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Founder and president of the End Citizens United

End citizens united is bringing people together to ensure their votes, dollars, and voices count. Jimmy Carter once said that the worst decision made by the Supreme Court was ruling that corporations are people. Some citizens also contributed to the subject supporting the election of women and lifting them, indicating that SCOTUS decision left a big gap open, and it’s also allowed all the parasites in. The End Citizens United campaign is seeking to recruit more members on every single day to join in this endorsement. Following is the historical background of Tiffany Muller.

As the leader of End Citizens United, Tiffany Muller spearheads all the entire functions of the organization. She is currently the executive director & president of the group who looks forward to helping the organization achieve its mission and vision. When she joined ECU, Muller had the objective of helping the organization to meet its goals, and to date, she has contributed a lot as a proof of her achievements in the organization. View the group’s profile on linkedin.

Muller’s first achievement was to get more than 3 million members where she raised at least $25 million. Her first work was to assist in identifying new champions to aid its objectives of finance reforms. Tiffany Muller started in Kansas and pursued her Degree at Washburn University, Topeka. She later advanced to master’s degree from Maryland University. It is at this level that she became a great fan of US Women’s soccer. Currently, Tiffany is living together with her family in Washington, USA.

Tiffany was a member of Topeka City Council while at the university in 2004, and was the first public guy executive in Kansas. She led others in supporting the antidiscrimination crusades after working together with governor Kathleen Sebelius. She went to Florida and worked with one of the expansive races in the nation, where she ran her political research firm. When she joined the End Citizens United, she aimed at protecting the rights of people as well as ensuring their voices are heard. To date, Muller can testify that her efforts are bearing fruits as ECU is seen growing from one level to another.

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Omar Boraie Gives Back To Rutgers University?

Rutgers University has received a massive donation from the Boraie Development family for a new chair genomics to be named for Omar Boraie. Omar started the company long ago to aid in development around the state, and he has ensured there are many people in the state who live in a better situation. This article explains the relationship between the Boraie family and Rutgers, their contribution to society and the report from Newswise.

#1: What Is The Donation For?

The donation at Rutgers is for a new chairman in the genomics department. The are looking for a way to attract the brightest talent in the world, and they cannot find said talent unless they have access to funds to pay for their talent. Those who will come to work for Rutgers will notice how much the college is supported by the community. They will see the changes in the community that are brought about by those who are donating.

#2: What Does The Boraie Family Do?

The Boraie family does quite a lot of development reveals the Wall Street Journal in the state related to older properties. They are willing to take on properties that are not in the best condition, and they will change them around to something new. They will use their arrangements to build new properties around the state that will support their mission. They are creating new developments that include residential areas, and they are building places to live that are unique to the city. They design multi-use properties that will have everything the community needs, and small neighborhoods grow around the buildings that were brought by Boraie Development.

#3: How Does The Community Support Rutgers?

The community supports Rutgers quite a lot, and they take the lead from people such as Omar and his family. According to, his family has been involved in New Brunswick, Atlantic City and Newark for some time, and the name is known quite well. The donations that he makes are a part of a larger mission to make the city into a place where everyone wants to come, and medical treatment in the community will improve for all those involved.

The Boraie family has made a major contribution to the city of New Brunswick, and they are now a part of the family at Rutgers. Everything they do makes a difference in the way the city lives, and the family will build a better tomorrow for every resident.

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