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The Evolution of The Chainsmokers

When it comes to new music in the pop world The Chainsmokers are the group that is talk of the town. This group has managed to make as much as 38 million dollars within the last 2 years. This seems like an astronomical amount for a duo of producers that have barely made more than a couple of singles, but this is not the only area where these singer shine. There are also producers that write and make hits for others. This is where the money comes into the pop industry, and the duo that has made a name for others are now using songs like “Sick Boy” to make a name for themselves.

The thing that has made people start talking about the s

“Sick Boy” single is the darker and edgier tone of this song. The lyrics are more cutting-edge and the beats are darker than what people may have been accustomed to. This is all a part of the plan that The Chainsmokers had to separate themselves from what was considered their normal sound.

When they were in the production stages of their work in music it was obvious that they were producing those hits that catered to the needs of the artist that they were working with. When this duo writes and produces music for their own records they have a greater amount of freedom. They have another level to go into edgy and do the darker beats if this is what they desire to do. They had already tried some of the pop sounds that propelled the EDM movement, but now this group wants to get more into the darker electronic sounds that resonate through “Sick boy.”

The Chainsmokers are proving that the hits that they write are relevant to the millennials of this day. They have a sound that people can relate to in pop music, and it makes them a hot group that has managed to keep up with big name artists like Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars. They have received Grammy nominations and accolades for billboard for this type of stellar production.

All You Need to Know About Norka Luque’s Musical Life Full of Adventure

Every time that people hear of the 80’s they are more likely to think of music then people who were born it that time. However, it just so happens that one of the musically talented individuals that are well-known today, happened to be born in 1986, her name is Norka Luque. Having been born in Venezuela, it is easy to see how she has lived a very interesting life. When it comes to producers, there are none that are more famously known then Emilio Estefan, which is probably why Norka and her family made the decision to add Emilio onto their team, as a guide for the music career of Norka, and also as a guide for her parents.
As an individual who has been said to be one of the most talented vocally in the world, Norka’s fans find it to be no surprise when they are able to hear about her success in the releasing of her famous song that was named “Como lo Haces Tu”. This song was able to lead this very young woman to so much fame, that she was able to become a nominee for the Best Female Pop Artist award. Norka held very much appreciation in her heart for the people that brought her to the point of being nominated for such an amazing award/

One of the years that Norka will always hold close to her heart was the year that she came out with the song and album Milagro. This song made her make everyone turn on their music system, she was able to reach record highs for numbers within most music charts from all sorts of different genres. This song also became very popular, not only because of the words said or the way it sounded, but also because of the way she presented it, she presented it in many different versions, such as pop and salsa. To hear her newest release, Tomorrowland, all that you have to do is go onto one of the many app stores for music now available.

Norka and her parents would all at the moment tell you how excited they are for Norka’s relaunch for the year 2016. When asked about how she became so successful in her career, Norka does not in the least bit take all of the credit, she in fact gives most of it out to her parents and Emilio Estefan. These are all the three people who have helped guided her down the right path and made sure that she didn’t forget about school and fun along the way.

The Talent and Goodness of Norka Luque

Norka Luque was nominated for Best Female Pop Artist of the Year in 2011 at the Premios Lo Nuestro. Born in Caracas, Venezuela on February 7th, 1986, Norka has been taking the music industry by storm since her first single, “As You Do It”, in 2011 with the guidance of Emilio Estefan, a producer who has won 19 Grammy awards and husband of Gloria Estefan, the famous Cuban American singer.

Beautiful and talented, Norka rapidly rose to the top within the past four years. Her driving force since childhood was music. She was passionate about music at an early age. Although still a child, she knew that she wanted to use music to produce positive energy and joy in people. With her talent and determination, nothing was impossible. She had her first musical production at the tender age of eight. Encouraged by supportive parents who recognized their young daughter’s gift and devotion, they enrolled her to voice classes, piano, ballet and other dance classes. She finished her formal education at the same time.

Norka Luque is extremely intelligent and creative. She can speak French, English and Spanish. She went to France to study business, marketing, fashion and attained a degree in the Culinary Arts. While in France, she joined a band. This was a stepping stone that helped her hone her talent. It was in 2012 when Nokia was in Miami that the legendary music producer Emilio Estefan, impressed with her talent, offered her the opportunity of a lifetime and directed her career. He produced Nokia’s first single, “As You Do It”. The song was immediately successful and brought Nokia her first nomination for best female singer where she competed with stars like Natalia Jimenez, Shakira and Gloria Trevi. To be nominated at the start of her career, speaks volume of Nokia’s talent.

According to Latino Show Magazine, Her second single, Milagro was a collaboration between composers Hermanos Gaitan, Luigi Giraldo, Archie Pena and others. Also produced by Estefan, Milagro was a huge success. Upbeat and danceable, it was a hit in Central, South America and the United States. Other countries in Europe, like Spain, are catching on to the delightful rhythm and message of Milagro. The mixture of reggae and Carribb7ean beat is highly conducive to joy and festivity.

Her latest single, “Tomorrowland”, was released early this year. Like all her songs it is full of vitality and resonates with love and goodness.

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