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Tony Petrello – A Leader In Business And Compassion

Anthony Petrello, also known as Tony, isn’t just the leader of the worlds largest drilling company, he’s also a visionary.

As CEO of Nabors Industries, Petrello has proven his worth, not only in the drilling of oil and natural gas but also in philanthropy. Petrello has demonstrated that his empathy goes deeper than his drills.

The devastation left in the path of Hurricane Harvey in 2017 was overwhelming, leaving Houston and the surrounding areas with both physical and financial challenges. Without resources, the area was at a logistical standstill. Tony Petrello wasted no time in demonstrating that Nabors Industries was more than a drilling company, they were part of the community and were ready to give back in anyway they could. Petrello offered paid time off to those employees who were willing to roll up their sleeves and get to work assisting with the cleanup and rebuilding. However, Tony Petrello knew it would take more than manpower, it would take money. The employees of Nabors reflected Petrello’s compassion and generosity by raising $173,000, a sum Petrello matched.

Petrello hasn’t forgotten his humble roots. As a child growing up in Newark, NJ, the son of a working-class family, Petrello was instilled with a hard work ethic early on. This ethic demonstrated itself when Petrello was rewarded with a full scholarship to Yale University. Realizing the value of an education and the potential in others who may not have the financial resources to attend a world-renowned university, Petrello generously donated $150,000 to a yearly award to his alma mater.

It during his years at college, that Anthony Petrello met his girlfriend, Cynthia. They would later marry and have a daughter, Carena. Carena was born with neurological complications. Diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia, Carena was limited in motor skills. Because of their daughter’s complications and their determination to give support and compassion to other families, the Petrello’s donated $7 million to the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute, a part of the Texas Children’s Hospital.

Recently, the Petrellos welcomed Broadway star and Houston native, Tommy Tune, to their Shadyside estate by hosting a party, showing Tony Petrello’s kindness and generosity also extend to the arts.

Tony Petrello is a man who leads by demonstration, paving the way for others to follow his path of compassion and generosity.

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George Soros Donates Large Amounts To Different Foundations

The Open Society foundations George Soros is supportive of all have a basis in the things they are doing. They do what they can to make sure people are getting a great deal and to make sure people know what they can do to help each other. For George Soros, this is how he has to make sure others are understanding their best opportunities and he has to show them what they can do to help themselves. George Soros believes a big part of helping other people is simply making sure people know they are going to have a better life if they work hard, too.

While George Soros has spent a lot of time making things better on other people and on the way they are participating in different societal functions, he knows they are going to continue to work hard on different opportunities. He also knows it will take a lot of work to give back to the people. According to the Open Society Foundation, George Soros has donated a large portion of the money he has earned this year. He does this so people will have a chance at better life and a chance to feel good about who they are in different instances.

Although things have changed for George Soros, there are other ways in which he needs to make sure he is doing things right and he is going to continue to make sure people have a better understanding of what they can do to feel good about their careers. It is his way of bringing attention to issues that are going on and things that are happening around him. It is also his way of making sure people have a better understanding of how the world is able to work and how they can all make sense of the different things that are going on.

The Open Society Foundation often talks about how George Soros is a philanthropist. Not only is he an excellent philanthropist but he is also someone people can feel good about when they are in different situations. He makes them feel comfortable and like he is trying to care for them in a way nobody else has done in the past. It is his way of trying to make sure people realize they are getting a great leader who does a lot for them.

Starting from a young age, George Soros was always prepared to give back. Part of what he did was revolved around giving back and that’s how he made sure he was doing things right. He had always tried to give people the options they needed and that was part of the career he had for himself. It was also part of what made him an important member of society he was working with. The foundation continued to grow as more people saw how much George Soros really cared about the ones they were helping. He wanted to give them the hope they had never experienced before.

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