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Top Three Milestone Achievements Made By Sam Boraie In New Brunswick & New Jersey

Sam Boraie Currently serves as the Executive Vice President over at the powerful realtor agency, Boraie Development LLC. Sam is of Egyptian descent and his parents migrated to the United States close to thirty years back. Let’s revisit the highlights defining the shining career of Sam Boraie, the heir to the Boraie Empire. You can visit Bloomberg for more details.

Is Atlantic City the New Vegas?

Atlantic City is well on course to transforming into the world’s gambling center. The city lies next to the white sandy beaches of the frigid Atlantic Ocean. Sam’s construction company recently completed a mega project of a deal which led to the erection of 250 beachfront residential housing units. Space is taken up by retailers and by private offices. That entire stretch extending all the way from the Southern Inlet to Newark is called the Albany St. Plaza.

Another milestone project overseen by Mr. Boraie’s company is called Aspire. This behemoth undertaking comprises of a 238-floor high rise unit located nearby the railway station at New Brunswick. Again, space looks impressive from an architectural point of view and it is ideal for offices, health spars, retail outlets, just but to mention a few of the businesses which thrive on this particular location.

The third and most recent career high reached by Sam Boraie is breaking the ground at the site where a 26-story building is expected to stand in less than 24 months. Asides, the company is also rushing to beat the deadlines on the construction of Estates all over New Jersey’s posh suburbs.

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About Sam Boraie

Sam comes from a respected real estate investing family. His families’ roots take you to Egypt. But, Sam’s every bit as American as the next New Jersey guy you meet in the state. His understanding of the topography and the dynamics which influence the consumer behaviors makes him one of the most reliable realtors you can bet on. Sam Boraie’s family is very keen on supporting noble causes and giving back to the less privileged members of the families in the societies they serve in. More details can be found on his Crunchbase profile.

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