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Julie Zuckerberg Excelling In Leadership

One would think that a successful executive has little time for herself. She would have too many hurdles to jump at her job. She would have too many things to prove to her male colleagues. She basically would not have a heart. Julie Zuckerberg has defied all those odds. She is a straight forward woman who knows what she wants and how to get it.


Julie Zuckerberg started her recruitment career when she was a student New York Law School. She also studied philosophy at the City University of New York-Brooklyn College. With this education in hand, she entered the field of recruiting and quickly became skilled in the many areas of talent acquisition and executive management hiring. Julie Zuckerberg worked for 5 years as a Director of Candidate Placement for Hudson, a staffing and recruiting firm with several thousand employees. There she excelled at providing employees with guidance as to the scope and expectation of their roles and employee benefits. She acted as a link between clients and employees, offering invaluable guidance with regards to conflict resolution, as well as counseling and coaching.

Over the next six years Julie Zuckerberg took on a new challenge, working at Citi’s headquarters in New York as Vice President and Executive Recruiter. Her expertise varied while recruiting executives for senior level roles in legal, compliance, and audit. While with Citi Consumer Bank,


Julie’s recruitment was focused on Director and Managing Director hires.

Julie Zuckerberg made another bold move in her career when she took on a role at New York Life Insurance Company as Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead and Corporate Vice President. Later she landed as Vice President, Executive Recruiter, Talent Acquisition at Deutsche Bank, where she’s been ever since. As her experience grew she took on the new role of Executive Talent Acquisition Lead to Private, Wealth & Commercial Clients, Asset Management, and GTO. She continues to attract top level talent and provide strategic coaching to management. She often collaborates with business leaders and helps with negotiations of stakeholders.


Does someone who is so dedicated to her career still have time for a friends and family? The answer is yes. The proper work-life balance is one of Julie’s top priorities. Despite the busy work schedule she’s able to devote time to the personal causes which are near and dear to her heart: animal welfare, educational opportunities for disadvantaged communities, gender equality, civil rights and economic empowerment. She’s a voracious reader and enjoys investigative journalism and documentaries. Being professionally successful and personally fulfilled is a tough balancing act for anyone. It’s one that Julie Zuckerberg seems to have a knack for.


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