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I Always Have Handy Clean Up After My Hair Styling Business

I do hair out of my home because I run somewhat of a beauty shop there. My carpet gets torn up with all kinds of hair all over the floor, especially since I cut hair as well. I do the work in a section of my home that can easily be swept with a broom, but the hair seems to find its way all over my carpets downstairs as well as upstairs. Needless to say, I required the skills of a cleaning service to get my home clean every week. I take every Sunday and Monday off, so I always book a cleaning service to come on Monday.

The home cleaning service I’ve chosen is Handy because they’ve never made any mistakes when they come out to clean my home and are very precise. Along with vacuuming up every bit of hair that’s on the floor, they even dust any hair that may stick to the walls, and it’s only when I make a mess of things again that I need to call them back for their services. One week was particularly bad because I had ten different customers in one day, and I normally only have five customers maximum.

Since there was a holiday coming up, many women were coming in to get their hair done, which really took a toll on my carpet. I hate that my carpet looks a mess during the weekday when I perform my hair styling services, but Handy always cleans it right up. I’ve even gotten to the point where I decided that I wanted my walls painted a different color, so any hair that sticks to the walls won’t be so visible, so I chose Handy to perform those services as well. I didn’t even know that Handy performed painting services, but according to their price was much better than my family friend’s price.

I booked the painting services from Handy, and they came out on my free day, which was a Monday, and they painted the entire section I asked for within the same day. I really love Handy, especially since I was able to get the cleaner out on the same day as the painter. Since Handy has tons of workers in every city, I never have to worry about them not having enough workers to fulfill my needs as well as others, so Handy will always be my cleaning and painting company of choice.

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