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Wikipedia’s Plans to Make Articles Available in Almost All Languages

At one point or another, every computer literate person has accessed Wikipedia. Whether when doing an assignment, or trying to figure out how something works. The site exists in about 300 languages, but for most of these versions, the information is limited and sometimes incomplete. With most people only speaking one major language, there are gaps in knowledge in some languages.

How They Went About It

Computer scientist at Stanford and the Wikimedia foundation, came up with a recommendation tool. This helps to identify important articles, which are missing in some languages. The researchers begun by making a list of all the articles and cross referencing them, in order to know which ones were missing, and in which specific language. Using cultural and geographic relevance, they determined which articles were important and in which languages.

They picked 300,000 of the articles that were missing from the French Wikipedia. They then divided them among 6,000 Wikipedia editors. On June 25th these editors got an email urging them to do a public service, by translating some of the articles to French. For one group of editors the Wikipedia page creation was assigned at random, but for the second group they were synchronized with their personal interests.

Following the results from this experiment, the Wikimedia foundation has come up with a tool, which allows editors to find gaps in the local language and make Wikipedia revisions. They can then go to a second entry, where they can choose to edit an article or write the whole thing again.

Learning how to make a Wikipedia page requires a lot of work. It is therefore easier to hire a Wikipedia writer to do this for you. They will do the research, the appropriate referencing, and even the necessary translations for you. They can also help you update and edit a Wikipedia page. You can contact the writers at Get Your Wiki . These writers can also monitor your page, to make sure that here are no malicious or incorrect updates.

The Wikimedia foundation which runs Wikipedia and the other associated sites, has a budget of $68 million for the 2015-2016 year. This foundation is non-profit and is calling on the users of Wikipedia to help them in their fundraising, to get this money. The site normally manages to raise more money than it need. Normally this donations do not come from large donors, but from those who give about $100. The money raised goes toward maintaining the staff, servers and programs.

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