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Doctor Dov Rand – Helping Patients Grow Old Comfortably

Dr. Dov Rand has practiced medicine for over 20 years. He and eight other doctors work at the Chilton Medical Center in New Jersey and are specialists in physical medicine and rehabilitation. He attended Howard University College of medicine and received his medical degree from the college. He helps patients with muscle, soft tissue, bone and nervous system injuries return to their normal function.

Besides working at the Chilton Center he runs many Healthy Aging Medical Centers. His focus at the centres is to help patients with age related issues overcome their problems and enjoy a high quality of life. He uses tried and tested methods and preventive medicine to help patients enjoy a comfortable old age. Dr. Dov Rand advocates for regenerative medicine and alternative therapies to help patients with age related conditions to recover quickly. At the Healthy Aging Medical Centers, all patients are treated on an individual basis. A detailed assessment of their condition is conducted, a diagnosis reached anda personalized treatment plan tailored according to their individual needs is formulated and discussed with the patient before treatment begins.

Dr. Dov Rand was an athlete as a child and his practice sessions as a athlete are the reasons for his success. Both athletics and medical practice the same level of hard work and determination. He went to the Rutgers University for his undergraduate studies before joining Howard University for his medical studies. He completed his internship at the Saint Barnabas Medical Center and later a residency in New York at the Albert Einstein Medical Center. He treats the underlying cause of a range of medical conditions affecting elderly patients. He does not focus on the immediate symptoms of the patient’s health problems. He believes that treating the underlying cause will give them long term relief.

Dr. Dov Rand uses his wide experience in the area of medicine and anti-aging medicine to help patients dealing with age related health issues ovecome painful and debilitating health conditions recover quickly and effectively so that they can enjoy a better quality of life as they grow older.

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Improve Health With Nutrimost

NutriMost is a national weight loss program that can help improve health. People who suffer with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and a host of other health issues can experience a complete turn around in their health by following the Nutrimost program. Many successful patients have reported they no longer need prescribed medication to control their diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other disorders because they no longer have those disorders once the excess weight has been lost.

The Nutrimost weight lost plan is gaining momentum and popularity on facebook  because the program is succeeding where other diet plans are failing. And not only does the Nutrimost Recipes program help their patients lose weight, the program enables them to improve their overall health.
Each new patient has their health and lifestyle evaluated, plus their belly fat measured, then a customized weight loss plan is developed for them that will allow them to lose 20 pounds or more within the first 40 days of being on the eating program. Belly fat poses the greatest risk to health and the goal is to shed the belly fat as quickly as possible. The philosophy of Nutrimost is based on the evidence that no two people look alike, act alike or gain weight alike, so no two people will lose weight exactly the same. Each patient has their own unique eating plan that will enable them to lose the most amount of weight in the shortest amount of time. The individual plan is safe, since all health factors are taken into consideration when the customized plan is created.
Nutrimost also continues to work with their patients after the initial weight loss to help them keep the weight off and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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