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Class Of 1981’s Very Own, Edwin Miranda

ASU, or otherwise known as Angelo State University’s Edwin Miranda goes into Rambouillet Magazine as not just an outstanding individual from this institution but someone to be proud of. Having graduated from Angelo State University that is located in Texas, he has worked in various organizations amassing a wealth of knowledge through the years leading to this moment. The class of 1981 graduate, Edwin Miranda was just unveiled as the new Vice President of Cytovance Biologics Inc. This prestigious position was filled back in January of 2018 where he currently still serves.

In its field, Cytovance Biologics is one of the leading forces in contract manufacturers of biopharmaceuticals such as microbial and mammalian biologics. The ASU takes notice of any achievement that its present or former alumni accomplish and publishes it. Edwin Miranda has been impeccable alumni to institution which would have never slipped the prying eyes of Rambouillet Magazine where he is widely covered for this accolade. Cytovance Biologics recognized the need for a right sort after an individual like Edwin Miranda to have as one its heads so that it can grow even further and be a leader in the field of biologics.

Having previously been the director of quality in St. Louis, Missouri which he was appointed back in the year 2015 at a Pharmaceutical Packaging company known as Legacy, he brings in a lot of experience to this position. The field of Pharmaceutical technology is something that he is not a stranger to and having previously served at Legacy in such an  top honorable position, and it is no doubt that the kind of expertise that he brings along, will push Cytovance to new heights unheard of before. Keeping up with the progress of ASU’s high achieving alumni like Edwin Miranda will be very useful in furthering the course of students in this institution.

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The Growth And Expansion Of Talos Energy

Earlier this year, Talos Energy, LLC and Stone Energy Corp. were to merge to form a larger organization which would have a new name. According to the reports about the deal, the transaction was valued at $1.9 billion and was to take place in the second quarter of this year. The headquarters of the new firm, Talos Energy, Inc, would be situated in Huston, Texas.

Some members of the team would be based in New Orleans and Louisiana. Timothy S. Duncan, the Chief Executive Officer of Talos Energy, LLC, would serve as the CEO after the merger. The board of directors would consist of ten members where six would be drawn from Talos while four from Stone Energy Corporation.

The new firm would become one of the largest in the world among others that specialize in exploration and production of energy. Talos Energy, Inc. would be symbolized as “TALO” in the New York Stock Exchange. The common shares that were due to the Talos shareholders were estimated to be about 34.2 million. According to the merging deal, 63% ownership of the new company will belong to the Talos shareholders while the remaining 37% will be for the Stone shareholders.

When the discussion for the merging was initiated in late last year, the stock price for the Stone shares was at $35.49. The large new firm would be valued at $2.5 billion. One of the objectives of the new organization would be to diversify the assets and increasing the wealth of its stakeholders.

Stone Energy’s Chairman, Neal P. Goldman, expressed his excitement about the merger and disclosed that it was part of the firm’s strategic plans. According to him, the shareholders will benefit a lot from the move. On the other hand, the Talos Chief Executive Officer revealed that one of the areas that the new firm would focus on was the maximization of capital efficiency.

The management at Talos has always implemented policies that were aimed at improving the welfare of the workers, and for that reason, the company has been ranked as one of the best working places in Houston for two consecutive years.

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HThe Block 7 Consortium Is Developing Deep And Shallow Water Assets That Bring High Impacts In The Emerging Basins

Talos Energy, Premier Oil and Sierra Gas and Oil have signed a PUA or Pre-Unitization Agreement that are in relation to the contiguous Block 7 and Pemex that have a current contract to share productions. The Mexico Southeast Basin contain both of these offshore areas.

According to the new regulatory and legal revamped framework, this is the first pre-unitization agreement that has ever been signed in Mexico. This agreement is good for two years and actually enables the parties to share information that relates to Zama discovery and the Pemex’s extension for the neighboring block. This agreement sets a clear path for the Unit Agreement and Operating Unit Agreements to be signed so that a reservoir may be confirmed. This establishes a process that defines international practices so the results can determine each party’s participation for the potential developments overall.

Both parties agreements will result in the Working Group to be immediately formed. This agreement will maximize the informational and operational efficiencies which define the group’s activities for reducing any potential hazards, and the collection of area data. This will all benefit Mexico. The technical and legal representatives will be comprised by the company’s members

The Ministry off Energy or SENER has previously approved the PUA or The Pre-Unitization Agreement.
Mexico largest company is Pemex. The entire chain actually operates through the industries such as production and exploration -upstream-to the transformations of industrial logistics and downstream marketing.
Sierra Gas and Oil actually owns about 40% of the Block 7 Consortium. Premier Oil owns about 25% and the Talos Energy Company owns about 35% of the interest in the Block 7 Consortium.

A technically driven production and independent exploration company that operates in the Gulf of Mexico and the United States of America is Talos Energy. The company’s focus is to develop deepwater and shallow assets that are near the existing infrastructure. The coast of Mexico’s shallow waters provides the company with exploration impacts that are high in the emerging basins.

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Sheldon Lavin Contribution Towards OSI Food Processing Industry.

Sheldon Lavin shines in various fields including Leadership, team building, International Operations, traveling and motivational skills. Sheldon Lavin had a passion in the financial consultation field; he launched his own company before joining Otto and sons company that later expanded to be the current OSI Group. Over the years Lavin has been elected in various organizations where he serves in top executive positions, for instance, he is the CEO and the president of OSI Group LCC which is located in Aurora, Illinois. Sheldon Lavin also serves as a general trustee and a director of Rush University medical center and National Fish and Wildlife Foundation respectively. In all the posts which he has been entrusted with Lavin dedicates himself to change the status of the association.

Through his profession, Sheldon Lavin was awarded a Global Visionary Award during his reign at OSI Group LCC. Lavin transformed OSI Group from being a domestic food processing company to an international company with its products being produced and distributed in more than sixty facilities in 17 countries. OSI Group has also managed to employ over 20,000 employees who collaborate in ensuring that the company’s objectives are met and that the consumers are satisfied with the products and services they offer. Employees benefit from working at OSI group since their well-being is always a top priority.

OSI Group serves a wide range of customers internationally, and the Chief Executive Officer has established a marketing strategy using modern technology to ensure that all the customers’ tastes and preferences are met. OSI has been ranked among the leading food producing companies by considering the needs of the consumer hence boosting customers’ confidence to buy more products.

Sheldon Lavin supports the following charitable organization as an act of giving back to the community, his support is in the form of money, time and services. He also ensures that the funds reach the venerable people and is used for the intended purpose.

• Ronald McDonald House Charities- as a trustee
• The Goodman Theatre- a board member
• Rush University Medical Center- a board member
• The Sheba Foundation- President and Director.

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Paul Mampilly And His Banyan Hill Team Know Why U.S Corporations Are An Endangered Species

According to the Wilshire 500 Index, there were close to 7,500 listed companies in the United States in 1998. Two decades later this number has more than halved with the index reporting that there are only 3,599 listed companies. This situation is further aggravated by attention investor’s attention has only concentrated on the 100 most profitable listed firms. Paul Mampilly and his team at Banyan Hill Publishers attribute this to the investor’s shortsightedness.

Endangered species

Paul Mampilly echoes Warren Buffet’s opinion when he said that the investors are slowly killing these corporations when they demand for consistent short-term earnings. This stops these listed companies from concentrating on revolutionary and even more profitable but long term business goals.

This derails the company’s objectives as they concentrate on pleasing their investors with quarterly and semi-annual profits. These expert traders explain believe that the company’s shift from its set objectives has seen most of them sink into oblivion. Thus the term endangered species.

Effects on the economy

The dwindling number of publicly listed companies has far-fetched repercussions that stretch beyond company profits. According to Paul Mampilly, the thirst for more profits by investors at the expense of company objectives has seen previously listed company’s revert to privatization in droves. It has also discouraged more startups from going public and created a boom for the deep-pocketed venture capitalists.

More importantly, it has killed innovation and delayed the roll-out of revolutionary technologies. He gives a case in point where a U.S company is sitting on a technology that can revolutionize energy sector by increasing efficiency and curbing carbon monoxide emissions. Its inventors, however, believe that investor’s greed for profits between the production period and mass adoption may throw them off tracks and thus avoid an IPO.

About Paul Mampilly

Before venturing into private practice, in what he refers to as ‘Taking the wall street to the main street,’ Paul worked in the finance investments industry. At the height of his career, he managed Kinetics Asset Management, a $25 Billion enterprise. He is, however, concerned about the concentration of wealth in Wall Street, and has since taken the initiative to educate the general public, freely, through magazines, journey publications, and seminars about how to make a fortune trading in the money markets.

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JHSF Property Development Company CEO And President Jose Auriemo Neto

For several decades, Brazil’s JHSF property development company has invested in a great number of real estate ventures such as hotels, retail stores, shopping malls and residential buildings. Its Chief Executive Officer Jose Auriemo Neto, has been with the company for over 2 decades, having started his employment there in 1993 and later becoming the founder of the JHSF services department. He was responsible for starting the parking lot management business called Parkbem in 1997, and he eventually negotiated deals with high end fashion brands like Hermes, Jimmy Choo and Valentino. By 2012, JHSF introduced these clothing brands to Brazil by featuring them in retail outlets that are located in their shopping center Cidade Jadrim.

Jose Auriemo Neto has been in his leadership role at JHSF since 2003, and has been on its Board of Executives since 2009. In addition to having its headquarters in Sao Paulo, JHSF also has operations in Uruquay and the United States. The company was responsible for real estate projects in New York on Fifth Avenue in the US, and in Punta del Este, Uruquay, where it established a condominium known as Las Piedras. JHSF was founded in the early 1970s by Fabio and Jose Roberto Auriemo, along with two other partners, and was divided into two companies in 1990, one of them being a real estate business. The property development company is currently estimated to be worth more than $3 billion.

Since real estate continues to be a fast growing industry in the country of Brazil, Jose Auriemo Neto, who is a graduate of Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University in Sao Paulo, where he earned degrees in Engineering and Business Administration, feels that it is an excellent investment opportunity. JHSF and JHSF Internacional are recognized as being the most prominent real estate development companies in South America.

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OSI industries: The Global Food Provider

OSI industries are one of the largest companies in the food industry in the United States. The organization manufactures and supplies food to the retail markets. The company produces products, which are tailored to the customer’s needs.

OSI industries was started in 1909 and has grown over the years to a multi-billion company. Currently, the company enjoys a revenue of about $6.1 billion.

One of the people that have contributed to the growth of the company to become a global food provider is the president, David McDonald. He began working for the OSI industries as a project manager and has been in the company for three decades. He worked hard and made his way to become the company’s President. As the president, he ensures that the logistics team keeps up with the evolving market.

McDonald actively follows the company’s vision, which is to surpass customers’ expectations. Following the vision of the firm has no doubt enabled OSI industries to grow fast. McDonald played a vital role in the firm’s growth; he saw the company in the acquisition of Baho foods. Through the acquisition, the firm got access to the European market, which fueled its growth.

Everybody gets inspired by different things. One of McDonald’s inspiration is reading books such as Time management from a cross-cultural perspective. McDonald loves the book because it offers insights and practical advice that he applies to business interactions. Such advice come in handy for a man of his position.

There is no doubt that having a good leader can help steer a firm in the right direction. McDonald has done his best to ensure that the company grows to be the global food provider. OSI group is renowned for providing quality products around the world. Customers who buy products from the firm are guaranteed of getting quality products all the time.

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Randal Nordane, The Fortress Investment Group Pillar In Investment

The success for Fortress Investment group is attributed to the leadership of Randal Nardone, who together with Wes Edens and Peter Briger has been the beacon of investment for the company. Randal Nardone studied Bs in English and biology at Connecticut University and qualified in JD at Boston Law School. He began his career as an attorney and later became an investor, earning tremendous respect in the investment arena.

Randal Nardone is one of the principals of Fortress investment group managing over 69 billion in assets. Under his guidance, Fortress Investment Group LLC has performed well-giving investors value for their money. Nardone serves as the director to various Fortress’s subsidiaries including, Seacastle, Inc, Eurocastle Investment Ltd, Florida East Coast Holdings Corp, among others. His career in investment banking spans over three decades. He worked at Blackrock financial management, Thacher Proffitt & Wood and UBS. He supports Fortress Investment Group with his strategy, innovation, and brings the wealth of experience in investments as well as finance.

Randal A. Nardone has been a pillar at Fortress Investment group since co-founding it in 1998. The firm has focused on real estate, private equity firm, and hedge funds, and now boasting of over $40 billion in assets on behalf of over 1750 investors. Randal leadership has seen the company grow steadily, went public in 2007 and nearly a decade later sold for $3.3 billion to Japanese tiger, Softbank Corporation.

The purchase by a leading global investment firm, with a focus on technology startups, indicates the deep trust the company has in Fortress Investment Group. Shareholders approved the deal in July 2017, allowing Softbank to acquire the stake in Fortress investment group.Randal indcated that Softbank strengthens the investment and consolidate expertise Fortress Investment has to create a perfect blend for investment.

This makes Softbank competitive enough to achieve the goal of becoming a top global investment firm. Randal Nardone, together with other co-founders remain at the board as principals.

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Alex Hern Entrepreneur Of Technology

Alex Hern has been a technological entrepreneur for more than 25 years. He has been working on premature companies and technology companies. Hern co-founded and was the Director of Inktomi Goldman Sachs-led IPO. This company was the search technology for MSN, Yahoo and AOL. He was also the co-founder and Director of Yesmail Alex Brown led IPO, which is an email marketing and web directory company. It went public and then sold to CMGI, now ModusLink Global Solutions, for $650 million ten months later. Hern also co-founded Military Commercial Technologies,which is a technology commercialization incubator funded by Lockheed and L-3. Hern served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at this company.

Alexander Hern served as the Director of a cyber security company called Arcsight. Arcsight went public and was sold to Hewlett-Packard for one and a half million dollars. Hern co-founded network security company called CloudShield. CloudShield sold to SAIC which is a large technology and engineering firm specializing in government and commercial projects. Hern also founded and served on the Boards of and of Triton Network Systems. He has also served on the board of Zero Knowledge Systems which is a security and encryption company now named Radial Point.

A newly advanced company Alex Hern co-founded is called Tsunami XR. Tsunami XR creates virtual reality headsets for video games and other different types of applications. XR stands for extended reality which is human-machine interactions generated by computer technology and wearable accessories. XR technology includes augmented reality, augmented Virtuality, and virtual reality. XR is a virtual continuum that encompasses everything in between. Everyone knows the XR is seen and used as a gaming device but as the technology progresses it will take a turn to appeal to the business world. Many different companies are considering to use XR.

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Fortress Investment Group Co Founder Randal Nardone

Fortress Investment Group Co Founder Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is a former lawyer and one of the co founders of Fortress Investment Group. Nardone has spent many years working in financial sector after working in the legal field. Over the last several years, Randal has held a number of key managerial positions in both law and finance. During his career, he has held positions such as managing director, principal and co chief executive officer. By holding these positions, Randal Nardone has been able to exhibit ex

Randal Nardone is a former lawyer

Randal Nardone is a former lawyer

Before beginning his career in both law and finance, Randal Nardone attended the University of Connecticut. While attending this college, Randal studied English and biology and would eventually complete a degree in both fields. This allowed Randal to pursue a graduate degree in law. Once he completed his undergraduate education, Nardone moved on to attend Boston University where he would complete law degree program. Randal would eventually complete the JD degree in law and start his career.

The first professional experience of his career came at a New York City law firm known as Thatcher, Proffitt & Wood. Randal Nardone served as one of the practicing attorneys. Within a few years, Randal would eventually become a member of the firm’s committee of executives. This gave Randal his first leadership experience. Nardone would then decide to leave Thatcher, Proffitt & Wood and pursue opportunities in the financial sector.

One of the notable opportunities that Randal Nardone pursued was at a firm called Blackrock Financial Management. Once joining this firm Randal would hold the position of principal where he would occupy a top managerial role. As the principal of the firm, Nardone would be in charge of the operations of the firm and help with its acquisition of new clients. After a few years, Randal would move on to another financial services firm.

Randal would join UBS and become its managing director. For one year, he would provide key leadership for the firm as playing an active role in client acquisition. In 1998, Randal would use his experience to get involved in entrepreneurship. He co founded Fortress Investment Group and helped the firm become a leading asset management firm in the financial services industry.

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