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Spotlight on Manager Clayton Huster

For the second time in 2018, Kid Rock is officially hitting the road for his “Red Blooded Rock N’ Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour”. His tour follows a few solo festival acts in July, and is scheduled to run from the beginning of August through November, crossing the US multiple times throughout the tour. He will be accompanied by opening acts Brantley Gilbert and Wheeler Walker Jr., but most notably by Clayton Hutson, his new production manager.

Although this is his first tour with Kid Rock as production manager, Huster accompanied Kid Rock on his earlier 2018 “The American Rock N’ Roll Tour”, where he served as the stage manager. Known for his very outspoken personality and antics on tour, Kid Rock has repeatedly found himself in hot water with critics and the general public, and would have led to significant delay of the tour if not for the managerial capabilities of Clayton Huster. When asked how he managed to overcome all of the obstacles faced throughout the course of the tour, Huster cited his experience with both stage and production management, claiming that he allowed these experiences to serve as his guidance while on the road. His ability to keep his own confidence high, and to inspire confidence in the rest of the crew was key to the commercial success of “The American Rock N’ Roll Tour”, a tour that saw millions of fans in attendance to show their support for Kid Rock.

One of they key draws to Kid Rock tours is his reputation as a summertime fun band, routinely putting on shows packed with d azzling visuals, impressive pyrotechnic displays, and catchy, fun music that you just can’t help but dance to. The “Red Blooded Rock N’ Roll Tour” has already sold out at several venues, and is expected to continue doing well across the country. The prospect of this show excites Huster, who cited a solid, well-built crew as the primary reason why he was looking forward to an enjoyable summer tour.

Clayton’s uniquely varied background in music and events, along with the pride and joy he takes in every event he works helps bring a great experience to every fan that attends shows he produces. He hopes to keep nurturing and expanding his business as he realizes his dream of running his own production company.

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Meet Clay Hutson: He’s the go-to technical master when it comes to making sure their live concerts a success.

Clay Hutson’s technical know-how is important for making many live, rock music concerts a success. Clayton Hutson may not a world-renowned name in show business, but he has an impressive technical background, and work history. As a business owner, sound engineer, and music concert technician, Hutson has worked with big-named music groups, event managers, and concert promoters. Some of these big-name music acts that Hutson has worked with on an engineering basis have included Kid Rock, Pink, Guns N’ Roses, and OneRepublic.


Clay Hutson’s technical strengths include planning, sound engineering, technical automation, and coordination. Hutson likes to work on live music tours for both solo artists and music groups. Hutson’s niche skill set and successful ability to coordinate live music performances is in very high demand. Coordinating and multitasking is a key part of the process of making sure that everything works seamlessly. It is Hutson’s mission to make sure that the musicians, who are singing and performing in front of the crowds, have no technical glitches that could derail the show. Hutson’s focuses mainly on the rock music genre. Hutson was recently quoted in an entertainment-related publication concerning his work as an automaton operator on OneRepublic’s Honda Civic Tour Production.


Before Hutson decided on a path of entrepreneurship, he gained important experience and knowledge by honing his craft as an engineer, producer, and automation operator for live, rock music shows. Hutson noted that he loves all aspects of the live music niche that he works in. Clay Hutson has learned to be versatile and skilled in many facets of planning and managing live music tours. And this includes the many highly technical phases involved in making sure that a music performance is a absolute success.


Clay Hutson notes that working hard as a music technician and coordinator is very important to him. Clay also quipped that by showing others that he has a good work ethic as a business owner, it can — in turn — bring him more business. Hutson also quipped that word of mouth is an important element for his business, because it helps spreads the word about his good work ethic, and those big named concerts he worked behind the scenes at.


Hutson noted that by checking, and rechecking the work he does prior to the music concert commencing, is an important factor for making things go smoothly, as the concert progresses to its finality. Learn more:


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