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VP Nicholas Krafft & Paris Fashion

The business leaders over at L’Oréal have really put in a lot of work this past year to assemble fashion shows that were far from traditional. Take a look here for a full article from L’Oréal about their recent Parisian fashion event. The event was part of the company’s second annual fashion and beauty show, and it was open to the public. If spectators weren’t able to attend, the company took the time to send out drones to screen it to 30 countries around the world.

There are plenty of people involved in the decisions that make events like this happen. One person worth mentioning is L’Oréal’s current VP of Global Business Development, Nicholas Krafft Loreal. In addition to the other positions he has held with the company, Nicholas Krafft has prepared for his role through studying and training at top notch institutions. According to Crunchbase, a site that displays statistics and records about industry leaders, Nicholas Krafft “studied at University of St. Gallen and INSEAD.” INSEAD is a business management program that has their head quarters in Fontainebleau, Ile-de-France. Fontainebleau is a few towns south of Paris.

The article summarizing the event tells us that the catwalk was made to remind people how Paris is an inspiration for their company. The catwalk was placed on the Seine River, which runs through the famous fashion capital. According to the article, it took workers a total of eight days to construct and remove the 60-meter long catwalk.

In addition to the memorable riverside catwalk, spectators at the event were treated to the appearance of celebrities and famous models. An actor from the hit show Game of Thrones made an appearance at the event. L’Oréal Paris’s new ambassador, a paralympic champion named Marie Bochet, made an appearance as well.

Luxurious brands, and jewelry would never have made it down the runway if not for the models wearing those memorable looks. 70 hair and makeup styles were created by artists for modeling legends. Models included Eva Longoria, Elle Fanning, and several more names in the industry.

Steve Ritchie: Redefining the Future of Food Industry

Since Steve Ritchie became the CEO, he has concentrated on two broad visions. First, it is his vision to make Papa Johns the most visionary firms in the food industry and second, improve the company’s involvement in social issues around the USA. It is essential to appreciate the fact that the two components of Steve Ritchie are fast becoming a reality, thanks to his solid efforts and futuristic planning. Big companies such as Papa Johns are defined by the kind of leadership they have, and the CEO has not disappointed the spirit of the company. The company is still synonymous with exceptional services and an excellent working environment.

His inspiration to make Papa Johns the future of this particular industry is chiefly because he has a better understanding of the company’s business philosophy and the company’s journey. It is impressive to note that Steve Ritchie is one of the few employees that have worked for this company for more than two decades. This period has given Steve Ritchie a better understanding of the company’s ideals, work philosophy, and the company’s future. Ritchie points out that it is through Papa Johns that he has been able to interact with many different people with different work gifting. Ritchie admits that the company has been home to diversity and diversity is one of the strongest ideals of Papa Johns.

In line with the company’s approach to diversity and the fact that it is a home for diversity, Steve Ritchie points out that they are in the final stages of creating a foundation. The foundation according to him will enable the company to be an advocate for equality among different people. Although as a company, they have been home to different people, Steve Ritchie points out that society is not yet fully accommodative to one another. He believes that Papa Johns will redefine the integration debate by offering life-changing solutions to this reality.

Finally, the future of this company under the hands of Steve Ritchie can only be bright. For less than one year, he has been instrumental in restricting the managerial team and redefining the company’s global growth agenda.

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