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MB2 Dental’s Secret of Success: Integrity, Vision, and Fun

What do cutting edge technology, progressive community bonds, and nerf guns have in common? Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, founder of MB2 Dental, a company that focuses on providing business support solutions and an inclusive sense of community to a network of 70 affiliates spanning six states, with over 500 employees. He is a dedicated practitioner of dentistry and brings this devotion to his business sensibilities.

Dr. Villanueva is smart enough to realize that he isn’t the smartest guy at the table when it comes to building such a ground-breaking company, gathering together a team of out-spoken, creative, and very intelligent people just as dedicated to the prospect of providing dentists with the means to control their own business needs, remain autonomous, but still participate in this community of dentist-owned businesses. He also tries not to take himself too seriously or micromanage his own company, trusting in the senior management team to keep their collective eyes on his vision for the company, offering a little inspiration, and not getting in the way.

Except when it comes to keeping co-workers on their toes and in a good mood – which is where the nerf guns come into play. There’s nothing like having impromptu nerf battles to keeping the mood light around the corporate offices.

That’s not the only sense of fun permeating Dr. Villanueva’s office. The other involves the cutting-edge technology that helps management run this specialized company. The program that keeps the doctor, his team, and their clients all on the same page is a home-grown software called Jarvis. Based on, yes, Tony Stark’s AI computer program from Marvel Comics and the cinematic Avengers movies, thanks to Dr. Villanueva’s love of Iron Man.

Faced with traditional workplace expectations once out of dental school, which were either hanging out a shingle and starting a small private practice, or joining a large firm, Dr. Villanueva took the third option and thought outside the box. He envisioned a business model that would offer support services in marketing, patrol, compliance, HR and legal while fostering a community of affiliated private practice dentists, and incorporate cutting-edge technology into both sides of the business, allowing individual dentists and the corporate side of MB2 Dental to stay on the same page in regards to the bottom line – providing the best care possible to their patients, and being the support system for those dentists.

Cassio Audi Makes a Change from Music to Finance

Long before Cassio Audi started writing out financial plans he was making it his business to engage in the concept of writing music. There are a lot of people that aspired to be songwriters, but Cassio Audi got the chance to do much more than pipe dream.

What Cassio Audi would actually do is prove himself to be a very successful musician that could also write songs for a band. He would actually become part of a band called Viper, and an album would be released through this connection.

Cassio Audi would be someone that could make a living as a musician and songwriter because he was good at what he was doing. People noticed his excellent drumming skills as early as the demo that was created by the rock band Viper. He was shown to be a super talent on the drums, but people became more enticed by him as he grew his skills as a songwriter. This is where he put a lot of time and effort into creating what would become the Viper sound for the debut album. To know more about him click here.

It is rare to have someone in place that knows how to write songs and also ingrain themselves into a band. This can be a difficult thing to do, and many people do not have the desire to do both of these things. Cassio Audi, however, is someone that has proven himself to be multi-talented. He made a great effort to build a career in the music world, and now he has a desire to bring forth a lot of effort in the world of finances. He knows a whole lot about how different financial principles work because he went to school to study these things. He became a huge force in the financial planning industry as time progressed.

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