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Thor Halvorssen Appears on Fox News

Head of the Human Rights Foundation made some waves when he appeared on The Intelligance Report with Trish Regan to discuss his views on socialism and Bernie Sanders. Although he is a democrat, Halvossen has some issues with Sanders, and appeared on the program to discuss them.

Halvorssen, has an intimate personal history with what can go wrong with socialism, and his personal experiences inform his views on this type of government. Halvorssen was raised in Venezuela and lived under the socialist dictatorship that is currently in place their. His father was taken prisoner for his political beliefs when Halvorssen was a young boy, and his mother was shot as part of a public demonstration. He also has a cousin who is currently being held as a political prisoner in Venezuela.

Halvorssen is concerned about the human rights violations that can occur when a socialist government remains unchecked. He does not believe that redistribution of wealth is the best way to solve the economic problems that many nations, including the United States face.

While not overly concerned about Bernie Sanders, because he believes that the system of checks and balances that are in place will prevent any major human rights violations from taking place, Thor Halvorssen did express some concern with Bernie Sanders belief in democratic socialism. He did admit that many countries, including the United States already have some social and welfare programs that could be considered socialist, and that the majority of these programs were successful. Halvorssen also admitted to making the maximum contribution allowed to Bernie Sanders campaign, and stated that he preferred Bernie over Hillary Clinton who has ties to leaders who have been known to commit human rights violations.

He also admitted that countries like Denmark and Norway had successfully created systems of government that were socialist in nature.  He also stressed that he was conserved about the dictatorships and totalitarian goverments that have a tendancy to grow out of socialist goverments.

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