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Rocketship Education: Addressing the Threat of the Achievement Gap

The seemingly endless potential of humanity is the core of the American Dream. It is embed in the national consciousness that every person, regardless of the circumstances of their birth, can achieve whatever they set themselves to. However there is a threat to the equal opportunity that we stride to provide for all. It is referred to as the achievement gap and it refers to the gap in achievement between low income communities and their middle or upper class counterpart. There are a number of factors that lead to this unsettling trend However, this is one trend that Rocketship Education intends to disrupt.

This ambitious charter school was founded in 2006 and now operates in three states as well as the District of Columbia. Their mission is to eliminate the achievement gap in our life time. They do however, recognize the obvious need for sustainability in any program that they develop. However they are confident that they have found the formula that works in leading students to success. The school focuses on the power of community and families to support and encourage students. They begin by fostering a since of community at school by encouraging student to refer to themselves as rocketeers.

Another key to success is quality staff. Rocketship engages in a very selective hiring process choosing qualified candidates well versed in core subjects like Science, Math and English. From there they make sure that candidates are capable of going the extra mile to help Rocketeers succeed. One example of the personal touch required by staff is that they are required to meet with parents in the student’s home at least once. Although meetings like this seem like a better fit for the past Rocketship Education believes that these are key in forming relationships between teachers and their students. One benefit of these meetings is that instructors are able to see any challenges that may create obstacles to learning. They are also able to forge relationships with parents. These relationships are key to the teamwork Rocketship education hopes to create between parents and teachers. These relationships may be instrumental to eliminating the achievement gap.

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