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Shervin Pishevar discusses why immigrant talent no longer needs to physically locate within the U.S.

The rise of Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area in general as the central tech hub of the planet goes all the way back to the 1930s. Then, Stanford University served as the nascent springboard for what would eventually become the center of technological innovation in the country and throughout the world.


The development around the Stanford campus accelerated throughout World War II, aided by massive infusions of research and development money through private-public agencies like DARPA. The internet, personal computers and jet airliners all came out of military spending throughout the state of California throughout the 1950s, ‘60s and ‘70s. And much of this activity was squarely based out of the area around the San Francisco Bay that is today known as Silicon Valley.


This created a sort of positive feedback loop of already existing infrastructure giving rise to newer infrastructure because there simply wasn’t anyplace else on Earth that was suitable for the kind of work needed to innovate at the highest levels of the tech space. At the same time, the enormous supplies of talent that flocked to Silicon Valley went there, in part, because that was the place where all of the existing talent already was. This cycle continued right up into the 2010s. But now, some people say a fundamental shift is afoot.


Shervin Pishevar is one of the voices from within Silicon Valley that have been consistently stating that the area is quickly losing its charm for entrepreneurs the world over. Shervin Pishevar points out that the main factors that kept Silicon Valley as one of the most sought-after destinations in the world for talented innovators no longer have the same kind of sway that they once did. And other factors, says Shervin Pishevar, have begun to work decisively against the area.


One of those, Shervin Pishevar argues, is the outrageous cost of living throughout San Francisco and the rest of California. Shervin Pishevar says that, ultimately, the problem will be self-correcting when so many people flee the area that home prices once again begin to fall towards normal levels.

Infinity Group Australia bringing new ideas into personal financing

Infinity Group Australia is an organization which offers advice on debt reduction and general money management. The organization was started by Graeme Holm, one of the people who have huge experience in the banking sector in Australia. He has worked with the biggest banks in the country and therefore knows how the banking industry works. He left the banking industry in 2013 to start Infinity Group Australia together with his friend Rebecca Walker. He had learned a lot of things which could make him make a difference in the manner in which people spend their money. The performance of the organization today is a clear indication of how necessary the services of the company were.




Before he left the banking sector, Graeme holm researched the challenges that people were facing with debt services. He specifically carried out the research in the mortgage market. What he came up with is there is lack of support, guidance and even knowledge among Australian families on matters of finances. The approach that is applied by the Infinity Group Australia is to provide the people with a personal banker who can work with them in planning their financial spending. The aim of a personal banker is to help the client pay off the loan in the shortest time possible. What many people do not realize is that if they plan their finances well, it is possible to pay a loan in far much less time that it would happen in other cases. A personal banker will provide monthly, quarterly and even annual reviews of the spending that one has made. Using the reviews, it will be possible to look at areas where there can be improvements.




Infinity Group Australia has shown great success so far with the plan they have. Some clients have been able to complete the repayment of their loans within three months. On average, most clients are making $41,000 reduction in debts every year working with Infinity Group. The advice you get from this company cannot be found from any bank since the banks will rejoice when it takes you longer to repay the loan. Infinity Group Australia has won an award for being the best adviser on matters of finances in Australia.




Graeme Holm equates working with a personal banker to working with a personal trainer in a gym facility. It is easier to get better results with a personal trainer than when you work out alone. Rebecca Walker and Graeme Holm are hoping to apply the same concept here. They want people to realize better money management when working with personal trainers. From Infinity Group Australia reviews, it is clear that people are happy with the results they have recorded so far.

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