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Eric Lefkofsky is an Entrepreneur and Businessman Based Out of Chicago

In order to be a successful entrepreneur, one needs to have good ideas or at least one good idea that they can act on. Eric Lefkofsky is a well-known entrepreneur in the United States because he has many great ideas that he acted on passionately until they became a success. Originally born in Michigan, Eric Lefkofsky grew up with a little family, but nonetheless, they were supportive of Eric’s dreams. Eric had big plans for his future and he wanted great success. After completing his education and attending Michigan University to earn his doctorate, Eric starting working on his entrepreneurial ideas.

Eric Lefkofsky was able to build his experience for a while in various different positions before he founded his first company, Inner Workings, a somewhat small printing company that worked with local businesses. These days, Eric Lefkofsky spends the majority of his time with a focus on his latest company, Tempus. Tempus is a company focused on using technology to aid in cancer research and the development of treatments down the road as they continue to build more data. Groupon is perhaps the most successful company that Eric has founded to date, which is valued at nearly 3 billion dollars.

There is little time for Eric throughout the day as he has many projects that he keeps up with on a regular basis. Tempus is an ongoing project that needs a lot of his attention and he not expressed any interest in selling off Groupon anytime soon. On top of his business prospects, Eric is also focused on philanthropy and has been for the majority of his career since finding success. Eric Lefkofsky runs his very own foundation with his wife known as the Lefkofsky Foundation. This organization was founded more than 12 years ago in 2006 and today the Lefkofsky Foundation has helped in hundreds of philanthropic projects around the world.

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The Whitney Wolfe Vision For Women

Whitney Wolfe began in the field of online dating as a co-founder and key executive with the groundbreaking Tinder venture. She left Tinder under a cloud of harassment accusations against her partner. She settled her harassment claims for about $1M and seemed to separate from the dating app business as well.

In 2014, Whitney Wolfe formed some ideas about using an app to empower women’s choice. The idea was essentially for a system that provided an opportunity for women to initiates a discussion that could lead to many things including romance. With funding from a Russian investor that she had encountered while at Tinder, she initiated a project that eventually became Bumble.

Bumble was an instant hit with a large initial month signup and now has grown to millions of subscribers. Forbes has valued the enterprise at more than $1B. A recent development involved an offer to buy Bumble from the parent company of Tinder and The reported offer was in the range of $450M, and Ms. Wolfe rejected it. Thereafter, the failed purchaser initiated a legal action claiming that Bumble infringed on Tinder’s patented processes. While that legal action proceeds to an uncertain conclusion, there is no doubt that Whitney Wolfe’s success has put her in the upper echelon of women business owners and entrepreneurs.

Whitney Wolfe’s personal life changed as she married and now also uses the name Whitney Wolfe Herd. As a token of her celebrity status as a leading female entrepreneur, her wedding got international press coverage. As her personal life grew, her brand also grew substantially. Bumble has expanded to Bumble BFF, a friendship-oriented branch of the online connection service, and Bumble Biz which focuses on networking for business and social advantage. The essential premise of all of the Bumble activities remains; the woman must initiate the interaction.

Bumble is only four years old. If Bumble were a living person, it would not yet attend kindergarten. As a business, Bumble reflects the Whitney Wolfe vision for social empowerment for women. Bumble’s spectacular growth includes a global base, a presence in 144 countries, and more than 35 million users.

Market America Continues To Prove Critics Wrong

Market America is a multi-level marketing initiative established in 1992 by both Loren Ridinger and JR Ridinger with the latter being the CEO and President. While Market America has a presence in virtually every part of the world, its head-office is in Greensboro, North Carolina, United States.

As at 2016, its revenue was estimated to be $791.1 million and its total assets were estimated to be worth $146.1 million. As at 2016, its number of employees had risen to more than 800. The site offers products like weight management products, water purifiers, custom websites, dietary supplements, cosmetics, auto care, jewelry, personal care products, and household cleaning items.

What makes the company different is that it offers the products through several affiliated companies. It acquired, its retail store web domain from Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft. In 2002, the company expanded its operations to Australia and it later expanded to Taiwan in 2005.

It later expanded to Hong Kong, Philippines, and the United Kingdom in September 2007, October 2010, and February 2012 respectively. Market America wasn’t done. It later extended its presence to Mexico, Singapore, and Malaysia in 2012, 2014, and 2017 respectively.

Market America’s business model

The company sells products manufactured by other firms. However, the products are sold by only Market America. The company has partners that sell its products. These partners are known as independent distributors. Independent distributors pay monthly fees to the company.

The distributors earn money by bringing in new partners and by earning commission on their sales. Right now, a new independent distributor will pay $399 as the startup fee and will also pay $129 monthly fee. Their representatives also operate as independent contractors and they spend between $130 and $300 on products. In addition, representatives need to attend seminars and training event s and these events cost between $20 and $200 each.

At some point, critics of the initiative rose up. They kicked against the idea of telling new independent distributors that they can rise to the level of becoming financially independent when the scheme cannot go on forever.

According to pundits, its rapid growth is not worth celebrating as it is normal for such schemes to get to a stage of maximum momentum after which their profit will begin to plummet and that is what Market America avoids by extending to other countries. This remains a mere speculation since the company’s profit still continues to increase tremendously.

Robert Deignan Impressive Entrepreneurial Progress

Robert Deignan the Entrepreneurial Guru

Robert Deignan was a renowned marketer best recognized for his excellent performance records and co-founding ATS Digital Services. He is also the current CEO of the company. Before ATS Digital Services, Robert Deignan worked as the Executive Vice President at IS3, Inc., for over nine years. Here he helped the company soar to greater heights through his managerial and marketing skills. Earlier on he helped set up Franlink, Inc. Mr. Deignan went to Purdue University and is a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management holder. This was after attending St. Thomas Aquinas High School.


Under his guidance and leadership, Advanced Tech Support (ATS) Digital Services has made impressive progress. In July 2017, ATS Digital Services became the first call center to be certified by AppEsteem Corporation. This means that they are now able to deliver premium support services to its clients. The certification process involved meeting all thirty-nine compliance requirements by AppEsteem. Mr. Deignan dutifully ensured the success of this process and saw to it that they attained the respected work certificate.

When asked on his thoughts about the company he helped establish, his sentiments were very impressive. He stated that the foundation over which the company is founded is comprehensive, consumer-centered compliance. This paved the way for transparency and allowed for operational procedures at the highest levels possible. These attributes, instilled by the CEO, are the reason ATS Digital Services has delivered technical support services to many thousands of satisfied clients. Furthermore, the provision of assistance by his company is not only through the telephone but also via remote access screens technologies. Mr. Deignan has also ensured his company is the best in consumer-friendly procedures and practices in the country. Ethically, Robert Deignan has guaranteed that his company and employees do not indulge in unlawful or unethical practices. This is projected by the company’s clean record and solid reputation among customers and peers alike over the years. As a team player, Mr. Robert Deignan is described as a delight to work with my workmates.

Sahm Adrangi Doesn’t See KodakCoin Paying

While most people think of investments as betting for a company’s success, Sahm Adrangi and Kerrisdale Capital have issued a short position on the stocks of the Kodak Company. This report has gained the attention of many individuals organizations including CNBC. With Sahm Adrangi shorting Eastman Kodak, he and his company are set to make a good profit if Kodak fails.

Sahm Adrangi has been known for years with his accurate predictions of the failures of companies and he doesn’t appear to have lost his touch. He is not afraid to say what everyone else doesn’t want to say, no matter if it is to his business peers or social media. This does not bode well for Kodak as Sahm Adrangi believes their latest efforts are just an attempt to shovel a little bit of water from a sinking ship.

Kodak recently announced new systems that are centered around cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, things that Sahm Adrangi thinks just don’t make any sense for the photography industry. While their new KodakOne and KodakCoin projects may look good to the casual observer or the photographer, but Sahm Adrangi believes they are essentially doomed and Kodak is headed towards inevitable bankruptcy.

While the stock of Kodak did see a significant increase in stock prices directly following their announcement, Kerrisdale Capital does not see these stock prices having any longevity for the company.

There are even people within Kodak that have gone public with their opinion that these new products just won’t work. It is believed by many that blockchain technology will do little to nothing to protect the assets of photographers. To make it even worse, one of the main people that Kodak hired to assist with the development of these products is business partners with someone who has been convicted of security fraud. There are internal problems in Kodak as well as 5 members of their board have been found to be partaking in unscrupulous trading that some believe will lead to an eventual investigation from the SEC.

All in all, none of this looks good for the Eastman Kodak Company, but it looks great for Kerrisdale Capital and their investors.

Sheldon Lavin; the bigwig Behind OSI Group’s Success

Only a few entrepreneurs live to enjoy the fruits of their so-called tough journey when it comes to careers-success. For the likes of Sheldon Lavin, entrepreneurship is a path that they have its blueprint. Sheldon is among the few talented individuals whose stay in the business world has always been filled with success. Today, Sheldon is celebrated for his outward contribution towards OSI Group.

The talented fellow serves as OSI’s CEO. Besides, Sheldon serves as the chairman of the board of the company. OSI is a private company based in Aurora, Illinois. However, with Lavin onboard, the company’s operations surpass that of most public entities in the game. Today, OSI Group is celebrated for being a leader in the meat processing business as well as food services.

When it comes to experience, Sheldon boasts of holding more than what is needed. The talented CEO owns more than 47 years of experience in the meat processing game. This experience places Sheldon in a better position to steer OSI Group to an incredible level. Previously, Sheldon used to serve in the investing and banking sector where he held an executive role. Sheldon also managed a financial consulting firm of his own which boasted his understanding of business as a whole.

Sheldon joined OSI when it was just a small company supplying at McDonald’s. However, within no time and under Sheldon’s tenure, OSI Group has grown into a global platform with a credible reputation.

Sheldon’s life in the meat industry runs back to the 70s while he was still working in the finance sector. Otto and Sons were in dire need of financial support which saw them approach Sheldon with a promising deal. The engagement saw Sheldon acquire a leadership position at the company, little did he know it was to be his career breakthrough. Within a short time, Sheldon was getting more involved with the group as he was a talented asset.

Over time, and with the aid of Sheldon, OSI Group had gone beyond the borders to North America, Taiwan, and Europe. In the 80s, Sheldon became the sole owner of the business after one partner sold out his shares while the other one retired. Today, OSI Group is named as a leading supplier of proteins around the world. The company has over 55 facilities in 16 countries. However, Sheldon insists that the numbers are likely to skyrocket in the future.


Desiree Perez, an Icon in Music and Entertainment Industry

The global music and entertainment industry is one of the best paying industries across the globe in the recent years. In the year 2016 alone, the revenues associated with this sector alone were approximately $17.2 billion, which represents at least a third of the revenue worldwide in the industry. This industry is very competitive and has been constantly dominated by male figures. However, hardworking talent managers, entrepreneurs and producers such as Desiree Perez have proven that ladies can also be able to wear this shoe and fit nicely. The face of the entertain industry is changing, but not with the rate that Desiree Perez and her peers would love.

To understand the value of Des Perez’s achievement in the current music industry, consider how this particular industry is dominated by men and the difficulty in gaining foothold in the industry. The audience might not appreciate the work that is done back stage before an artist comes to the stage. The guiding hand for the artist, their tours and performance is often not as appreciated as it should be. Des Perez has had numerous strings of successes in her career. She is credited for a successful negotiation of $25 million collaboration with Samsung in boosting Rihanna’s Anti tour. She continues to provide business and financial guidance to Rihanna as she takes her career to higher heights.

Desiree is also the executive of Tidal, which currently is a force to reckon as far as the music and entertainment industry is concerned. The success of the Roc Nation can be heavily attributed to the input of Des Perez. Since joining Tidal, there have been over one million people who have signed up as trial users. She is a very good negotiator because she has taken part in major deals signed by Tidal and Roc Nation.

Omar Yunes Shines in the 2015 BFW Awards

The 2015 Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) which was held on December 5 awarded Omar Yunes is Sushi Itto as the leading in the competition due to his great contribution to his brand. Omar Yunes started his career as the franchisee of Japan at a young age of twenty-one years. He is so far so successful and now owns thirteen units of the brand distributed throughout Mexico City, Veracruz, and Puebla. In fact, these thirteen units represent about ten percent of the total number of units the brand owns. Omar Yunes, upon receiving the award, said that he only represents a portion of the brand’s employees that number four hundred in total. Omar Yunes credits the award also to the brand that he represents for allowing them to give out their innovations and more information click here.

Around thirty-four countries brought in their representative to compete in the 2015 edition of the BFW. Many Latin American countries took part in the competition including Brazil, Mexico and Argentina among others. The 2015 BFW Awards based their judgment on the brand’s effect on the network rather than on the brands within the brand itself. The aspect that was evaluated was such as the effect on influencing the network, the contributions of the representative’s based on knowledge, how they motivate their employees, implemented savings, the amount of invoice and in terms of the improvements proposed to brands and his Website.

The BFW organizer, Diego Elizarrarras credited the maximum awards that Omar Yunes received to his extensive work in enhancing the franchisee-franchisee relationship that brought an improvement in the management of information together with his application of control boards that improved the ease with which units in the brand could be measured. Omar Yunes also had earlier won in the eliminations at the country level. Moreover, the CEO of Sushi Itto, Benjamin Cancelmo, added that the awards are considered to represent the overall effort of the brand in providing quality services mixed with great flavor and high hospitality standards. According to the organizer, the award well speaks out of the strength of the brand in the country and also of its position in the international market putting aside that past custom that the Mexican franchisee operated only regionally and learn more about Omar Yunes.

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No One Understands Bradesco Better Than Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Loyalty and patience are difficult virtues to come by in the modern business climate. That said, Bradesco’s current president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is an embodiment of these two traits. He has been with the giant Brazilian bank his entire adult life and waited his turn even when there seemed to better opportunities elsewhere.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi fast joined the company at the age of 18 and was over the course of the next four decades consistently promoted to higher positions within the bank. By 1999, he was named an executive vice president of the bank’s insurance division, Bradesco Seguros. Aged 49 at this juncture, still a fairly young age for banking executives, many thought he was ready to assume the presidency position at the bank. The position would, however, go Marcio Cypriano as the bank’s board deemed Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi not to be ready yet. He did, however, get promoted to head Bradesco Seguros four years later where he impressed immensely.

Despite having some big shoes to fill at Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has more than held his own. Despite Bradesco being more than 70 years old, it has only had four presidents. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s immediate predecessor, Marcio Cypriano is credited with ushering the bank through the modern financial age. Over his ten year tenure, Cypriano greatly grew Bradesco by aggressively taking over a number of small and medium banks in Brazil. By the time he was handing over to Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi in 2009, Bradesco was firmly in the number two position among Brazilian private banks, heavily breathing down on the number one position.


Unfortunately for Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, his ascendancy to the position of president coincided with a global financial crisis. Consequently, there were few opportunities in the market for viable takeovers. Not willing to relent on the aggressive expansion initiated by Cypriano, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi launched an organic growth strategy soon after taking over. By his estimation, the organic growth strategy would allow Bradesco to attract up to 20 million new clients in ten years. In his first nine months alone, he expressed the desire to add up to 211 new offices to bank’s branch network. Since then, the strategy has been working immaculately, and the bank has also been possible to find one of the best acquisition opportunities in the last few years. In the biggest private sector trade of 2015, Bradesco bought HSBC’s subsidiary in Brazil for an estimated $5.2 billion.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been able to consistently deliver results at all the positions he has been employed at by maintaining a strong work ethic. Even as the bank’s president, he still pulls 12-hour work days at the office, leaving long after many of his junior staff have already left. Additionally, he has upheld the bank’s culture of putting in significant efforts towards customer relations as he often seen directly interacting with customers visiting some of the bank’s branches. While this does not necessarily impact the bank’s revenue, he does it because it makes every client at the bank feel valued and treasured.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is also not one to speak loosely. He strongly measures his words, ensuring that his messages are conveyed as clearly as possible but also as concisely as possible. That, however, is not to say that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is an uptight individual obsessed with work – far from it. Due to his excellent time management skills, he has sufficient free time, which he enjoys spending with his wife and children.

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Sheldon Lavin Brings OSI To New Heights

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin, has molded a strong reputation for himself in the meat processing business. He is very involved in all the company’s business dealings and global operations.

One of the ways in which he does this is to work as the president of the International Foods division of OSI. This allows him to be hands on in day to day activities and understand how to improve the quality of their products, as well as the service they provide to their international clients.

Mr. Sheldon Lavin first got involved in the food industry when he funded Otto & Sons in 1970. This company would go on to becoming what is now known as the OSI Group.

It is thanks to Mr. Sheldon Lavin that the company has experienced such success all over the world. He was the one that encouraged the move to expand the company internationally and that contributed to job growth in all areas. Mr. Lavin has been awarded for his hard work by RSM US LLP in the form a Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2016, he got another award from the Vision World Academy in India. They gave him a Global Visionary Award due to his interest in international expansion and dedication to improvement. Mr. Lavin is also dedicated to the environment and makes sure that OSI is run on an eco-friendly system. He has received many different awards for his devotion to that ideal.

Mr. Sheldon Lavin started his career in finance as an investor, and nearly 40 years later he is now the CEO of one of the largest food processing companies in the world.

OSI Group expanded their employment capacity to 20,000 and Mr. Sheldon Lavin treats every single of the them like they are a member of the family. Due to Lavin’s kindness in leadership and dedicated to his employees, OSI has a very low turnover rate. After Mr. Lavin took a more in depth hand at OSI, they began to expand into Europe, South American, and Taiwan. Now they are located in many different countries and have over 70 production facilities.

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