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The Importance Of The Preventive Health Screening Services Provided By Lifeline Screening

More and more people are realizing the importance of preventive health screening. Long gone are the days when people only visited the doctor when they started feeling unwell or showing symptoms of a disease. Why wait until your life is in serious danger to take action when there is so much you can do to prevent matters from getting out of hand?

Lifeline Screening

Lifeline Screening has been providing preventive health screening services since 1993. They perform tests for a wide range of conditions including cardiovascular and heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, thyroid disease and liver disease among others. Some of the cardiovascular screening tests done at Lifeline Screening include abdominal aortic artery screening, carotid artery screening, atrial fibrillation screening, and peripheral arterial disease screening to mention but a few.

Lifeline Screening uses the most advanced equipment to perform these tests so the results are always very accurate. The services provided are topnotch and the tests do not take long. You will receive the results no more than 15 days after the tests are done. For blood tests, you will receive the results on the same day. The results can also be mailed to your physician if you so wish.


If you think you are at risk of certain diseases such as cardiovascular and heart diseases, it is important to go for regular screening for heart disease, stroke, aneurysm and other conditions from Lifeline Screening. The people who face the highest risk of developing cardiovascular diseases include smokers, people with high blood pressure, people aged over 55 years of age and people who are genetically predisposed. But this does not mean that you are safe just because you do not fall into any one of these categories. So even if you do not think you are at risk, it is important to go for screening tests.


The importance of preventive health screening cannot be gainsaid. If you receive a clean bill of health, you will have peace of mind as you go about your daily activities. And if it so happens that you are sick or are at risk of developing a certain condition, you can seek treatment early before the problem gets out of hand. It is much less costly and stressful to manage and treat a condition or disease when it is detected early. Going for screening tests at Lifeline Screening will cost you some money but it is a good investment in your health.

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