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ClassDojo is Helping Teachers And Parents Communicate


One of the most traditional aspects of education is the teacher and parent conference. The time is taken for the conference to discuss how children are progressing in school. While the conferences serve an important role in the educational system, the method that is used to conduct the conferences has not be altered for many decades.


However, in recent decades, technology has impacted education. Currently technology allows schools to do things that were unthinkable even a few short decades ago. While technology has made an impact in many areas of education, the teacher and parent conference is one of the areas that technology has not addressed.


This is slowly changing because ClassDojo is a company that is providing an app that is designed to allow teachers and parents to communicate in ways beyond the traditional parent and teacher conference. The app is helping schools currently in many aspects regarding teacher and parent communication.


Recently ClassDojo was able to acquire funding in the amount of 21million dollars for enhancements to the app. The funding will be used in a variety of ways to add functionality and features to the app to provide schools, teachers, parents, and students more ways to utilize the app.


One of the major benefits of the ClassDojo app is that it allows teachers and parents to communicate on a regular basis. The need to actually schedule conferences and meet face to face is not needed with the use of the ClassDojo app. There are other benefits to the Class Dojo app that many teachers and parents are able to use on a daily basis.


The ClassDojo app has features that allow teachers, parents, and students to accomplish a wide variety of tasks. Teachers can conduct school scheduling activities, create videos, send videos, take pictures, send pictures, and load student schoolwork on the system for others to view. In a similar fashion parents and students can use the ClassDojo app for various tasks related to the interest of parents and students.


The ClassDojo app is currently in over 80,000 schools. The recent funding acquired by ClassDojo will allow the app to be available in more schools along with enhancements to the app to provide users with more features and options.

The app developed by ClassDojo allows schools to help teachers, parents, and students communicate on a platform that is designed for educational communication. The app allows users to communicate on a regular basis and share information, videos, and photos.


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