successful career at the prestigious law firm of Baker & McKenzie. In 1991 when he left Baker & McKenzie, he had earned the title of Managing Partner.

Just as impressive as his reputation and achievements are, Tony Petrello is even more notable with his philanthropic endeavors. Mr. Petrello has a charity that he supports with all his heart and that is to the Neurological Research Institute at the Texas Children’s Hospital. His daughter is afflicted with cerebral palsy. Tony and his family donate millions of dollars to the research institute for advanced research and testing for his daughter and others.

It was because of the financial support of Tony Petrello that The Neurological Research Institute in 2010, was able to be funded and begin its important work. Tony Petrello’s charity efforts continues with his support of Yale University with endowment donations in memory of his math mentor. Naturally, reflecting his love of math, his monetary prize is awarded to person who show great promise in mathematics.

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Sussex Healthcare Employment Opportunities

If you live in the United Kingdom and are looking to get your foot in the door on working in healthcare, then Sussex Healthcare might be the best option for you. They have several portions opened right now.

Sussex Healthcare offers patient care services for older people and specialist care for other adults with learning and physical disabilities. If you know that this is your filled of interest, then it is best to fill out an application to get hired.

Sussex Healthcare was created in 1985. It has its headquarters in Warnham, United Kingdom. Respite, dementia, special adult, and palliative care are just some of the services offered. The elderly and disabled are also able to get educational and recreational services as well. There are several locations through the United Kingdom where patients can go. East Grinstead, Billinghurst, Henfield, Horsham, Purley, Nutley, and Sharpthorne provide the same services as the one in Warnham.


There are several jobs available and you can apply online with your mobile device. In Horsham, there is a need for a Support Worker, Registered Manager, Pre-registered Nurse, Deputy Care Home Manager, Registered Nurse, Newly Qualified Registered Nurse, Associate Dentist, and Care Assistant. The Support Worker position requires both the night and day shifts. The Billinghurst, Henfield, Nutley and East Grinstead locations are also in need of a Care Assistant. At the East Grinstead location, a Clinical Nurse Auditor is needed as well as the same registered nursing positions that the Horsham location is in need of. The other locations need registered nurses as well. In order to qualify for those particular nursing positions, you must be licensed. Other jobs for any of the locations include:

• Administrator
• Dental Receptionist
• Registered Mental Health Nurse
• Health and Safety Lead
• Care Home Unit Manager
• Weekend Driver
• Director of IT
• Activity Assistant
• Domestic Assistant
• Kitchen Assistant
• Senior Care Assistant
• Team Leader
• Activity Coordinator
• Laundry Assistant

There are many more opportunities, and these jobs offer great pay and benefits. Some of them are part-time. You would need to get in touch with Human Resources when choosing to start your career here. Sussex Healthcare has been business for over 25 years and provides excellent on the job training. This company also offers great benefits such as a pension, uniform, paid breaks, and a free staff bus to get you to your job. Apply online today to start your journey to an exciting career.

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Certain Things That Can Make Even Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Bumble Backfire

People often blame the dating game for their failure at finding a relationship. The truth is that there are plenty of factors that are going to influence the success of a person’s dating life. However, the most important factor of success is the individual. Therefore, it is important for people to figure out ways that they are able to maximize the success of their dating life. There are a few things that even Bumble is not going to be able to fix for people when it comes to dating. Whitney Wolfe Herd herself understands that there are certain rules to follow when it comes to dating.

One thing that Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Bumble is not going to be able to fix is poor social skills. If poor social skills is getting in the way of a good date, then the best thing for the individual to do is try to fix the social skills. Bumble is not going to work any miracles unless there is someone who is on an equal level with the other person who is struggling in his social life. Therefore, it would not hurt to develop any social skills in order to bring about desired results.

One thing that needs to be realized about online dating is that it is basically the same as dating in the outside world. People who are struggling with online dating are doing so because of some other issues that may have nothing to do with online dating. For one thing, everything that matters offline matters online. For instance, some people say that looks matter more in online dating than with offline dating.

One of the best things to do is try to get the best representation of personality in a picture. In many cases, people are not going to go past a picture if they do not find it appealing enough. Even with the unique settings of Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Bumble, people are going to have to put a lot of effort in their profile in order to make sure that it is going to bring forth a lot of attention.

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Shervin Pishevar: A True Visionary

Shervin Pishevar is an accomplished investor and businessman, who has served in a leading capacity for numerous innovative technology firms. As co-founder and managing director at the San Francisco-based venture capital firm Sherpa Ventures, Pishevar embodied leadership and visionary qualities as a leading venture capitalist, angel investor, and serial entrepreneur. He is also the co-founder and chairman of Hyperloop Technologies Inc.

Early Career

In 2011, Pishevar contributed to the launch of Menlo Talent Fund and served as Venture Advisor and Managing Director of Menlo Ventures from 2011 to 2014. Furthermore, from 1997 to 2011, Shervin Pishevar served in many founding and leadership roles with numerous organizations. Among these companies were WebOS, Application Corporation, Seges Capital, Ionside Interactive, and Webs, Inc.


Shervin Pishevar’s accomplishments are numerous. What follows is a short list of his achievements. In 2012, the Department of Homeland Security recognized Pishevar as an “Outstanding American by Choice.” He is a member of the UN Foundation’s Global Entrepreneurs Council, and Pishevar was also a contributor to the Technology and Innovation Plan in 2008. Additionally, Shervin Pishevar has invested in over 60 companies within the Ad tech, search, social commerce, mobile sectors, and media sectors as a seed and angel investor.


Pishevar holds a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies from the University of California. He has also authored several U.S. patents and is a published researcher in JAMA (the Journal of American Medical Association).

Shervin Pishevar’s impact on business and education is well documented, and given his propensity to enhance the performance of the institutions he’s connected to, provides a legitimate reason for the high anticipation of his future endeavors. Pishevar’s efforts to improve the world around us is evident in his involvement in the economic, technological, and educational infrastructure. His ability to build, maintain and invest in successful companies, also speaks volumes about his acumen as a businessman and as an investor as well.

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Aloha Construction, General Contracting & The Home-Renovation Process

Making changes to your home can be for vanity reasons, or it can be for functionality. Mainstream society gives you more than enough options to choose from and there is a huge source of material at your disposal. If you’re in need of home renovations services, but you don’t have any experience in the subject, then you should definitely seek professional assistance. General contractors actually specialize in home renovation, but all general contractors aren’t created equal. When choosing general contractor, you should check for the company’s resume and reputation. Homeowners should also check to see if the company is licensed. What’s the solution if you reside in Illinois?

The solution just so happens to be Aloha Construction, and it has a resume of success. This general contracting company has what it takes to get the job done right. Aloha Construction has its headquarters in the city of Lake Zurich, Illinois, but it provides services throughout the state. On top of that, if you’re a homeowner in the southern region of Wisconsin, then you can certainly receive these services. This company has many skilled workers, which is estimated at 250 employees, and it has thoroughly trained each and every individual. Since the company is licensed and bonded, homeowners will get a great guarantee of work that’s being done. In addition to that, Aloha Construction offers a 10-year craftsmanship warranty. You will not find too many other general contractors that will go out of their way for the customers. How about a free property inspection? Yes, and Aloha Construction will get down to the root of the issue thanks to its nine-step process.

The entire gambit is being covered from head to toe. Chimney repair, soffit installation, bathroom repair, window fascia repair, roof installation, siding installation, kitchen design and other services are all available. Aloha Construction has made the home renovation process fairly easy, but it’s up to the homeowner to put the ball in motion.

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George Soros Backing Organizations And Political Candidates That Are Pro-Democratic

George Soros is amongst the most popular and highly reputed philanthropists in the world, and as per an estimate has given away a total of $12 billion in charitable donations till date. George Soros has ensured over the years that he can make a positive impact on the society through his philanthropy as well as political activism. In the political landscape of the United States, George Soros has been keenly taking an interest in the last few years, especially since the time capitalism has been taking over the country in a systematic manner. As per George Soros, the real problem the world is facing right now is capitalism, and it is a threat that must be recognized and addressed. If capitalism is not debated today and a solution is not found on how it can be eliminated, George Soros believe that capitalism would defeat democracy.

George Soros has arguably spent more on ensuring that democratic ideals survive, not only in the United States but all over the world. The Open Society Foundation is the name of the charitable organization that he founded in the year 1979, and it works in the area of policy reform, economic development, humanitarian efforts, education, racial disparity, minority support, and more. One other work that Open Society Foundation does is helping pro democracy organization. George Soros doesn’t hold back when it comes to political giving as long as the political candidate or the democratic institution where the money is going is well-aligned with his long-term vision of the world.

George Soros has made a remarkable reputation in the business world as well in the last six decades. After completing his Masters in Philosophy from the London School of Economics, George Soros moved to New York, United States. In New York City, George Soros worked for a few merchant banks and in just a few years, moved up the ranks of the banks he used to work for. It gave him considerable experience in banking and financial sector, which he used efficiently to start his company by the name of Soros Fund Management in 1973. The first fund that he started was named as Double Eagle, but the name of the hedge fund was later changed to Quantum Fund, which continues to be in existence till date and is highly profitable too.

George Soros, as a democratic liberal, openly supported Hillary Clinton in the Presidential Election of 2016. Hillary Clinton lost the election, but that couldn’t discourage George Soros even a bit. He continues to move ahead to support the causes he feels without any hesitation. He says that the financial wealth that he has gives him the power to act without having to think about consequences twice as far as money is concerned. George Soros has made a sizeable donation of $18 billion to Open Society Foundation recently, which has made his foundation one of the top philanthropic organizations in the world. George Soros continues to back democratic ideals and the agencies that support it.

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Earn Money From Home with Market America

Earning money from your home is something that a vast majority of people strive to do. It can be daunting and problematic to always work from home, especially if you’re a stay-at-home mom or someone who is disabled and unable to work physically. However, if you need a little bit of extra cash or need full income coming in, you need to be able to find something that is reliable and worth your time that you can do from the house. One of the best companies offering this option is known as Market America.

Market America allows you to sell their line of products at your own choosing. You just create and maintain a website, attract clients to it and then sell the products to your liking. You will find that the cash flow just starts rolling in once you become established on the internet. This saves you tons of time from having to try to figure out how to get a job outside of the home, and it is a way for you to bring in some extra cash flow without needing to get a proper job. Plus, when you sell through Market America, you will get to keep a large percentage of money that you make.

The reason a lot of people have chosen Market America for themselves is because of the fact that they can make money from home without needing to invest a lot of their time. You are not in charge of shipping the products that people buy, as this is done through a third party. You will also find that Market America offers a variety of packages to make running and creating a site easier than you could have ever imagined. Now that you know that there is a viable option for you when making money from home, you need to get started by visiting the Market America website. They will be more than happy to help you get started and bring in the money that you have always wanted to make without needing to do a ton of work to get it done.

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Talk Fusion Releases Upgraded Live Meetings, Enhancing Their Internet Communications Offerings

Delivering the latest technological innovations to their customers and affiliates , marketing innovator Talk Fusion released their latest voice communications software featuring WebRTC technology.


The web based application offers improvements over their existing Live Meetings offerings, giving users an upgraded interface and simplified installation. End users are not required to download any third party software or install any plug-ins to use the browser enabled communications program.


The latest software enhancements push the firm past its competitors by implementing the most innovative technology-based solutions.


Requiring no additional software than a web browser, Live Meetings, Talk Fusion’s latest offering, provides its marketing professionals as well as non affiliated computer users the benefits of streamlined voice and video communications over the internet.


Users of the new WebRTC software will be impressed with its other upgrades. An improved user interface simplifying its operation, and crisp video and clear audio make this communications software well received by the online community.


In 2016, Talk Fusion’s commitment to providing cutting edge technologies earned them an award for their innovative WebRTC software.


While committed to delivering the best technology solutions, the company also balances end user requirements such as ease of use and communications quality in their software products.


Their latest application has been noted as a “one of a kind” in its support for 500+ meeting attendees and “waiting room” functionality that gives meeting presenters the ability to provide their early arriving meeting attendees with a virtual waiting area before the video session begins.


This latest offering builds on Talk Fusion Video Suite’s existing offerings. The company’s earlier product received recognition in the industry for its video chat product, which earned an award in 2016.


The Live Meetings video streaming software delivers an easy to implement solution providing Talk Fusion customers the ability to seamlessly integrate the power of streaming video into their marketing campaigns, enhancing their promotional efforts


About Bob Reina


Founder of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina brings more than 25 years of industry success to the marketing industry.


A former law enforcement officer, Reina’s success in the promotional industry resulted in a career shift, allowing him to devote his attention to helping Talk Fusion’s customers promote their products and services.


Live Meeting, which supports up to 500 users and 15 hosts, simultaneously, provides streaming voice and video support to Talk Fusion Associates.


Talk Fusion has affiliates in over 140 countries and continues to be recognized for their innovation and industry leadership.
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Jason Hope’s anti-aging venture

Jason Hope is a man of many faces. To some he is known as a successful business man, to others he is known as a philanthropist and to others a skilled futurist. Jason Hope was born and raised in Tempe Arizona. He went to Arizona state university to study finance. He later graduated with an MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. After, finishing school, Jason managed to become successful in his through sheer hard work and discipline. His success in the business world saw him expand his territory to different countries.

Though a successful business man, Jason Hope is not one to sit around and wait for things to happen on their own. He is often at the forefront of change. He inspires change and if not, he is not afraid to support anyone seeking to change the world and make it better. Recently, he has shown quite some interest in the change taking place in the field of medicine. A non-profit organization, SENS, has been trying to change the course of medicine by trying to come up with ways to prevent diseases that result in premature aging from ever happening instead of treating then after they have happened. Seeing the many ways this research will benefit the world, Jason has been in full support of their research.

Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence, SENS, is a non-profit organization supported by doctors, private individuals, researchers and philanthropists. SENS has held several conferences to discuss anti-aging as well as share ideas on the same from like-minded individuals. Its goal is to create a rejuvenation of biotechnology industry. SENS researches are believed to come up with cutting edge solutions to aging and age related diseases.

Jason says that what makes him support SENSE with a passion is their approach to anti-aging. He says that by coming up with ways to prevent diseases that break down the body causing it to age prematurely, they are able to come up with a solution to aging. This will give doctors a better chance at fighting premature aging instead of waiting for these diseases to happen then try to treat or contain them.

In support to the anti-aging research, Jason Hope donated 500,000 dollars in 2010 to SENS. With this gift, SENS was able to build and equip their SENS laboratory in Cambridge. He has also given numerous donations following this to ensure that the research on anti-aging runs smoothly in hope of making the world a better place.

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Securus Technologies, Partnering for an Enhanced Experience

If you or a friend or family has ever been incarcerated, you may already be familiar with Securus Technologies. This company specializes in connecting inmates with their loved ones. They provide many different services, however, they’re most known for phone and video visitation. Other services introduced during recent years include voicemail, email, and other messaging services. Securus Technologies also provides valuable monitoring services for those internal and externally involved in the corrections process. Securus is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, has served over 1.2 million inmates, and has been in business for over 30 years.


Staying ahead of the competition is a priority to Securus Technologies. As a result, the company can provide more services at affordable rates. This was a concern in past years, as nearly all telecommunications providers in corrections were forced to charge much higher rates. Another way Securus Technologies has stayed ahead of the pack is by acquiring numerous companies over the years. The most recent acquisition is GovPayNet. This company processes payments for many governmental entities and will help streamline the correctional process, even more, saving all users valuable time and money. GovPayNet has been in business for over 20 years and was designed to provide a single solution to payment processing.


Securus Technologies advancements have gained much attention. Customer satisfaction survey scores have increased drastically over the years. Having a 95 percent satisfaction rating is an accomplishment for any company, even those not involved in a challenging field like corrections. The company has also been awarded an “A+” rating by the Better Business Bureau. This is also a huge accomplishment due to the size and nature of the business. The managing officers at facilities across the country have also given Securus Technologies their endorsement, and look forward to what innovative ideas the company will implement next.


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