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What Makes Alex Pall Different

The most important feature of this interview with Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers is that they are pursuing their musical ventures in unprecedented ways. As you can tell throughout the interview, Pall’s desire and motivation for success is unlike what is seen in many young adults today.

The Chainsmokers desire to go about their business differently than any other DJ’s is what helped them on their road to success, however, it could have hindered their progress if it wasn’t executed correctly. In any business you must seek to be different from your competition, while still taking hold of old ideas that have proven to be successful in the past.

The major difference that we can see between Alex Pall and The Chainsmokers and other popular DJ’s is that they have introduced their own singing onto their tracks. You can easily tell how big of a deal this was for them just judging from how many times they mentioned it in the interview. This is a major way for them to be able to set themselves apart from all other DJ’s right now.

At the time of this interview, there was much anticipation for their new song “Closer”, and since then the song has been tremendously popular for people of all ages. Their recent success must be accredited to their undying motivation for success and their willingness to do whatever it takes. It is very clear in their interview just how much their music means to them, but you can also tell that they want other people to get the same passion from their music that they do.

Their amazing success can be measured from something such as having Halsey sing on their new song. As Pall said in the interview, she was at the top of the list of their people they wanted to work with, and the fact that they made that happen is a testament to all of their hard work and dedication.

The Evolution of The Chainsmokers

When it comes to new music in the pop world The Chainsmokers are the group that is talk of the town. This group has managed to make as much as 38 million dollars within the last 2 years. This seems like an astronomical amount for a duo of producers that have barely made more than a couple of singles, but this is not the only area where these singer shine. There are also producers that write and make hits for others. This is where the money comes into the pop industry, and the duo that has made a name for others are now using songs like “Sick Boy” to make a name for themselves.

The thing that has made people start talking about the s

“Sick Boy” single is the darker and edgier tone of this song. The lyrics are more cutting-edge and the beats are darker than what people may have been accustomed to. This is all a part of the plan that The Chainsmokers had to separate themselves from what was considered their normal sound.

When they were in the production stages of their work in music it was obvious that they were producing those hits that catered to the needs of the artist that they were working with. When this duo writes and produces music for their own records they have a greater amount of freedom. They have another level to go into edgy and do the darker beats if this is what they desire to do. They had already tried some of the pop sounds that propelled the EDM movement, but now this group wants to get more into the darker electronic sounds that resonate through “Sick boy.”

The Chainsmokers are proving that the hits that they write are relevant to the millennials of this day. They have a sound that people can relate to in pop music, and it makes them a hot group that has managed to keep up with big name artists like Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars. They have received Grammy nominations and accolades for billboard for this type of stellar production.

The Resilient Desiree Perez

Once beaten, twice shy. Business is more likely than not regarded as a gamble before it takes root and flourishes. Many efforts to build commercial ventures have failed, and this has resulted in people fearing to invest business-wise due to the numerous unforeseen risks. However, successful businesspersons have attributed their flourish to patience and the ability to push hard towards keeping their operations afloat and achieve their set short-term and ultimate long-term objectives. Desiree Perez is a good example of what she has done with


Desiree Perez Salvaged the Sinking Ship Business of Tidal

Tidal is a commercial venture dealing with music streaming services. It was founded by the renowned American musician Jay-Z. It is a line of business loaded with millions of money only if done right and with some level of creativity. Related article here.The company lags behind the giants of the industry by too far, and this has seen most top executives step down from their roles and members withdraw.

The company was not expected to survive for this long. Both its financial and operation records were dismal and rather embarrassing. Many people had already foreseen it crumbling, but that was not what transpired in Desiree Perez’s uniquely creative mind. She joined the firm’s management with an aura of confidence lingering all over her. Perez meant business, and she was here to salvage the sinking ship of a business and clearly stated that Tidal was there to stay.

Desiree Perez’s presence has commanded some degree of positivity to the business and has witnessed new increased membership and has attracted a great multitude of following in the music fan base. She has strived to capture the attention of prospective customers and has also overseen the introduction of new clients to the company. More so, she has been with the Jay-Z assistance when closing multi-million dollar worth contracts.

With her extensive experience in big money contracts with Roc Nation, she blossoms in this area and has been a major hit for Tidal. Desiree Perez was the perfect match for the job not only according to her impeccable work achievement but also to her employer, Jay-Z. Desiree helps him with all tricks and trades of the business making her an indispensable asset to the firm. Through her un-sizzling passion for assisting the business, she has helped it evolve and transition to a whole new level. For an update of Dez recent timeline activities, check on

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