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José Auriemo Neto & Family Take an Extended Trip to New York

José Auriemo Neto – a well-respected entrepreneur and JHSF’s board of directors chairman – has taken his children and wife, Mariana, to New York. This seemingly sudden move is temporary and expected to last only 6 months. While the family is sure to enjoy their stay in the Big Apple, it won’t be all just for pleasure. Neto’s children have all been enrolled in local schools for their extended trip.This family trip also comes shortly after the construction of a particular high-rise building with full, 5-star JHSF service. This construction is on Fifth Avenue and overlooks beautiful Central Park.

These luxury apartments will not be for sale, however, despite what many were hoping. They will be available exclusively through renting. Though the apartments’ rental status may be a surprise for some, the brilliance behind this amazing investment strategy has not. This promises to be quite the success for both JHSF and José Auriemo Neto.JHSF is a well-respected, publicly traded Brazilian real estate holding company. It has four businesses which operate out of three different capitals.

It specializes in luxury accommodations and services, such as international airports, residential and commercial markets, and upscale hotels. José Auriemo Neto has helped to ensure the company’s continued success by both establishing great connections across the country and continent, as well as using great sustainability practices. He and JHSF are both highly thought of in several countries, including the US. It’s no wonder that he’s brought in several amazing reviews and awards for the company.

Jose AuriemoNeto leads JHSF to on to conquer Brazilian real estate

Jose AuriemoNeto has risen to become one of Brazil’s most prominent real estate CEOs . As a leader of JHSF Participacaoes, Brazil’s foremost developer of luxury real estate properties, AuriemoNeto has made a name for himself as a man with both vision and purpose. He has personally contributed to the growth of Brazil as a leading luxury market throughout the world. But AuriemoNeto is far from finished. He believes that Brazil has the resources, human capital and beautiful, natural settings two become one of the premier destinations for the wealthy and influential across the world.

JHSF Participacaoes founded by AuriemoNeto’s father, Fabio Auriemo, in 1972. Over the course of the 1970s and 1980s, the company began building some of Brazil’s most prominent landmarks. It was responsible for building the Hotel Transmerica, one of the Rio De Janeiro area’s first five-star hotels. It was also responsible for building the General Motors Brazilian Proving Grounds, which ultimately proved to be a gigantic boost to the local economy, creating thousands of jobs and making Brazil a center for manufacturing and high-level engineering that continues to this day.

AuriemoNeto entered the firm in 1993, working a series of managerial positions. He made his way through the ranks, eventually becoming next in line for the job of CEO. When his father retired, in the early 2000s, AuriemoNeto took the reins of the company. It wasn’t long until it became apparent that AuriemoNeto’s vision was even grander than that of his dad. Over the next 15 years, AuriemoNeto would build the company into one of the absolute powerhouses of luxury real estate development in Latin America. Among his many accomplishments was the creation of the parking facility giant Parkbem as well as one of Brazil’s largest luxury mixed-use developments, a sprawling complex known as ParqueCidadeJardim.

All of these projects have proven to be great successes, with the company increasing in value over 10 times between 2007 and 2017. AuriemoNeto also oversaw the company’s IPO, raising more than $100 million in financing when the company was listed on Bovespa, the Brazilian stock market.

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Town Residential Just Keeps Growing!

Town Residential is an extremely fast-growing residential brokerage firm. Just 3 short years after its founding, they opened the firm’s 10th outpost, located in Manhattan, in 2013. This new office brought easy access to a very important array of neighborhoods to the company.



Andrew Heiberger, who founded Town Residential in 2016, has leased the second floor of a 7,100 square foot space on W. 14th St, in the meatpacking district. The lease is for 15 years and the space boasts 16-foot ceilings and access to a roof deck. The flair of this space is truly reminiscent of the flair shown by Heiberger and his firm, Town Residential.



Heiberger believed this space would be the only brokerage firm with outdoor space for his brokers to work and meet with their clients. The area around the new office has fast become the epicenter of one of the hottest residential areas in the city. This area continues to grow, as more and more buildings have sprung up in the community.



The staff in the new space covers all the markets from Hudson Yards all the way down to Tribeca. This meatpacking district office space was only one of other high profile locations that were opened in a few months, including Town Residential headquarters just east of Union Square and a space in Greenwich Village.



Their motto is, “Our neighborhood, Your Home”. Town has cemented its prestigious position as one of the foremost luxury real estate services firms in New York. They have best-in-class customer service, continuous execution and an unrivaled team of representatives.



They specialize in luxury residential sales. Their services include leasing, sales of property developments and marketing, for both commercial and residential purposes. Town Residential has uncompromising principles and has established new standards of superiority in the real estate industry.



At the base of the firm is a team of professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience in the industry. Between the staff and unparalleled service, Town Residential has received many accolades including Best Firm to Work For and one of the Top 50 Best Places to Work in New York City. The firm’s leadership is proud to be industry leaders who give an unrivaled level of service to both their staff and clients.



They are led by executives, Andrew Heiberger and Jacqueline Pestana. Under their guidance are a slew of amazing sales representatives, development staff, marketing and leasing specialists and creative staff. The staff’s expertise and experience has helped to make Town Residential the go-to firm for all of your luxury real estate needs. They have grown extremely fast and they’re not slowing down anytime soon. It’s easy to see why.




TOWN Residential Analyses the Manhattan Real Estate Market

According to Virtual Strategy Marketing, Town Residential has released its quarterly report on the residential market for the final quarter of 2015. The firm found that the average price of real estate in Manhattan is increasing despite a slight “soft patch” in the fall. The average sale price in Manhattan increased by 5.2% over the course of the past year, and the median sales price growth over last year reached 16%.

The price per foot increased by 6.2% to a record high, reaching prices of $1505 per square foot by the end of the year. The median sale price of a condo in Manhattan showed the most significant growth, reaching an average value $1,736,250 by the end of the fourth quarter of 2015. The price of a co-op in Manhattan likewise increased, but by a significantly smaller margin.

The price of real estate of all kinds has steadily increased in Manhattan. According to Andrew Heiberger, the CEO and founder of Town Residential, the trends can largely be attributed to the sale of trophy listings in new real estate developments, many of which have record prices which are having a significant effect on the average price of real estate.

The data for this report came from a thorough analysis of real estate sales from October to December. Comparing that data with that of previous periods revealed the current trends of the real estate market, a valuable aid for any who wish to buy or sell property in Manhattan.

The latest real estate report for New York.

In Brooklyn , half of the new development inventory sold and just 550 apartments remain. In the days to come Brooklyn expects an increase in demand for condominium rentals and approximately 1400 more units have been submitted or accepted for development.

The average rent for office space in Manhattan is $71.02 per square foot. For the first three quarters of the year nearly 22 million square feet of office space was leased in Manhattan. Manhattan has the lowest vacancy rate in the country. Luxury apartments in Manhattan are average priced around $4 million plus; seventy contracts were signed during the first half of November. While apartment turnover has been a bit slow in the last six to nine months, in the coming year and on in to 2017 it is expected to increase with new developments in the process. As a result, this will cause a rent increase in parts of Manhattan.

In New York City luxury real estate, multifamily sales totaled $1.7 billion. With rents on Lower Fifth Avenue growing rapidly rent is jumping up by 14.3 percent. Companies such as TOWN Residential , New York’s leading luxury real estate services firm, are busy marketing the sale and leasing of properties all over New York. TOWN Residential, like many other real estate residential firms, are seeing a cast of new comers seeking to rent or lease real-estate in New York. Many customers are reading the reports of potential rent increases and are aggressively marking their space in and all over New York.

TOWN Residential operates a team of professionals who are well educated in the industry. The firm is considered to be one of the top 50 places to work in New York City. They provide unsurpassed industry knowledge, unrivaled support, and unprecedented service to their clients. TOWN Residential presents a hand-crafted approach to sales and marketing of properties with their client’s needs first and foremost. Nine offices are located throughout New York’s unique cultural neighborhoods, making TOWN Residential is easily accessible to potential customers and representatives. A unique feature all TOWN Residential buildings have at their heart is a TOWN square, a meeting place designed for comfort between clients and colleagues, this area ensures faster collaboration and networking.

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