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Sheldon Lavin Contribution Towards OSI Food Processing Industry.

Sheldon Lavin shines in various fields including Leadership, team building, International Operations, traveling and motivational skills. Sheldon Lavin had a passion in the financial consultation field; he launched his own company before joining Otto and sons company that later expanded to be the current OSI Group. Over the years Lavin has been elected in various organizations where he serves in top executive positions, for instance, he is the CEO and the president of OSI Group LCC which is located in Aurora, Illinois. Sheldon Lavin also serves as a general trustee and a director of Rush University medical center and National Fish and Wildlife Foundation respectively. In all the posts which he has been entrusted with Lavin dedicates himself to change the status of the association.

Through his profession, Sheldon Lavin was awarded a Global Visionary Award during his reign at OSI Group LCC. Lavin transformed OSI Group from being a domestic food processing company to an international company with its products being produced and distributed in more than sixty facilities in 17 countries. OSI Group has also managed to employ over 20,000 employees who collaborate in ensuring that the company’s objectives are met and that the consumers are satisfied with the products and services they offer. Employees benefit from working at OSI group since their well-being is always a top priority.

OSI Group serves a wide range of customers internationally, and the Chief Executive Officer has established a marketing strategy using modern technology to ensure that all the customers’ tastes and preferences are met. OSI has been ranked among the leading food producing companies by considering the needs of the consumer hence boosting customers’ confidence to buy more products.

Sheldon Lavin supports the following charitable organization as an act of giving back to the community, his support is in the form of money, time and services. He also ensures that the funds reach the venerable people and is used for the intended purpose.

• Ronald McDonald House Charities- as a trustee
• The Goodman Theatre- a board member
• Rush University Medical Center- a board member
• The Sheba Foundation- President and Director.

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OSI industries: The Global Food Provider

OSI industries are one of the largest companies in the food industry in the United States. The organization manufactures and supplies food to the retail markets. The company produces products, which are tailored to the customer’s needs.

OSI industries was started in 1909 and has grown over the years to a multi-billion company. Currently, the company enjoys a revenue of about $6.1 billion.

One of the people that have contributed to the growth of the company to become a global food provider is the president, David McDonald. He began working for the OSI industries as a project manager and has been in the company for three decades. He worked hard and made his way to become the company’s President. As the president, he ensures that the logistics team keeps up with the evolving market.

McDonald actively follows the company’s vision, which is to surpass customers’ expectations. Following the vision of the firm has no doubt enabled OSI industries to grow fast. McDonald played a vital role in the firm’s growth; he saw the company in the acquisition of Baho foods. Through the acquisition, the firm got access to the European market, which fueled its growth.

Everybody gets inspired by different things. One of McDonald’s inspiration is reading books such as Time management from a cross-cultural perspective. McDonald loves the book because it offers insights and practical advice that he applies to business interactions. Such advice come in handy for a man of his position.

There is no doubt that having a good leader can help steer a firm in the right direction. McDonald has done his best to ensure that the company grows to be the global food provider. OSI group is renowned for providing quality products around the world. Customers who buy products from the firm are guaranteed of getting quality products all the time.

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OSI Industries Thrives by Helping Their Customers Succeed

OSI Industries has been changing the food industry for a century and continue to find new opportunities in the market. What started as a small butcher shop in Chicago founded by a German immigrant is now worth more than $6 billion and is on the 2016 Forbes list as the 58th largest privately owned company. Sheldon Lavin has been growing with the companies since 1970 when he began as an investment consultant before joining as a partner in 1975. In the early years of the 1980’s, Sheldon Lavin became the CEO and chairman of OSI Industries due largely in part to the trust that one of their main clients, McDonald’s, had placed in his ability to lead the company.

Since his transition to Chief Executive Officer, the company has seen a long period of growth and expansion that has led to food production facilities around the world.The clients of OSI Industries not only includes McDonald’s, but also companies such as Papa John’s, Burger King, Subway, and Starbucks. Another one of the key players of OSI Industries is the Chief Operating Officer, David McDonald. While he may have started out with a background in farming, he now is an executive for one of the largest food production corporations in the United States. His background in farming plays a part in the company’s focus on sustainability and the welfare of animals, for which OSI has received several accolades for throughout the years.

David McDonald and Sheldon Lavin played very important roles in OSI’s decision to start producing chicken products, a decision that has led to substantial growth as the demand for poultry has increased in countries around the world. The purchase of a former Tyson facility in Chicago near their headquarters allowed OSI to help meet the demand of their customers for different chicken products. On an international level, OSI formed the company Turosi Pty Ltd. in 2018 by merging with the Australian based poultry processing company Turi Foods. Throughout the success of OSI Industries, they have maintained a relatively low profile as they have done their part to help their customers succeed.

OSI Group’s Long Journey to a Global Presence and Success

With over 20,000 employees and presence in over 17 countries globally, the OSI Group is considered the largest food processing companies in existence today. The company traces its routes to the German immigration and settling in Chicago during the 20th century. The high labor capacity that the populous city of Chicago had at the time provided just the right amount of labor force to ensure that farms in the area thrived. OSI was started by Kolschowsky as a small meat market that expanded in the wholesale business after the end of the First World War. By the end of the Second World War, conditions for business in the US had improved significantly, something that led to the flourish of other companies such as McDonalds.

The OSI Group, then existing as Otto and Sons, entered into a partnership to supply ground beef to outlets in the region. The OSI Group achieved a major technological advancement in the 1960’s, something that catapulted its ability to provide a range of products within a wider market nationally and globally. The cost-reduction initiatives and opportunities that the company had with technology such as cryogenic food processing ensured that the company could transport its products far and wide.

To ramp up production and income, the OSI Group established new facilities in other states in the US such as Utah by 1980. It also exploited new frontiers in the international markets in Germany and Spain by 1980 through mergers and acquisitions. It expedited its growth by making partnerships with outlets such as Starbucks, Burger King, Papa Johns and Subway for which it served as an ingredients supplier.

OSI Food Solutions Expands Its Chicken Production Plant

OSI Food Solutions has expanded its food production capacity with the expansion of one of their facilities in Toledo, Spain. The facility was expanded in anticipation of growth in the number of people consuming chicken products. The company has doubled the production of chicken from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons annually. The expansion is part of the worldwide expansion program that is currently being rolled out by the management of the company. The management of the firm led by Chief Executive Officer Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald is committed to ensuring that the food products from this company are consumed in all parts of the world. The firm which has operations in 17 countries has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois.

OSI Food Solutions have been in the industry for the past one century. It was stared in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant living in Chicago. Since the company was started, it has been running smoothly, moving from one country to another and establishing its name. OSI Food Solutions has taken its food production from the Toledo plant to over $45,000 tons annually. The production of more food products is meant to make the region food secure. OSI has concentrated on protein food products.

OSI Food Solutions is also researching with the intention of adding new products to its new production line. In the recent production, there was the addition of test kitchen which is meant to make the industry safer by providing only products that have been tested and proven to be competitive in the industry. In the food business, a company must ensure that the food products it is producing are competitive as this is what will lead to more profits for the firm.

OSI Food Production expansion was also an advantage to the community in Toledo as it led to the creation of job opportunities. The number of people employed moved up by 20 employees. There was also the expansion of other areas such as production, storage, and services spaces. In total, the expansion saw 22,600 square feet added.

OSI Food Solutions is now a leading firm in the world and which is concentrating on giving people the best good products. The management of the firm is committed to expanding the operations of the company further by facilitating the acquisition of more food companies in different parts of the world. The company has recently been acquiring numerous companies in different parts, especially in Asia and Europe.

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OSI Industries Expanded From Otto & Sons Butcher Shop

Otto Kolschowsky arrived in the United States in 1907; he was part of a large scale German immigration to the windy city. Just after the turn of the century Chicago was often known as a butcher block city and city of big shoulders. Many immigrants set up shops and small family owned businesses on their way across the county. Otto’s butcher shop became a neighborhood staple and by 1909 he set up a second shop in Maywood. Maywood is a city just outside of the Chicago city limits. In 1929 Otto rebranded his company as Otto & Sons and ran his business with his two sons Arthur and Harry. Otto & Sons was a successful neighborhood butcher shop that also eventually expanded into wholesale business.

In the 1950’s McDonald’s was still a new concept. In 1955 Ray Kroc took this California based business in the first steps of their franchise. Ray decided to open a location in Des Planes, Illinois. Opening a restaurant in the Chicago area meant he had to find a local meat distributor to provide products for their hamburgers. Ray met with Arthur and Harry Kolschowsky and entered into a handshake agreement that Otto & Sons butcher shop would provide the meat for the first McDonald’s restaurant in Illinois. This simple agreement sparked the beginning of what would become a worldwide expansion.

In the 1960’s cryogenic freezing and flash freezing became an invention that would bring McDonald’s and Otto & Sons into the worldwide marketplace. As McDonald’s began to grow and open more franchise locations, Otto & Sons also had to keep up with the demand. Preserving the top quality meat was the first step in getting it to other McDonald franchise locations. McDonald’s and Otto & Sons both valued high quality products for their customers and were happy to participate in this new method of preservation. Over the next two decades Otto & Sons experienced another rebirth. In 1973 Otto & Sons was so busy that they built a facility in West Chicago, Illinois that was dedicated strictly to the production of products for McDonald’s restaurants. This was just the beginning of expansion; Otto & Sons went through another rebranding and became OSI Industries. Since 1907 OSI Industries has grown from a small corner butcher shop in Chicago to an international meat and side distributor. OSI Industries has sixty five facilities in over seventeen countries. OSI Industries employs over twenty thousand employees on a global scale and continually expands to meet the needs of their valued customers.

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OSI Group Completes New Deal with Baho Foods

OSI Group has always been the leader in the meat processing department. The global firm is not a stranger to success. When the company hit the American market several decades ago, its founder had high hopes that it was going to grow and offer customers the best products. OSI Industries has thrived in the competitive market, and it has been opening branches and covering new markets every day. The leaders who have been appointed in the global firm have played an instrumental part in making OSI Industries successful.

Not long ago, OSI Group CEO announced that his company had just landed a new deal that was going to make things better for the consumers. According to Sheldon Lavin, the global firm will now be the owner of a Dutch company that is known as Baho Foods. Baho Foods is not a strange name in the food manufacturing department. The company focuses on the manufacture of convenience food, snacks and deli meats. The Osi Industries has been very fortunate in its operations, and it has managed to meet the demands of its customers in the world. The company has, however, refused to disclose any financial terms of the recently concluded transaction. The leaders of both companies have said that they are both happy about all the terms of the transaction.

The acquisition of Baho Foods will be a great investment opportunity for OSI Group. The two companies are expected to work as one team so that they can all impress the customers in many parts of the country. Baho Foods will help OSI Group to establish and at the same time enhance its presence in the market. The customers who are expected to benefit from the transaction are those who are based in Europe. The brands from Baho Foods will be able to complement the ones that have been produced by OSI Group in this region. The company has great professionals too who will help OSI Industries to reach its goals in the market.

Baho Foods currently has five subsidiaries that are processing foods for consumers in Netherlands and Germany. All of these institutions will work with the primary goal of making OSI Group better in the market. Professionals holding any position in Baho Foods do not have to worry about the new change of ownership. The two companies have agreed to retain all the company employees so that everything continues to run smoothly.

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OSI Industries: Meal Innovations To Marketplace

OSI Industries is rewriting the books on custom-food solutions, and it has plenty of evidence to backup all claims. Whether it’s known as meals-to-marketplace, or it’s known as concept-to-table, OSI Industries demonstrates this notion to the fullest. Developing unique foods is something that this company does on a regular basis. When a client comes to OSI with a concept, that concept has a high chance of coming to life. OSI Industries has some of the top professionals in the business that specialize in specific sector. This make-it-happen mentality is what all clients are seeking, and it’s one of the many reasons to why this company is at the apex of its class.

Custom-food creations is no easy task. Unlike other similar companies who tend to go at it alone, OSI Industries works with its clients throughout the development process. Every specification and instruction will be thoroughly implemented into the product. Thanks to the company’s network of creative components, clients will more than likely be thrilled with the end-product. OSI’s food development capabilities consist of:

• Product Ideation

• Concept Development

• Shelf Life Studies

• Sensory Analysis

• New Product Development

• Ingredient procurement

• And many more

OSI Industries wasn’t always a powerhouse in the food service industry as it started out from very humble beginnings. Though the company has well-over 100 years of experience, it actually began in this business as a place to where people bought fresh meat products. That’s right! It was known as Otto & Sons back in the day thanks to its family heritage. As the old saying goes, “you must evolve with the times, or you’ll get left behind.” OSI Industries did exactly what this notion stands for, and it is now trendsetter in global-food solutions.

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All About OSI Industries

OSI Group LLC is a privately owned premier international food provider. The holding company has its headquarters located in Aurora, Illinois, and it basically deals with food retail services. The company was previously known as Otto & Sons named after the founder Otto Kolschowsky and his sons. After several years of operation, the company later on changed from Otto & Sons to OSI industries. The company was one of the four McDonald’s meat suppliers. As McDonald expanded its services, OSI industries prospered and increased in size.

OSI carries out its operations in the United States and has its plants in Geneva, Utah, Wisconsin, California, Fort Atkinson, Lowa, Oakland, riverside and West Jordan. The company also has over 65 facilities in seventeen different countries of the world. OSI group supplies meat in china’s fast food chains including Papa John’s Pizza, Subway, Pizza Hut and Starbucks. Some of the OSI Group products are poultry, pork, hot dogs, meat patties, fish, bacon, dough and vegetable products, and pizza among others.

OSI Group has its core values that govern them as they serve their customers. They include team work, acts of integrity, continuous improvement, carrying out the best for the group and also seeking partnering relations. OSI Group facility has received several awards for the time it has been operational. In 2016, the company was presented with the Globe of Honour Award from the British Safety Council. They received the award as a result of their continued efforts and exemplary management of environmental risks.

OSI Group LLC has recently acquired the Baho food which is a Dutch manufacturer of snacks and deli meats serving retail segments and the food service. During the acquisition, any financial terms were not publically disclosed. According to the Chief Operating Officer, who also serves as the president of OSI Group, David G. McDonald. Adding Baho Food to OSI Group gave it a wider presence in the entire Europe.

Baho food has five running companies which include the Vital convenience, Gelderland Frischwaren and Henri Van de Bilt. It also has processing plants in Netherlands and Germany. The team of managers at Baho remained part of OSI Group business so as to work together and share ideas on the growth strategy of the newly formed company.

According to John Balvers, the managing director of Baho Food, he is proud of being part of OSI Group due to the company’s exemplary relationship with its suppliers and customers.

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Will David McDonald Make OSI Sustainable?

Sustainability is word being used by countless new articles today to refer to a very serious movement designed to make many industries much more sustainable. That drive towards a world where we are able to thrive without causing any harm to the environment is an important one to bring about. OSI Group is trying to bring this to the food processing industry with the plans of David McDonald. He understands what the industry needs and he plans on using his expertise to help promote a new way of thinking about food processing. Fortunately, there are others out there who seem to share his goals as well.

David McDonald got his start at OSI as an accountant but he has proven himself to be so much more than that. He understands strategy and he knows how to get the logistics necessary for OSI to run operating at full capacity. That has helped turn the company into something very different than what it was in its early days. This company has gone from a small family business to an international corporation. Along the way it’s picked up some secrets that allow the company to thrive while many others out there simply can’t compete. McDonald’s time at OSI has made the company into something resembling an empire. OSI Group now owns companies thorough out the world and uses them to help establish itself across the world.

The fast food clients that OSI Group serves are certainly happy with what they are receiving from the corporation. They are able to serve their customers with every sort of meat, vegetable, and even dough necessary because of the fast delivery services that OSI Group provides. Nobody has done as much for food processing as OSI Group has and nobody is as determined to see food processing change its model into something for more appropriate for the environment.

There are plenty of things we can say about OSI Group and much of that would not be true if David McDonald was not the president of OSI. He has been behind much of its growth and he has helped the company evolve into something that will continue to lead the food processing industry for some time. OSI is the largest provider of protein in the world and that title isn’t easy to get. It took a long time to reach where OSI is now but it will remain this way for a long time.

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