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All You Need to Know About Norka Luque’s Musical Life Full of Adventure

Every time that people hear of the 80’s they are more likely to think of music then people who were born it that time. However, it just so happens that one of the musically talented individuals that are well-known today, happened to be born in 1986, her name is Norka Luque. Having been born in Venezuela, it is easy to see how she has lived a very interesting life. When it comes to producers, there are none that are more famously known then Emilio Estefan, which is probably why Norka and her family made the decision to add Emilio onto their team, as a guide for the music career of Norka, and also as a guide for her parents.
As an individual who has been said to be one of the most talented vocally in the world, Norka’s fans find it to be no surprise when they are able to hear about her success in the releasing of her famous song that was named “Como lo Haces Tu”. This song was able to lead this very young woman to so much fame, that she was able to become a nominee for the Best Female Pop Artist award. Norka held very much appreciation in her heart for the people that brought her to the point of being nominated for such an amazing award/

One of the years that Norka will always hold close to her heart was the year that she came out with the song and album Milagro. This song made her make everyone turn on their music system, she was able to reach record highs for numbers within most music charts from all sorts of different genres. This song also became very popular, not only because of the words said or the way it sounded, but also because of the way she presented it, she presented it in many different versions, such as pop and salsa. To hear her newest release, Tomorrowland, all that you have to do is go onto one of the many app stores for music now available.

Norka and her parents would all at the moment tell you how excited they are for Norka’s relaunch for the year 2016. When asked about how she became so successful in her career, Norka does not in the least bit take all of the credit, she in fact gives most of it out to her parents and Emilio Estefan. These are all the three people who have helped guided her down the right path and made sure that she didn’t forget about school and fun along the way.

Gondola To Connect Squaw Valley To Alpine Meadows


For as long as there has been fresh powder in North Tahoe there has been two very distinct but different ski courses. This is about to change as the Owners of Squaw Valley have purchased Alpine Meadows.

Recent revelations into the particulars of this sale expose the plans to join the two resorts. A gondola that would join the two mountains and scale the ridge between them are planned. There are a few bumps in the plan though. The gondola would run through Forest Service lands.

At present plans for the gondola have been submitted for review. The entire region will greatly benefit from the joining of the two resorts. Local skiers and snowboarders are eagerly waiting the acceptance of the plans. This is something that the local residents feel that businesses and visitor will benefit from.

Andrew Wirth is presently the Chief Executive Officer of Squaw Valley Ski holdings and has been very instrumental in moving both the sale and the gondola plans forward. He has more than 25 years experience in the mountain resort and hotel industry. He also attended Colorado State University and Edinburgh University.

Wirth also holds many different professional experiences which make him the ideal individual to not only move the ski resort plan forward, but also to maximize the experience it will bring for visitors and guests.

Serving the community is something the free spirited Wirth is no stranger to . He has received numerous community service and professional awards during the span of his career. Among some of these awards include; Chairman’s Outstanding Service Award, Steamboat Springs Business Leader of the Year, and Citizen of the Year by Disabled Sports USA.

He is also a sought after public having spoken at a number of commencement services including his alma mater. Andrew Wirth s also a bit of a daredevil. This wild side brought about a sky diving accident where he experienced a severed arm that had to be reattached.

The unique experiences and education of Andrew Wirth makes him the ideal candidate to lead Squaw Valley Holdings to the fruition of the joint ski areas.

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