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Kate Hudson lets people shop the way they want

Retailers bicker over whether showrooming or reverse showrooming is worse, but each strategy impacts a certain type of retailer. The showrooming process affects traditional brick and mortar retailers while reverse showrooming affects, Ebay, and other sites. Showrooming involves searching for a product and then ordering it online. Reverse showrooming is doing the opposite.


Kate Hudson decided to use the second model for hew Fable tics brand. Some people just do not like to wait in line, and when it comes to clothing, people prefer to be able to try on the product. It also helps to sell clothing if people know they can easily return the item if something goes wrong. The fabulous line of athletics wear Hudson offers benefits most from this model.


Hudson decided to bank on the reverse showrooming model, and it has worked well for her line of active wear. It has worked so well that the entrepreneur has managed to take on larger retailers, such as Amazon currently owns 20% of the fashion market, according to


Users can look at items on the company’s website or from Amazon and then go into buy them in a store or return them if necessary. Reverse showrooming gives the buyer the advantages of traditional shopping and customers are responding to the model.


People often become members before they ever enter a Fabletics store. Through the subscriptions service, they can get active wear as needed, although people can still buy clothing off the rack if they so desire. Some people go to the stores to pick up their subscriptions.


Although the subscription service model does not work for every consumer, some people find it convenient. People can still pay the cashiers or they can avoid waiting in line. The option for consumers to shop the way they prefer has worked well for Fabletics. It may be the model new brick and mortar chains use for products in the future. Kate Hudson does not seem to mind how people shop, as long as they continue wearing her clothes to the gym, the Yoga studio, or even out for a walk.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Going After the Giant Amazon

It can be a real struggle for just about any company to compete on a global scale in the fashion market online, especially when you are going up against Amazon. As of today, Amazon commands over 20% of the fashion e-commerce space, but that didn’t seem to scare Kate Hudson. When Kate Hudson started Fabletics, no one gave her much of a chance of putting a dent in the Amazon dominance. In a short three years however, Hudson and her company surpassed $250 million in sales, and she is just getting started.


If you listen to Hudson, she tells a story about how her business is about making it easier for women to shop, whether in her stores or online. The reverse-showrooming technique that her business employs is unique because she really doesn’t care if you window shop in her store and buy nothing. In fact, she encourages shoppers to come by the store, open an account, try on anything, and then go home to think about it. This is a huge contrast to the high pressure sales tactics in many fashion retail outlets.


How can Hudson and Fabletics be making money running a company like this? Easy, it is all about convenience and quality. Hudson says that when a customer walks in her store and opens an account, they get to touch and feel the merchandise, unlike shopping on Amazon. Then those items they try on are added to the online account so they can consider them at another time. Hudson says that what happens is, the consumer goes home and now knows the style and size that fits them perfectly, so they browse around at home when they are in a more relaxed atmosphere, and they buy more than they even thought they would.


The reason Fabletics has exploded onto the scene in such a powerful way is two-fold. One, you have the backing of one of the most famous women on the planet, Kate Hudson. Secondly, the company using the subscriptions mechanic to move millions of dollars of active-wear at incredible low prices. This is not your average membership website however, things really are quite advanced at Fabletics.


Once you have opened your account and made a purchase either in the store or online, you should have completed the Lifestyle Quiz, something that will make the shopping process even easier. Now each month you see a new item chosen around your specs, that you can either buy or decline, you have all the power at Fabletics.

Fabletics Is Using The Amazon Selling Tactic For Their Own Business

Fabletics is the brainchild of Kate Hudson, and it is a brand that she conceived of to help all working moms who simply have no more time left in the day for clothes. She is a busy mom who stays involved in the lives of her kids, and she works quite hard at balancing her schedule. She does not have much time to get dressed for the day, and she built the Fabletics brand to ensure all women would have nice clothes to wear when leaving the house.


#1: Why Is Fabletics Unique?


Fabletics was built by Kate for women just like her. She knows that it is difficult to primp for the day, and she must go to the gym or run errands when she leaves the house. She has chosen to ensure she may get dressed in seconds, and she has a line of clothes that will fit any woman. The lifestyle quiz on the Fabletics site is one all women must take, and they will find the clothes that suit them best.


#2: How Do They Sell Online?


The Fabletics website is one of the most-popular clothing sites online today, and they have a subscription service that millions of women are free to use when they like. The site is easy to use because it gives women the opportunity to search for casual clothes that fit them, and they will receive a box in the mail that has all the clothes they need for their next trip out of the house.


#3: Opening Stores


Fabletics plans to open a number of stores around North America that will be tied to their website. There is a technique in-play known as reverse showrooming, and the company will use the technique to remind customers of items they saw online. Customers come to the store very familiar with each item they see. Anything that is new catches their eye, and the customer has a special experience because they are comfortable with the company as it is.


#4: Linked Accounts


Fabletics uses a single account syste, that allows customers to track all the purchases they have made from one account to another when in the store. They will see what they have bought online, and they may check when was purchased in the store if they are on the website.


#5: Many Products To Choose From


There are many products to choose from that will ensure the lady has everything she needs. There are several different styles of tights, pants and sports bras for the gym, and women may layer over each other as they go about their day. Shopping becomes much simpler as women may mix and match clothing during the day.


Women may select swimwear and casual clothes for their style at Fabletics, and they will soon go to Fabletics stores to ensure they have a look at all their newest trends. The company and founder Kate Hudson want to see women look their best when they leave the house for a busy day.

Interaction of Fashion and Technology According to Chris Burch

Many people figure out what they want in life after finishing school or even later in life. This not the case for Chris Burch who discovered his passion while still in college. He knew that he wanted to pursue a career in fashion and technology. As early as 1976, Chris Burch established his first company with the help of his brother Robert. They referred the company to as Eagles Eye Apparel, and they specialized in buying and selling fashion products. 13 years later, they sold the venture for an estimated $165 million. They had started the company with just $2000.


The many years of experience have made Chris Burch a respected figure in the fashion and technology industries and people hold his opinion with high regard. In a recent article, Chris Burch talked about the changes that had been experienced in the fashion and technology industries. He reveals that these two industries grow hand in hand despite the many changes. He uses the analogy of the changes that have been experienced in the music industry. According to Chris Burch, the music industry has been shaped by what people consider fashionable. For instance, we began with the boom box in the early 70s, something that people considered less fashionable. As fashion and technology continued to experience changes, the cassette came along and was eventually replaced by the Walkman. As of today, all these technologies are obsolete and have been replaced by the iPod which is more fashionable.


Chris Burch uses his analogy to predict that fashion and technology will play a key role in protecting humanity and will even be key in the production of energy. He talks about the way fashion designers see technology as a playground that can be used to test their creations. Fashion can be used to make people aware of a certain technology. He gives an example of the way catwalk was used to popularize Google glasses. The shoes that have been used to create energy as one walks is a clear indication of fashion and technology at play. Bulletproof vests has been developed to protect prominent people against assassination. This is a clear indication of how fashion and technology continue to grow together.


Chris Burch is a serial entrepreneur having made investments in several industries. Other than fashion and technology, he has investments in the real estate industry and the financial industry. Among his most notable ventures are Voss Water, Fane+ Hotel +Universe as well as Nihiwatu.

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