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The Information Technology Expert, John Goullet

John Goullet is an entrepreneur. He is an IT tech staffing professional. John started his career by working as an IT consultant. He later changed to IT staffing in 1994. John acquired a very broad perspective on the IT industry while working as a consultant and IT staffing. John was able to use the knowledge he had gained to establish Info Technologies. The company offered solutions in IT staffing to enterprises in the entire nation including certain Fortune 500 companies. Info Technologies was worth $30 million in a span of 5 years with the exemplary leadership of John Goullet. The Inc. Magazine listed it as the fastest growing privately held firms in the US.

John is also a visionary leader. He saw the benefits of partnerships and decided to merge Info technologies with Diversant Inc. which formed Diversant LLC. John became the principal of Diversant LLC. His position in the company is to come up with strategies that assist Diversant LLC in conquering and facing the challenges that exist in the ever-changing IT industry. Diversant LLC has involved leaders of information technology sector to the Innovative team that has led to the success of the company under the guidance of John.

John practices a lot of professionalism. This has been evident in the drastic growth of Diversant LLC even at times of economic downturn. He is known to encourage his staff to become creative thinkers, be disciplined, have ethical behavior, and show respect. Diversant is currently the top in the market and is certified as a Minority-Owned business enterprise.

John Goullet has a Master’s degree in Computer Science which he earned from Ursinus College in 1983. He has played a significant part in ensuring that Diversant LLC offers high-quality IT staffing services to its clients. He works extra hard so as to uphold the core values of Diversant LLC and to ensure customer satisfaction. John believes that hard work coupled with commitment and passion is the key to success. He has acquired a reputation as the person who steered Diversant LLC to a huge success.





IAP Worldwide Continues to Provide Expertise to the Global Logistics Industry

IAP Wordwide is proud to be a world leader in global logistics, professional and technical services, as well as facilities management. The company currently serves over 25 countries and employs more than 2,000 employees. IAP covers both the public and private sectors working on the most pressing challenges. Learn more about IAP Worldwide:

For 60 years, IAP has worked to solidify its reputation as a reliable leader in the market. From the battlefield to natural disasters, IAP has the people, technology, and resources to manage military installations up to the size of a small city. Research laboratories in remote locations and civilian facilities can also be managed exceptionally by the company.

Infrastructure services
Support teams are able to set out on an expedition to convert operating environments into fully functional communities. It is no issue to accomplish this in the United States or in any part of the world. IAP has yet to be matched in its ability to develop custom solutions regarding infrastructure, engineering, power, and construction among many others.

Only LEED certified facilities and structures are created for customers with housing and office needs. The company uses a modular system to create scalable communities that are highly customizable. IAP can meet other structural needs such as infirmaries, laundries, kitchens, power generators, and workshops.  Learn more about IAP Worldwide:

Communications and IT
IAP offers a wide range of highly technical communications services. The company’s capabilities include creating a brand new network or simply upgrading the one in existence. IAP has a deep and thorough knowledge of cabling, air conditioning, and wiring an infrastructure.

It can be done underground, above ground, outside, or inside. The capabilities are even as extensive as creating a complete data center capable of fitting inside a container that can be shipped to any location. The company has a great deal of experience developing border protection communications and facilities created for the purposes of monitoring.

Aviation engineering
The aviation engineering solutions provided by IAP Worldwide are depended on by the U.S. armed forces. AES is fully committed to being the most reliable defense company in the world.

The mission-critical systems developed are utilized by the United States armed forces, Navy, as well as national allies. AES has continuously transcended the needs of the Navy’s supply chain management by providing procurement, warehouse management, as well as storage.

IAP Worldwide is dedicated to realizing your ultimate goals and providing results. The organization is essentially a conglomeration of leading companies that evolved into offering global-scale services. Beginning with maintenance support, construction management, engineering services, and airport master planning, IAP expanded to acquire Pan Am Services.
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