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Andrew Rocklage an Innovative and Charismatic Entrepreneur

Andrew Rocklage is the owner and operator of Sky Zone Trampoline Park. Sky Zone Trampoline Park is one of the most innovative and most popular trampoline parks in the United States. Andrew is both a businessman and a lawyer.

Andrew has a rich academic background which is in the field of law, sports, business and public relation. In his early life, Andrew was so much interested in sport, and this led him to join Isenberg School of Management at Massachusetts University Amherst and graduated with a Bachelors degree in sports management.

Also at the same institution, Rocklage was awarded a minor in economics. Rocklage then went to work with Major League Lacrosse as a public relation intern. After gaining valuable work experience at Major League Lacrosse Rocklage needed more life challenges thus went to Suffolk University Law School where he was honored with a Juris Doctor Law Degree in 2013.

Rocklage during his internship as a lawyer worked as a clerk and legal consultant. After internship Rocklage worked as a cooperate counsel at EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals. Rocklage experience in the legal field became handy later in his life as a business man as he was able to incorporate the skills gained in law into his business strategy and that made him a force to reckon in the local market.

As an entrepreneur, Rocklage has been able to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the Boston Business field as well the importance of having a good customer service. Rocklage understands the role that human resources play in ensuring that good customer service is achieved and for this reason, Rocklage has invested heavily in the hiring of very talented staffs that have to first undergo screening before gaining employment in his Sky Zone Trampoline Parks.

Good customer service experience in the Sky Zones Trampoline Parks has created a brand for Rocklage business. Customers are always talking about the good customer service experience, and the helpfulness accorded to them by the company’s employees.

Andrew Rocklage has been able to make a name for himself in Boston although he has just been in the Sky Zone Trampoline park business for a short period. Andrew Sky Zones business is one of the fastest growing franchise businesses in the US and offers many exciting features and attractions.

The parks are characterized by wall to wall trampolines where clients can flip, jump and try various acrobatic skills with family and friends. High energy music is the other exciting thing that you will experience once in the park.

It appears for now that Andrew Rocklage is focused on maintaining and expanding his Sky Zones Trampoline Parks. However, given how innovative he is you never know what he will be up to next as he is a man who is not afraid of exploring new ventures.

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