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Jeff Herman- The Motivating Lawyer

Jeff Herman life is driven by breaking the silence and having a commitment to protecting sexually abused victims. He is renowned for his dedication and advocating for the victims of sexual exploitation, sexual abuses, and rape. Jeff Herman prided in being the founder and managing partner of Herman Law and started his career as the commercial litigation. His career perspective and comfort changed when he got clients who needed his services after the autism son was sexually abused. Herman investigated the case and made a discovery the boy was abused by his teacher, and recognized his life calling and shifted to dealing with sexual abuses cases. Jeff has amassed years of expertise becoming the leading lawyer specializing in sexual nature cases and ensuring he put the entire caseloads under his realm of practices.

Jeff Herman has assisted hundreds of people seeking justice for themselves and their loved ones hence having closure to the nightmares and getting the ability to regaining their rights. He prides in being bolstered to life by the happy and life-changing results after representing and winning a client case. Jeff has successfully and tremendously embedded deep into the professional scope and has operated his firm and cases with strong moral compasses and integrity.

Jeff Herman when outside the courtroom he is busy educating the world on matters concerning sexual abuse. He is a strong advocate of using unique forensic interviewing to children, and he also trains other professionals on ways of helping a victim to heal through the use of disclosure therapy. Jeff has appeared on USA Today, New York Times, New York Magazine, and The Forbes, FOX, CNN, MSNBC, and HLN.

Jeff Herman states that law always has various ways of motivation, sources of interests and also methods of drifting to a different sector and specializing in various sexual abuses has parlayed his passion. Jeff passion is helping the victimized and even the marginalized individuals and combining it with law getting a motivating factor. Jeff Herman believes that schools and churches and other organizations dealing with kids needs to take various protective measures on their hiring policies to ensure they embrace the ability to protect the vulnerable ones.

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