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One Of The Best Female Anime Characters Of All Time


The earliest anime works date back to 1917, with the creation of Osamu Tezuka. Anime is a Japanese invention that is hand drawn or computer-designed to represent human attributes accurately. The characters take interesting themes and personalities to feature in different shows. Anime shows vary in themes, such as anime zombie horrors, comedies, thrills and romance. The anime creation has evolved over the years to include female characters that offer more than a simple visual pleasure to the viewers. More and more shows portray layered female anime characters that have engaging personalities and balanced lives that perfectly fit the theme of the show. One such acclaimed character is Holo and the wise wolf, who features on the show, Spice and wolf.


Holo is a young 15-year-old girl who takes both the human and wolf form. As a human, she has long flowing orange-brown hair and red eyes. She wears a hooded scarf or robe and a large skirt to cover her wolf ears and tail and is known for blurting out the words, “Stupid Potato” in a moment of intensity. In her wolf nature, her eyes glow red, and her fur picks the color of her hair. The Wolf Holo version can communicate telepathically and attain tremendous speeds, despite her gigantic size. Holo grew up in small Japanese village and brought an immense harvest to the residents. After rejecting her following their adaptation of a self-sustaining way of life, Holo teams up with a traveler named Lawrence. Throughout the show, Holo has portrayed a humanly flawed deity who is proud of her wolf-like identity and immense wisdom.  Definitely a Netflix anime to check out.

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