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Daniel Taub achievements as a diplomat

Growing up in the UK, Daniel Taub had the privilege to attend school at the Haberdashers’ Aske’s School in Elstree, Hertfordshire and later on proceeded to the University College, and Harvard University.

He moved to Israel in the year 1989 where he worked with the Israel Defense Forces. Taub also served as the Israeli diplomat, international lawyer and the Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom up to the year 2015.

He held this position for about four years. Daniel currently is the director of strategy and planning at the Rothschild Foundation, Jerusalem. As an international lawyer, he specifically worked on counter terrorism and laws on war. He also doubled up as the legal advisor at the UN both in Geneva and New York, representing Israel in numerous conventions. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

While at his position as the ambassador, he heard of the hostile comments by Bradford West Member of Parliament who announced the constituency as an Israel free area, Daniel Taub took a move and visited the area to hold meetings with the councilors, faith officials, and other groups.

His visit came as a result of an offer, and he seized the opportunity to participate in a series of meetings in regards to MP Galloway utterance that led to a major protest on social media.

Out of his short tour of the constituency, Daniel Taub further stated that in Bradford, the voice of the people is not a view of exclusion, rather than that of inclusion. From the comments of Galloway, the British police commenced an investigation to look into the claims of the MP that brought panic all over. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn and Daniel Taub | About

Galloway termed as a racialist with his kind of narrow mindedness seen when he walked out of a debate simply because his contender was an Israeli.

He has also come out publicly displaying anti-Israel schemes including claims that Israel was plotting anarchy in Ukraine, he also argued that issuance of weapons to the Al-Qaeda by the Jewish country was taking place. He, later on, refuted this despite regardless having said this on record.

Under his tenure as the UK ambassador, both countries realized a tremendous increase in trade and also a remarkable growth in business, academic and also cultural ties between the two nations.

Daniel Taub is a lecturer and public speaker and is known for his satire. He received the Grassroots Diplomat Honoree for his vision that supported the young entrepreneur and start-up establishment.

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