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When Kevin Seawright Sets His Mind to a Project

In the world of accounting, it remains a rarity to come across individuals who possess a wealth of knowledge pertaining to finances. Moreover, finances remain one of the most difficult aspects of the business world. This remains attributed to the difficulty of maintaining financial reports for companies. However, a few business professionals managed to navigate this uncharted territory. Moreover, these businessmen have built a reputation for themselves by becoming reputable around the East Coast.

With that being said, Kevin Seawright remains the individual in reference. For those unaware, Seawright remains an esteemed businessman from Baltimore. During his youth, Seawright knew that accounting remained one of his passions. Moreover, Seawright has received several awards and accolades worldwide for his knowledge of the financial industry.

Furthermore, he receives a substantial amount of news coverage regarding the education of accounting. According to Crunchbase, it remains easy to see why Seawright enjoys the success that he has today. Currently, Seawright serves as Vice President of the Newark Economic Development Corporation. In fact, Kevin Seawright has a career spanning several years.

From 2012-2014, Kevin served as the Executive Director of Operations in Maryland. Throughout his career, Seawright remained responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars worth of state, federal, and city funds. Aside from his lucrative career, Kevin also remains renowned for his ability to generate an immense amount of profit.

Moreover, Seawright hails from an educational background. While at Almeda University, he earned a master’s degree in accounting. In total, he possesses over 13 years of work related experience.

Throughout the mid-Atlantic region, Kevin Seawright has reshaped the way corporations plan financially. To expound further, he single-handedly transformed the way that corporations develop their revenue planning processes. As a result, his influence remains praiseworthy. Due to Kevin’s efforts, his company’s returns have increased by over 25 percent.

Moreover, he remains responsible for his company’s expansion and staff retention. Throughout his career, Kevin Seawright has held numerous high-ranking positions. In particular, these include working as a Budget Manager, Financial Director, and so forth. On numerous occasions, Seawright has remained a recipient of awards from companies such as Met Life.

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