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The Professional Life of Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is currently working on his second career which he has built successfully based on his first career. He started his career life on Wall Street where he worked as a portfolio manager he decided to transition into something new. In recent years, he is working on his publishing career that aims at delivering top-notch investment advice to the average American. Through the newsletter, he can distribute a lot of investment knowledge to a far broader audience reaching up to 90,000 avid and loyal readers.

Paul Mampilly comes from India. He holds an undergraduate degree that he earned from Montclair State. He then moved to work on Wall Street where he was an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust Company. He then went on to become the full portfolio manager. After the acquisition of Deutsche Bank by Bankers Trust, Paul role transitioned where he became the research assistant. This is what gave him all the necessary grounding he needed to be able to make the incredible potential investment as well as making him take on research skills as part of his daily habits. After working at Deutsche Bank, he then went to ING where he worked as an analyst. He was able to move up the scale very fast where he eventually took on the task of managing large investments accounts that held millions of dollars.

The owners of Kinetic Asset management recruited him to the position of managing one of their hedge funds. He was able to increase his portfolio to more than 45 billion which was named by many as the “world’s best” return coming in at 43% return ate. It’s during the 2008 crash where Paul Mampilly was recognized as one of the savviest active portfolio managers.

In 2016 Paul Mampilly retired from portfolio management to become a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. He realized that Wall Street did not provide a forum for widespread distribution of his work. Paul felt that through the newsletter he would be able to reach a lot more lives by helping them make sound investment decisions that improve the quality of their lives.

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