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Paul Mampilly Feels the Cryptocurrency Bubble is About to Burst

As a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing and founder of its leading newsletter Profits Unlimited Paul Mampilly has seen investment trends come and go and feels that the current rush for cryptocurrency is a trend that will soon reverse, and he believes that the investors will start to see a downturn in the price of internet coins as demand for these coins begins to weaken and the market becomes saturated with different kinds cryptocurrency offerings. Comparing the contemporary cryptocurrency market to that of the “” stock boom, he finds many similarities in how investors have clamored for this newest investment vehicle.

Paul Mampilly is uneasy with the current values assigned to of varied internet coins. Because a cryptocurrency’s value is intrinsic, there are no outside and independent measures of its true value and unlike a national currency, which is generally backed by its government a cryptocurrency doesn’t have a guarantee of worth and its value hangs solely upon investor demand. There are too many options and those current options are overvalued. Read this article at

While Paul Mampilly believes in the viability of the blockchain technology and its continued applicability as a “universal” means of digital exchange, particularly in global transactions, and will eventually reduce banking fees and offer a secure online medium of exchange. Right now, however, Paul Mampilly believes that the internet coin bubble will burst, and much like the internet stock crash of 2000, it will devastate the portfolios of investors who purchased currencies at the markets inflated peak.

With a promise to reanalyze the investment potential of blockchain technology after the current bubble bursts, Paul Mampilly concludes that it isn’t a good time to invest in cryptocurrencies, their value is too unstable and the potential for total investment loss is very high. In the future, however, the possibilities for investment and growth will be there. Watch videos on Paul’s Youtube channel.

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