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George Soros Spends Big to Help Elect Democratic District Attorneys

George Soros secretly provided financial contributions to help transform criminal justice and elect prosecutors in various districts in the U.S. Throughout the years, the billionaire has announced support for the democratic party and donated hundreds of millions of dollars. His mission is to reshape the justice system on local, state, and federal levels by providing the funds to elect officials. According to Politico Magazine, he contributed $3 million in 2016 to seven district attorney campaigns in Mississippi. Florida, and four other states. Soros and the district attorneys share mutual interests in reducing racial inconsistencies in sentencing and avoiding prosecuting drug offenders.

Instead of prosecution and sending first time drug offenders to jail and prison, they should be sending them to helpful programs. Soros also supported district attorney campaigns in Texas, Illinois, New Mexico, and Louisiana through PACs state and national networks. The Florida Safety and Justice received more than $1 million to support Democratic primary for state attorney in Central Florida. He gave elected democratic district attorney, Raul Torrez $107,000 to help in his campaign in Bernalillo County in Albuquerque. Soros backed democratic district attorney, James Stewart in Louisiana with over $930,000 to conquer opponent Dhu Thompson, in 2015.

Reform groups, such as the Open Society Foundation, which is founded by George Soros believe that district attorneys have important roles in the justice systems. These groups demand solutions and transformation of the system to reduce prison inmate population and promote drug rehabilitation programs. Open Society advocates reform of the criminal justice system all over the world involving unjust and inequality policies and legislation. The foundation is actively working on drug policies and criminal justice in America and immigration worldwide. In more than 100 countries the non-profit is supporting transparency of human rights, criminal justice, liberty, and open society values.

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Last year, sources reported George Soros spent approximately $1 million to help elect and reelect district attorneys in Mississippi and Louisiana. Robert Schuler Smith in Hinds County, MS was reelected to office and Scott Colum won the election in east MS. The focus for those leaders is on implementing real solutions to prosecute violent crimes and first time drug offenders. In Texas and Illinois, he donated political funds into Harrison County in Houston and Cook County in Chicago. Many of the district attorneys Soros supported won their seats, including Raul Torrez, Kim Foxx, Scott Colom, Robert Smith and others.

George Soros is an experienced hedge fund manager, investor, author, philanthropist, open society advocate, and entrepreneur in the U.S. He became an American citizen in 1961 and is committed to his foundation, Open Society in more than 70 countries. The foundation was established in his birthplace, Budapest, Hungary first and later, expanded to Moscow, Europe, Asia, and the United States. His humanitarian causes are human rights, equal justice, freedom, democracy, social justice, healthcare, and social responsibility. Soros continues to support democratic political causes of blocking republicans, especially after the 2016 presidential election on November 9th.

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Will the Ukraine be the next big financial crisis?

George Soros began his philanthropic work according to in 1979, first by providing scholarships to blacks in South Africa under apartheid and has grown to be a part of ventures in over 100 countries. The Open Society Foundations have sought to work towards more democratic governments around the world, better conditions for all citizens, and better transparency within governments. On the Open Society Foundations website (2016) Mr. George Soros is stated as considering “open society—where rights are respected, government is accountable, and no one has the monopoly on the truth.”

Within the United States economy there were many factors that together led to the Great Recession. Some of these factors were investment banks were not held to the same regulatory policies that depository banks were, banks were borrowing short and lending long, and in the attempt to stabilize and save the economy money was diverted from business investment to share buy-back for executives. Shortly after this in 2009 Greece had their great financial crisis. The Greek government had spent beyond its means for many years, borrowing more money than it was collecting in taxes, and presenting its financial situation as much better than it was in order to join the European Union. Things got so bad that it was too expensive for Greece to borrow money to pay off its debts. Due to expansiveness of the situation if Greece declares bankruptcy all of the countries that have extended loans to Greece will not get their money and most likely will not be able to pay their own debts. This has led to the creditors’ not being willing to disclose the amount of the loans that Greece has with them.

The Ukraine in recreating itself is looking to the European Union for some assistance in this process and to stave off aggression from Russia. However, the European Union seems to be looking at the Ukraine as the Greece crisis all over again. Mr. Soros (2015) postulates, “the new Ukraine is one of the most valuable assets that Europe has, both for resisting Russian aggression and for recapturing the spirit of solidarity that characterized the European Union in its early days.” There was a large mismanagement of the crisis in Greece through loans at punitive rates and micromanaged reforms from outside of Greece that has wound up creating another string of problems. . With the current situation in the Ukraine, there are two choices according to Mr. Soros, either repeat the mistakes that were made in the Greek crisis, or treat it as the great asset that it is for the European Union by preserving the new Ukraine and assuring its success with Ukraine’s allies doing whatever it takes to enable Ukraine to survive and introduce far reaching economic and political reforms.



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Bruce and Karen Levonson’s Gift Fosters Philanthropy

Seed Money Followed with Major Gift
The PR Newswire first reported the story about Bruce and Karen Levonson and their launched seed money that was followed with a major gift. This gift from the Levonsons has led to the growth of The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership. This is at the University of Maryland. Their gift has grown into a leading center that fosters philanthropic studies. This is in the Nation’s Capital. This had first been launched three years ago with seed money. This had been followed up with a major gift from the Levensons.
Students are Given Skills and Experiences
These University of Maryland students are able to obtain skills and experience with innovative programs. Each and every student will graduate with an informed knowledge. They will have the ability to be a motivated and informed philanthropist. 

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