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How Entrepreneur Sergey Petrossov Brought Technology To The Private Plane Booking Process

Sergey Petrossov is an American entrepreneur who is originally from Russia. His family moved to Florida when he was young. He started to hustle for money early. When he was in high school he tried to launch an import-export company that would deal in auto tire rims. In college at the University of Florida, he started to learn about computer science and became involved in a new venture that offered live chatting.

After college Sergey Petrossov cofounded a company in the educational sector. Their company sold cloud-based tools that were designed for educational institutions in Russia and Eastern Europe. He says that the schools and universities in that part of the world couldn’t afford legacy software systems so he offered something they could afford and effectively got the job done.

that the schools and universities in that part of the world couldn’t afford legacy software systems so he offered something they could afford and effectively got the job done.

It was in 2009 that Sergey Petrossov took his first plane ride on a private jet. He says that he was very surprised by many things beyond the sheer luxury. What he found baffling was just how hard and archaic it was to book a flight. He said that, despite being a multibillion-dollar industry, when you wanted to book a flight you had to pick up a phone and call a booking company. You then had to physically sign papers. Nothing was done digitally and the whole process was highly inefficient.

There were other problems he spotted. The planes often had empty seats and weren’t being utilized enough. The cost was too high, Sergey Petrossov says, to book a private flight because the planes often had just two or three passengers.

Sergey Petrossov launched JetSmarter. His company brings booking private planes into the modern age. People subscribe to the service, which can cost up to $15,000 a year, and they then use a mobile app to book their own flights or find seats on existing ones they can use. It’s faster, more efficient, and makes better use of private jets.

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Market America Continues To Prove Critics Wrong

Market America is a multi-level marketing initiative established in 1992 by both Loren Ridinger and JR Ridinger with the latter being the CEO and President. While Market America has a presence in virtually every part of the world, its head-office is in Greensboro, North Carolina, United States.

As at 2016, its revenue was estimated to be $791.1 million and its total assets were estimated to be worth $146.1 million. As at 2016, its number of employees had risen to more than 800. The site offers products like weight management products, water purifiers, custom websites, dietary supplements, cosmetics, auto care, jewelry, personal care products, and household cleaning items.

What makes the company different is that it offers the products through several affiliated companies. It acquired shop.com, its retail store web domain from Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft. In 2002, the company expanded its operations to Australia and it later expanded to Taiwan in 2005.

It later expanded to Hong Kong, Philippines, and the United Kingdom in September 2007, October 2010, and February 2012 respectively. Market America wasn’t done. It later extended its presence to Mexico, Singapore, and Malaysia in 2012, 2014, and 2017 respectively.

Market America’s business model

The company sells products manufactured by other firms. However, the products are sold by only Market America. The company has partners that sell its products. These partners are known as independent distributors. Independent distributors pay monthly fees to the company.

The distributors earn money by bringing in new partners and by earning commission on their sales. Right now, a new independent distributor will pay $399 as the startup fee and will also pay $129 monthly fee. Their representatives also operate as independent contractors and they spend between $130 and $300 on products. In addition, representatives need to attend seminars and training event s and these events cost between $20 and $200 each.

At some point, critics of the initiative rose up. They kicked against the idea of telling new independent distributors that they can rise to the level of becoming financially independent when the scheme cannot go on forever.

According to pundits, its rapid growth is not worth celebrating as it is normal for such schemes to get to a stage of maximum momentum after which their profit will begin to plummet and that is what Market America avoids by extending to other countries. This remains a mere speculation since the company’s profit still continues to increase tremendously.


Robert Deignan Impressive Entrepreneurial Progress

Robert Deignan the Entrepreneurial Guru

Robert Deignan was a renowned marketer best recognized for his excellent performance records and co-founding ATS Digital Services. He is also the current CEO of the company. Before ATS Digital Services, Robert Deignan worked as the Executive Vice President at IS3, Inc., for over nine years. Here he helped the company soar to greater heights through his managerial and marketing skills. Earlier on he helped set up Franlink, Inc. Mr. Deignan went to Purdue University and is a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management holder. This was after attending St. Thomas Aquinas High School.


Under his guidance and leadership, Advanced Tech Support (ATS) Digital Services has made impressive progress. In July 2017, ATS Digital Services became the first call center to be certified by AppEsteem Corporation. This means that they are now able to deliver premium support services to its clients. The certification process involved meeting all thirty-nine compliance requirements by AppEsteem. Mr. Deignan dutifully ensured the success of this process and saw to it that they attained the respected work certificate.

When asked on his thoughts about the company he helped establish, his sentiments were very impressive. He stated that the foundation over which the company is founded is comprehensive, consumer-centered compliance. This paved the way for transparency and allowed for operational procedures at the highest levels possible. These attributes, instilled by the CEO, are the reason ATS Digital Services has delivered technical support services to many thousands of satisfied clients. Furthermore, the provision of assistance by his company is not only through the telephone but also via remote access screens technologies. Mr. Deignan has also ensured his company is the best in consumer-friendly procedures and practices in the country. Ethically, Robert Deignan has guaranteed that his company and employees do not indulge in unlawful or unethical practices. This is projected by the company’s clean record and solid reputation among customers and peers alike over the years. As a team player, Mr. Robert Deignan is described as a delight to work with my workmates.


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