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Andrew Rolfe Hosts Fundraising Dinner for the Ubuntu Fund

Andrew Rolfe is the Chairman at the Ubuntu Fund. It has been his work, and the focus of the Ubuntu Fund, to try and bring about life changing funds to the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. Primarily, the Ubuntu Fund is now focused on their Port Elizabeth Campus. Bringing in opportunity to at-risk children and those that are stuck in poverty is such an important mission, and it’s one that the company has been taking on since they were established in 1999.

Recently, we saw the Ubuntu Fund celebrate their 10th Ubuntu Fund Gala Dinner this past May. Jacob Lief, founder of the Ubuntu Fund, was in attendance while Chairman Andrew Rolfe hosted the show. The dinner was put together as part of their annual tradition but they had a specific goal in mind: raise nearly $1 million to send to the struggling little boys and girls in Africa. In order to encourage donations the Ubuntu Fund Gala Dinner hosted an auction, live music, authentic South African food, and speeches from people who had directly benefited from the Ubuntu Fund. This last event, the speeches, easily stole the show.

The Gala was attended by high end donors, socialites, and other activists who wanted to make a difference with their donations. Andrew Rolfe and the rest of the Ubuntu team did their best to bring a taste and sample from South Africa to the party. There was authentic music performed by the Xhosa Choir as well as dishes from South Africa served to guests. However, it wasn’t the food or music that stole the show — it was Sinesipho Rabidyani.

Sinesipho Rabidyani is a young girl who received enough help from the Ubuntu Fund to change her life and chart a new course. Before the Ubuntu Fund Rabidyani was stuck in a broken home, in poverty, with an alcoholic father who beat her and her mother. Rabidyani used her opportunity in order to get through school, find pyschosocial help, and move on to higher education. Rabidyani is now seeking her degree from Law School and it is all thanks to her hard work and opportunity provided by the Ubuntu Fund.

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