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Whitney Wolfe: Influential Technology Entrepreneur

Whitney Wolfe is an American businesswoman whose became well-known because of the dating apps that her company has developed. She is the current chief executive officer of Bumble, and one of the co-founders of the viral dating app called Tinder. As of today, both Tinder and Bumble are in the top ten most popular dating apps, reaching as high as first place for Tinder and fourth place for Bumble. Whitney Wolfe has been recognized by different publications: Fashion business Insider considered her as one of the Most Important Women Under 30 in the field of technology; Elle named her as one of their Elle’s Women in the field of technology; and finally, Forbes included her name in their 2017 Forbes 30 Under 30.

Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, Whitney Wolfe never imagined that she would someday become one of the most influential women in the field of technology. She graduated from the Southern Methodist University where she got her degree in International Studies, and while studying, she sold bamboo tote bags which has received national press when celebrities were photographed having them. After graduating, she decided to go to Southeast Asia and volunteered inside orphanages. Her career in the field of most popular dating technology began when she was 22, and joined a company called Hatch Labs. She worked on small projects like the start-up Cardify, but it was later abandoned. Soon, she partnered with several people and created the dating app Tinder in 2012. She was appointed as the vice president, and has been a key contributor in fueling the app among campuses, making it viral. Whitney Wolfe left the company in 2014, and partnered with Badoo founder Andrey Andreev create another dating app, called Bumble.

Launched in December 2014, Bumble gave women the ability to gain more control compared traditional dating apps. In male-female matches, only the female is permitted to start the conversation. With same sex conversation, either one of them could initiate the talk. All users must reply within 24 hours, because the match will disappear if there are no replies made. The app was highly popular, as it managed to receive 80 million matches and 15 million unique conversations one year after its launch.

Darius Fisher Discusses The Basics Of Success In Business

Successful people are frequently a treasure trove of advice and helpful opinions. Darius Fisher was recently interviewed at the Small Business Forum on and he discussed a few of the things necessary for being successful in business. The brief interview did allow Fisher to share his insights into what skills and attitudes budding entrepreneurs should embody.


Darius Fisher is a person those in the digital marketing industry do take seriously. He would not have been asked to speak at the Impact 15 event if he wasn’t. The Impact events are held every year in Las Vegas, NV and they are intended to serve as a great forum for digital and internet marketing professionals. Those interested in learning all the new things associated with digital will find an Impact conference to be incredibly enlightening. At Impact 15, Darius Fisher provided clear warnings that digital footprints do not go away easily. They can haunt the internet and people’s reputations for years unless definitive actions are performed to address things.


In the interview, Fisher was afforded another opportunity to share his thoughts. Fisher talked about the need to focus on sales and target attention towards things that generate revenue. He even revealed his favorite book, Dale Carnegie’s classic How to Win Friends and Influence People. At Status Labs, Fisher helps Carnegie’s cause by diminishing any negative commentary published online about his clients.
Darius Fisher realizes people do not fully understand the serious impact negative comments or articles published online can have on a person’s business. This is why he has done a great deal to raise considerable awareness about the ways in which reputation management work can help improve a bad situation. Perceptions are going to be heavily influenced by what is revealed in the search engines. Anyone who does not think an online reputation is important are not likely very knowledgeable about how damaging bad reviews or the airing of dirty laundry on the internet can be. They end up finding out the hard way.

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