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Securus Makes Inmates’ Complaints Heard

The Securus company has worked to provide solutions to inmates in jails across the country. They have made sure that the inmates have what they need when it comes to small comforts. From phone calls to commissary, Securus handles all of the problems and little luxuries that inmates can afford. They are able to do most of their commissary shopping while they are at the Securus kiosk. They are also able to use these to send monitored emails to their loved ones on the outside. Securus has made it possible and easier to handle other forms of communication between inmates and their loved ones.

The latest technology that has been created by the company is in the form of complaint forms. Before Securus came up with this, inmates had to submit their complaints to the correctional officers. This really wasn’t the officers’ job duty but was something that they were expected to do. They then needed to submit these complaints to the chain of command to eventually reach the administration. It was very easy for complaints to get lost or forgotten about when they were making their way to the administrative member that they want their complaint to go to.

The use of the Securus machine is also going to allow the jails to become safer. When correctional officers are focused on submitting complaints and doing the bidding of the inmates, they are not able to focus on maintaining safety within the jail. If they do not have to handle complaints, they are able to focus more on the security of the jail and to protect the inmates as well as the other employees who are in the jail. Securus, ultimately, will make prisons safer for the people who work there and for the inmates who are housed in the prison.

Securus Technologies Releases Report of GTL Wrongdoings

A top provider of criminal justice technology solutions for public safety, Securus Technologies, announced in a press release that they will be unveiling a number of reports that will highlight wrongdoings and integrity breaches by Global Tel Link, one of the Nation’s leading providers of telecommunications services. Securus is planning to expose many different instances of overcharges by GTL over the remainder of the year and hopes to influence GTL to act with higher integrity in the future.

Putting the Spotlight on GTL Wrongdoings

The first report involves the time when GTL provided Louisiana Department of Corrections outbound telecom services for thousands of inmates. The report reveals that GTL programmed the clocks in their telephones at Louisiana correctional institutions to add extra time to each call and also rated calls at much higher levels than rate caps allow. GTL also inflated charges to its by adding charges to its calls after they had already been rated and also regularly billed individual calls multiple times. These actions were found to be fully deliberate and are estimated to have costed Louisiana taxpayers over one million dollars in overcharges.

With their aim of shaming GTL into adapting ethical future practices, the release of this first report, and the extremely unethical behavior highlighted in its pages, will hopefully go a long way toward changing telecommunications practices in the corrections industry.

Serving Public Safety

Securus Technologies of Dallas, Texas serves over 3,000 corrections agencies and one million inmates across the Nation. The organization provides emergency response, monitoring, and many other services and is dedicated to promoting ethical and lawful practices throughout the corrections industry. In releasing these reports, Securus intends to cast a light on exploitative practices within the industry with the aim of improving practices, while at the same time promoting top public safety.

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