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Ross Abelow Opens A GoFundMe Page For Animal Shelters In New York

Ross Abelow is a notable lawyer in New York City who has worked in many different parts of the city assisting clients in entertainment, corporate and marriage law. Ross has made many friends over the years, but he has a soft spot in his heart for stray pets. New York City is a large place where stray animals roam, and shelters help care for these animals especially during the long winters. This article explains how and why Ross Abelow started a GoFundMe page for animal shelters in the city.

#1: GoFundMe Allows Ross To Manage His Own Page

Ross has created a fundraising page on GoFundMe that will collect funds for animal shelters across the city. The shelters will use their funds to help stray animals who are struggling during the harsh winter, and Ross plans to leave the page open as long as possible. The funds will be distributed to as many shelters as possible to help as many animals as possible.

#2: Ross Is An Experienced Professional

Ross is an experienced professional in New York City, and he has made friends over the years who would be happy to donate. Ross has advised large corporations who are in need of assistance, and he has negotiated contracts between large corporations and individuals many times over. Ross is known for his ability to treat clients fairly, and he is lauded often for his abilities.

#3: Ross’ Clients Walk Away Happy

Ross has worked in the entertainment and marriage law business for many years, and he mediates his own cases to ensure a proper settlement for everyone involved. Ross has mediated divorces that were reached amicably, and he has reached deals with entertainers who were in need of personal services, incentives in their contracts and brand new deals that pay properly.

#4: Helping Animals Helps The City

Helping stray animals makes New York City a much kinder place, and Ross Abelow has a heart for animals that cannot be denied.  Ross has adopted animals himself, and he wishes to bring more stray animals to good homes in the future.

The GoFundMe campaign by Ross Abelow will help the stray animals of New York by funding shelters. He plans to raise $5000, and the project will continue once the first goal is met.

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