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Jason Hope, prolific entrepreneur, sees huge potential in Internet of Things

Over the years, Jason Hope has made a name for himself as one of the most prolific entrepreneurs in the history of Arizona. He is responsible for forming the first premium mobile content streaming service, Jawa, which predated the Apple store and iTunes by more than a decade. With people like Steve Jobs essentially aping his business model, Hope can claim to be one of the most influential entrepreneurs of the 2000’s internet.

After selling Jawa for a large sum of money, Hope went on to found dozens of other startups. Most of these have been smashing successes, with many of them pioneering extremely innovative business models in their respective fields. Hope has been involved in the creation of successful startups ranging from the search engine optimization industry to business-to-business mobile applications and online shopping platforms. Overall, he has had a superlatively successful career.

But recently, Hope has taken to the internet, writing a weekly blog for himself as well as providing many articles for various tech outlets, such as wired and stack overflow. Hope is currently interested in all of the many possibilities of the coming technologies that are encompassed in Internet of Things. Hope believes that these technologies will be truly revolutionary, fundamentally changing the ways in which people live in weighs and to degrees not seen since the Industrial Revolution. Hope believes that such technologies driverless cars will touch the lives of every man, woman child in the United States, leading to vastly increased productivity and the ability of almost everyone to have access to transportation that may someday approach the capabilities of what modern private jets can do.

Hope also believes that there will be gigantic efficiency gains in everything from warehousing to logistics. Hope has talked extensively about how the replacement of driver-dependent vehicles with driverless vehicles will dramatically lower the cost of everyday consumer goods, potentially leading to situation where nearly everyone will be able to afford to live what was previously considered a luxury lifestyle.

These are just some of the topics on which Hope has written compellingly.

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