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Slyce Can Help Find Perfect Wedding Clothing

Finding the right clothing and accessories for a wedding is far more difficult than it might seem. Sure, flipping through countless wedding magazine after wedding magazine might seem like a great idea, but most of these items are especially expensive, and even if you want something similar you might not know where to turn to. Well, that is why Slyce is such an incredible application to use. It is new technology designed to help you find exactly what it is you want, without being forced to settle for something you don’t, simply because you were unable to find it. This new technology can help with everyday shopping, but it is also able to assist with your wedding as well.

Slyce is the designer of a visual search service. This visual search service allows individuals such as yourself to snap a picture of clothing, an accessory, shoes, bags or really anything else with the mobile phone. The image can then be uploaded to the mobile application, which then searches a database growing by the day in order to pinpoint not only the exact item, but similar items. This way, you can see where it is available, locate different prices for the one item and also find other locations where similar objects are available. After all, weddings can quickly become expensive, so saving a few dollars here or there is a great way to cut down on the overall budget of your wedding.

The library for Slyce has been growing every single month. More and more companies are signing up with Slyce to have the objects listed within the database. Most of the largest retailers around the world have signed up and now there are over a million different items found. It is a fantastic way to snap pictures with a smart phone. But where is someone able to snap pics with there smart phone? Anywhere really. Is there a picture in a magazine you want to know about? Sure thing, just take a picture and let Slyce help you out. Or, maybe you are at a bridal show and you want to know where someone picked up an amazing pair of shoes. This application can help with this as well. There really is no limit to what the app is able to do, which is why it is such a perfect addition for planning any wedding, no matter what the budget is.

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