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Prudent Investment With Madison Street Capital

Common sense dictates that investments have to done in a prudent manner that reduces the risk of loss. This, however, does not underrate an entrepreneur’s guts to take a risk in order to do business. It would therefore not make sense, nor be right, to invest in an entity which has numerous liabilities and is in the verge of collapse. It is therefore in order to conduct a close scrutiny of the companies in which you are going to invest in so that you do not loose your money in dying investments. The question remains, given the technical nature of accounting information, how does one determine that an investment is right and likely to earn them interest? Madison Street Capital comes in handy to advise you on the best possible choice that you can make.

Madison Street Capital is an international investment firm which offers mainly financial advisory services. This company, located and registered in Illinois, has come to stand out as one of the best in investment advisory services. The firm specializes in providing financial advice on mergers and acquisitions, buy outs, bankruptcy, reorganization and restructuring, private equity services, hedge fund advice and administration, financial asset management services and private placement advisory services. According to Madison Street Capital has established itself in Illinois to be the most credible firm in valuation of good will and other intangible assets.

This firm has, over the years, been successfully advising clients and overseeing investments of millions of dollars by their clients. It has had partnerships with middle- market firms to assist in assessment of complex business transactions. Further, its staff is well versed with the all tips of corporate governance in all levels of business. This experience and knowledge singles out Madison Street Capital as the firm of choice. The firm, in the spirit of ensuring full customer satisfaction, has put in place a policy that requires each client’s case to be assessed independently. In that regard, it is the client’s specific needs and potential that guide matching of buyers and sellers, mode of financing and capital structures.

According to Madison Street Capital has been successful over the last number of years. It earns annual revenues estimated at over $130,000. It has established offices in Africa, Asia and North America. Its success however is not limited to financial services. The firm has been engaged in social responsibility activities. The United Way and Madison Street Capital have had engagements in which Madison Street Capital would donate some of its earnings to United Way.

CCMP Bounces Back After CEO’s Death

The death of Steve Murray, CEO of CCMP Capital Advisors LLC., hasn’t slowed down this global private equity firm at all. Although Mr. Murray’s death was a heavy blow to CCMP, it has caused no noticeable interruption in the firm’s business practices or investments. Shortly after his death, Greg Brenneman, CCMP’s current chairman, president, and CEO gave Murray’s family his deepest condolences for their loss. However, as the primary creative force behind CCMP, his sudden death saddened everyone.

As a native New Yorker and aspiring investor, Mr. Murray studied economics and later earned the advanced degree of Master’s of Business Administration from Columbia University Business School. In 1984, he went to work for Manufacturers Hannover as a credit trainee and in 1989, he joined its private equity and leveraged finance unit of Manufacturers which became the predecessor of CCMP Capital Advisors. Shortly after this, Manufacturers Hannover merged with and became a part of JPMorgan Chase. Because JPMorgan Chase didn’t want to be seen as playing favorites in its business practices, it totally divested itself of all interest in its private equity and leveraged buyout partner, JPMorgan Partners. Once the separation was complete, the fund was renamed CCMP Capital Advisors LLC. and after the split with JPMorgan Chase was completed, Steve Murray was named the new firm’s CEO. After Murray’s death, it was reported by the Wall Street Journal that CCMP held a successful vote of confidence which led the fund to return to business as usual. In addition, CCMP made a new edition to the companies roster with the hiring of Robert Toth, former CEO of Polypore International Inc. Mr. Toth was tapped to occupy the position of Managing Director in charge of investment opportunities.

Steve Murray CCMP Capital Investors LLC has since become a trusted global private equity firm. This has been the result of several factors, not the least of which has been its unique marketing and investment strategies which are focused on utilizing the experiences and expertise of its managing business partners. In addition, it has amassed a record of successful investments of over $16 billion in buyout and growth equity transactions since 1984. Rather than being spread all over the investment map, CCPM Capital Investors on Wall Street have focused their attention on four specific sectors which play to the firm’s strengths, consumer retail, industrial, healthcare, and chemicals / energy.  In addition, they have invested in these sectors for many years over varying market and financial conditions and have developed specific and proprietary strategies that have served them well. Because of their long and positive experience in the markets, CCMP Capital has established itself in the private equity and capital market investment arena as a formidable company.

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