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Cotemar – A Gulf of Mexico Petroleum and Gas Services Leader

Cotemar is a privately held industrial petroleum services provider, located in Mexico City, Mexico. They have been in the maritime business since 1979, specializing in petroleum, gas, and other maritime services, including offshore maintenance, specialized ships, and offshore construction. The main services provided are centralized on maintenance, construction, and modernization. Cotemar also provides food and other supplies needed in offshore oil fields.

Cotemar envisions being sustainable by having more involvement in new business areas of the oil markets globally, not just in Mexico. They would also like to expand along the Gulf Coast by enhancing their participation in the process of production, implementing cutting edge technology, excellent work ethics and drive in their employees. Cotemar currently employs between 5,000 and 10,000 success-driven citizens.

Products and services Cotemar provides include facility design and engineering, installation of pipes, pumps and valves, gas recovery and management, systems for IT and telecommunications, safety and security systems, commissioning and decommissioning, installation and start-up of production facilities. They also provide asset solutions, such as outages, turnarounds, evaluation and optimization of facilities, optimizing production engineering, and more.

Cotemar has excellent company values. At the top of the list is integrity, honesty, transparency, always following regulations and laws, taking care of community needs, and taking care of the environment. Effectiveness is to be fully focused on excellent processes and services, striving for the highest results. Learn more about Contemar:,-S.a.-De-C.v.-en-Ciudad-del-Carmen,-Camp and

Innovation is to constantly challenge themselves to accomplish higher valued alternatives for Cotemar, its people, clientele, community, and environment. Collaboration is performance as a team, creating companionship and sociability, and encouraging the many talents of our people.

Respect, positive attitudes, and simplicity help us to improve and learn. Responsibility creates a viable balance within uses of resources, the community, and the environment. Our strength lies in the strength and commitment of our employees. We respect established norms and laws, and we compete honestly.

Cotemar invites you to Mexico City, Mexico to attend the Mexico Oil and Gas Summit, July 18 & 19, 2017, to learn more about their products and services. They also extend an invitation to return and attend the 2nd Annual Petroleum Economist Mexico Energy Strategy Forum on October 5, 2017. Look for their exhibition booth.

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