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How is Business Technology Visionary Eric Lefkofsky Taking Medical Research to New Horizon?

It’s disheartening how the dread disease,“cancer” has today’s society silently panicking. Fortunately, brilliant scientists, researchers, and medical experts are constantly working to find treatment, giving patients a fighting chance. What’s more, many philanthropists have joined the fight, strengthening research effort for treatment. One of such extraordinary donors is billionaire technologist, Eric Lefkofsky. He’s committed Chicago health-tech startup, Tempus, to support this endeavor. The facility aids researchers and oncology technicians in genomic sequencing, therapeutic data, and molecular analysis.

It’s been barely a year since Tempus launched. With a staff of 29, it’s revolutionizing breakthrough cancer treatment. Mr. Lefkofsky has been appointed as president and chief executive, a trusted source relayed to an independent correspondent. Tempus is housed within Lightbank, a prominent venture capital advisor established by Lefkofsky in 2010. Primary funding for research at Tempus is financed by the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. It’s a charitable effort organized by Eric and Elizabeth, his caring life partner.

They’re committed to helping humanity and communities in their quest for a sustainable future. In 2013, the family joined like-minded billionaires in supporting “The Giving Pledge.” It’s a global charity effort connecting the world’s richest families and professionals to positively affect change in communities. A Michigan native, Eric Lefkofsky was brought up on traditional Jewish values in Southfield. His sister, Jodi (retired teacher) and brother, Steven (lawyer) have remained in Michigan. Eric holds a Juris Doctor degree from Michigan Law. Groupon, InnerWorkings, ECHO (Echo Global Logistics), Uptake, Tempus, Lightbank, and Mediaocean are all successful startups established by Mr. Lefkofsky.

Eric and Elizabeth have supported over 50 charitable organizations through their foundation. The charity lends support to global aids, education centers, and science research efforts. The couple established the foundation in 2006 and have particularly focused on child development. Lefkofsky is also among the board directors serving the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago’s Art Institute, and Children’s Memorial Hospital. Similarly, he’s been appointed as a board member of the World Business Chicago community and co-chairs it’s Technology Council.

While Lefkofsky has seen mammoth success as a serial investor and businessman, he’s a well-cultured professor as well. His revelation with marketing franchise, InnerWorkings has been a direct source of inspiration. Lefkofsky was part of the co-founding family that launched the marketing giant in 2001. It’s ranked among the industry’s ivy league players. Today, Lefkofsky shares a wealth of information, real-world entrepreneurship skills and business technology as a distinguished lecturer at the University of Chicago-Booth School of Business. In addition, Lefkofsky released a book, “Accelerated Disruption,” which gives a profound interpretation of business and technology relationships. The copy released in 2007 by an independent publishing house, Easton Studio Press remains relevant in today’s evolving business world and more information Facebook on Eric.

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