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Malcolm CasSelle & His Extraordinary Work

Malcolm CasSelle is the president of the company called WAX. WAX stands for Worldwide Asset eXachange. It is one of the leading ways to sell and buy online video games. This company allows people to be able to operate a virtual market place and save on investing money on a brick and mortar store for their business. There are more than 400 million users in this site and they are all people who enjoy buying, selling and collecting video games. It is a great platform for gamers to come and share this passion together.

Malcolm CasSelle used tp be the president of the company called CTO, and therefore, has a background full of knowledge and experience in this particular field. Malcolm CasSelle has a bachelor’s degree in computer science for MIT. He also has his masters’s degree in this field of study as well. He knows ho to lead a company into the right path and into a point of success. Malcolm CasSelle is very good at being able to discover new ideas and solutions for the company. Malcolm CasSelle is very well known in the digital industry and plans on becoming more invested in this field.

He enjoys discovering new gadgets and being able to showcase the many ways that they can improve our daily lives. Many describe V as a gifted and talented entrepreneur. His ideas come to life and he is always eager to listen to new ideas and help bring them to life. He has a great perception of how to reach the consumer and he has a great amount of knowledge on how to lead a business and market planning. Malcolm CasSelle is a person who has worked very hard and who as enabled and opened many virutal doors for people. His hard work deserves recognition and it deserves to be admired.


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