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The NPR Challenge: Where Rocketship Education Gets Defined

Rocketship Education: The Shocking Commentary of NPR

 The National Public Radio (NPR) is recognized in American communities because of its impactful journalism.

In recent weeks, however, an opposing view arises within State communities.

Citizens fight against NPR to renounce its recent report on low-income Rocketship Education. The public voices involved are disappointed. We focus, with a critical eye toward the commentary of NPR, on Rocketship Education’s schooling and if it gives U.S. families real hope.

Views taken by the radio channel were thought to overlook the benefits of low-income alternatives. The NPR story is inaccurate and offers ideas that are incompatible with what Rocketship achieves. Here’s why Rocketship Education is instead desired by U.S. parents:

Education Software

It’s easy to judge the sight of kids working at computers without actually knowing what they’re doing. It’s not enough to suggest that they’re reading; they’re instead being guided by proven software. With Rocketship Education, computers aren’t central just for the sake of using technology. They’re a needed tool when maximizing on the materials a new world offers.


The main challenge for low-income, public schools are the budgets they work with. Tutors, for the very reason of money, are often volunteers or young students. These low-income cases lack the dynamic needed to change the way challenged youths learn. Rocketship Education tutors are staff members instead. They’re equipped for a specific task and are not burdened by other priorities. Education is a challenge that requires trained professionals if kids lack key experiences when growing up.

Parent Decisions

Contrary to what you might believe, the extracurricular programs of Rocketship Education are parent choices. These “enrichment classes” give students real experiences that are not only educational. They are based on what families see as in the best interests of their communities.

Engaged Teachers

Class materials are formatted to allow for a dynamic approach in teaching at Rocketship Education. One part comes from national standards and board members. Additional pieces come together through the work of each teacher.

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