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Fortress Investment Group’s Wes Edens’ New Bright Idea

As Co-Founder and Co-Ceo of Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens has an eye for value and opportunity. His latest project is not in the modern world of tech. It is a throwback to an earlier period in America’s development. Mr. Edens has purchased a railroad.

Brightline is the name of the new company. Its initial rail line will link the cities of South Florida, first Fort Lauderdale to Miami and ultimately extending the line to Orlando by 2021. Mr. Edens’ new railroad completes the vision of Henry Flagler, the founder of the Florida East Coast Railway. Flagler planned to connect the cities along Florida’s east coast by rail. Now, that is about to happen thanks to Mr. Edens.

South Florida is a heavily traveled part of the United States. The problem is that considerable distances separate the cities in the region. Characterized as “too far to drive, yet too short to fly,” the dilemma represents opportunities for future Brightline projects. Wes Edens has identified several other regional corridors with similar limitations. Namely, these are:

  • Dallas to Houston
  • Atlanta to Charlotte
  • St. Louis to Chicago

These are all viable city pairs, which Mr. Edens is confident will lead Brightline to build more railroads in other regions in the future. The US has by far the best freight railroad system in the world, yet ironically passenger rail has been woefully neglected.

Wes Edens believes that Brightline’s privately financed model is the solution. Projects like the Miami to Orlando railway are commercially viable. The Miami rail center, for instance, is intended to develop into a commercial and residential hub for the City of Miami. Cities along the line eventually will experience similar growth as a result of the increased economic activity.

Wes Edens brings his experience in the world of finance to the challenges of his new business. He has articulated a straightforward approach to address the regional transportation challenge. Brightline sounds like a bright idea whose time has arrived.

What Makes Alex Pall Different

The most important feature of this interview with Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers is that they are pursuing their musical ventures in unprecedented ways. As you can tell throughout the interview, Pall’s desire and motivation for success is unlike what is seen in many young adults today.

The Chainsmokers desire to go about their business differently than any other DJ’s is what helped them on their road to success, however, it could have hindered their progress if it wasn’t executed correctly. In any business you must seek to be different from your competition, while still taking hold of old ideas that have proven to be successful in the past.

The major difference that we can see between Alex Pall and The Chainsmokers and other popular DJ’s is that they have introduced their own singing onto their tracks. You can easily tell how big of a deal this was for them just judging from how many times they mentioned it in the interview. This is a major way for them to be able to set themselves apart from all other DJ’s right now.

At the time of this interview, there was much anticipation for their new song “Closer”, and since then the song has been tremendously popular for people of all ages. Their recent success must be accredited to their undying motivation for success and their willingness to do whatever it takes. It is very clear in their interview just how much their music means to them, but you can also tell that they want other people to get the same passion from their music that they do.

Their amazing success can be measured from something such as having Halsey sing on their new song. As Pall said in the interview, she was at the top of the list of their people they wanted to work with, and the fact that they made that happen is a testament to all of their hard work and dedication.

Jason Hope Talks about the Role of Networked Technologies in Traffic Safety

Jason Hope has made a name for himself as Arizona’s top internet entrepreneur. After founding Jawa, one of the nation’s first streamers of premium content to mobile device users, Hope went on to have a long and successful career as a serial internet entrepreneur. Companies he has founded include SEO agencies, brand marketing consultancies and web design and implementation firms. Collectively, his businesses have helped thousands of clients meet their sales goals and enhance their brand image while creating a positive and compelling online presence.

But recently, Hope has begun blogging and writing on the internet. His favorite topics largely center around technological matters. In particular, Jason Hope is very interested in all of the new opportunities that will be created by the technologies that are broadly encompassed by the term Internet of Things.

One of the areas in which Hope sees major disruptions taking place as a direct result of network technology is in the field of transportation. Hope believes that self-driving cars, within the next decade or two, will almost completely replace all other forms of transportation. He thinks that this will lead to unprecedented gains in traffic safety, allowing for people to travel an average of millions of miles without being involved in a serious accident and learn more about Jason.

Hope believes that this will create vast new opportunities for entrepreneurs clever enough to learn the new technologies, master them and create solutions that will allow for their seamless implementation. Hope believes that tomorrow’s entrepreneurs may just be the ones to end all future traffic fatalities and Jason’s lacrosse camp.

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