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OSI Food Solutions explores the benefits of acquisitions

OSI Food Solutions is a company on a path of development that has not been seen before in the food industry. The company has been recording better results than any other player in the industry and even ranked by the Forbes in its list of top 100 private businesses in the United States. The company came at number #58, with a valuation of $6.1 billion. The success of the company has been made possible by the leadership of the company. The company has in recent years been trying to bring more people into its business through the production of superior products. The growth has been consistent, and the company is doing everything possible to maintain the tempo of growth.

OSI Food Solutions is a company that appreciates the role of the consumer in the business sector. It is for this reason that the company is trying as much as possible to make the foods industry better for these people. The consumers have been supportive of the initiatives the company is involved in since they are focused on serving them better. OSI has developed from a small butcher shop and now a leading company globally due to the nature of leadership that this company has.

OSI Food Solutions has been trying as much possible to push their products to all corners of the world. In the process, they have utilized different approaches to accomplish this goal. Some of the steps they have taken include acquisitions and construction of new production plants. The customer can only be served in the right manner if the products are available in a location near them. OSI has been trying to expand the operations of the company further by working together with other partners in the industry. In Europe, the company has been trying to get hold of the market with the aim of exploring the benefits that comes with such a high potential market. In the attempt to accomplish this goal, the company has worked with Baho Foods and Flagship Europe. OSI Food Solutions have acquired both companies to accomplish the mission.

OSI Food Solution is hoping to explore the European market further by utilizing the networks already being used by these two companies. Europe forms a key market for processed foods, and they would like to be part of the suppliers to this region. The company has also applied the approach of expanding existing plants to boost productivity.

The Transformation from Otto & Sons to OSI Group

OSI Group is one of the world’s biggest providers of food. It has 65 facilities and operates in 17 countries. Their 20,000 employees are working to feed people all over the planet. In fact, the company is still growing to this day.

 Made by Immigrants

OSI Group, which began as a family owned business, was also founded by immigrants. In the early 1900s, under the leadership of Otto Kolschowsky, Otto & Sons was birthed. Chicago, which was a hot spot for German immigrants, was the first location to benefit from OSI Group, which at the time was known as Otto & Sons and was a meat butchery.

 Arch of Success

Otto & Sons became truly successful with a single partnership. A new restaurant needed a food provider, and Otto & Sons became that provider. It just so happened that this restaurant would blossom into the most popular fast food chain in existence. Otto & Sons partnered with McDonald’s. The first McDonald’s restaurant opened in 1995 in Des Plaines, Illinois. Otto & Sons began to supply McDonald’s with their ground beef.

As McDonald’s grew in popularity, opened more restaurants, and crossed boarders, Otto & Sons grew as well. Thanks to this partnership Otto & Sons was able to grow into what it is today.

 Change and Innovation

The change from local supplier to international food supply giant didn’t happen over night. In fact, the process took well over two decades, after the deal with McDonald’s was already in place.

Otto & Sons was being pressured by McDonald’s to create a patty that could survive long transport and taste the same no matter how far it traveled. It wasn’t until the late 1960s when technology was created to make this possible. Otto & Sons began to flash freeze their products, ensuring that it could get to any destination tasting the same everywhere.

Otto & Sons eventually changed their name to OSI Group, and in 2016, they were featured on Forbes’ list of largest privately held companies, coming in at rank number 58.

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