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Queens of Drama Pop TV Review

Queens of Drama is the newest reality show, offering a uniquely meta spin on the traditional format. While most reality shows function almost like game shows, Queens of Drama takes a new twist and combines two genres. It focuses on a group of current and former daytime drama stars who are working together to form their own production company. Over the course of the season they hope to develop, promote, and pitch their own original series and get it on prime time TV. The goal, secure a deal for a first episode before the pilot season ends. Queens of Drama gives viewers a behind the scenes look at the studio system and all the trials and conflicts that go into getting a show on the air. As expected from a reality show, the interpersonal drama runs high and conflicts are not uncommon. However, unlike many other shows of this variety, the character are collaborating rather than actively in competition with each other.

The main cast consists of Vanessa Marcil, Chrystee Pharis, Hunter Tylo, Lindsay Hartley, and Crystal Hunt, each woman portraying herself. As evidenced by her acting reel Hunt in particular is known for her previous roles on soap operas and other day time television shows. As the youngest member on a six person team of daytime veterans, Hunt has an interesting role to fill in the show and must stand her own in a circle of intense personalities.
Hunt is no pushover herself, however, and has earned accolades for her performance in the long running show Guiding Light. The 28 year old actress has been known for making forays into movies as well as television. Metacritic shows that Hunt portrayed the character Dinky in the 2007 movie Sydney White has a role in Magic Mike XXL that Crystal absolutely nailed, the popular sequel to the Magic Mike series. She also earned a producer credit for the film Talbot County. Talbot County is an interesting diversion for Hunt, being a horror film.  Follow Crystal on her Facebook fan page for more information about her.

Queens of Drama has recently been revealed to be sending out casting calls, looking for two more well known daytime actresses to fill out the cast. As a result, many believe the chances of a second season to be quite high. What direction the show will take remains to be seen.

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