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New York Real Estate Breaks Records in 2015

New York apartments for rent prices are rising to record breaking highs. It doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Among the higher prices of the past year is a penthouse worth $100.47 million. There have been other sales in Central Park. Throughout Manhattan, there were new records set for prices paid for townhouses as well as condos. Many extremely expensive pieces of property have been selling at high rates in places such as Cobble Hill. Shaun Osher has named this past year “The Year of the Big Sale. It seems like the records are going to continue to break in the next year.

For one thing, it is hard to break records without the help of a real estate agency. Agencies such as Town Residential have proven to be very useful in helping potential residents find a place that they can call home. Their site offers listings that are updated in real time. They also take the time to research the neighborhoods of potential homes in order to make sure that their clients are in a place that is great for them. Their customer service is one of the best in the industry for people that are looking for a home in New York.

Town Residential was founded in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger who is the CEO. It has also experienced a lot of growth in just 5 years until it has become known as the real estate firm with the best customer service in its class. The Representatives that work in this firm have shown that they are very passionate about their work. They are very interested in making sure that their customers find a home that they are satisfied with. Their specialty is in sales of luxury living spaces. They also deal with leasing, and marketing of property developments of different types of businesses.

With top notch service from firms like Town Residential, it is no wonder that some of the more luxurious homes are selling at a fast rate. Some of the most expensive and luxurious living spaces are being bought off which makes for new records of sales and prices in New York Real Estate. However, the sources who are making this anticipation prefer to remain anonymous so that the deal won’t be jeopardized.

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