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Gareth Henry

Heriot-Watt university is a educational institute that has been around for decades, it’s been up and running since the year 1821. Currently Heriot-Watt university is one of the United Kingdom’s most top universities for industry and business. Heriot- Watt university is established and well respected around the globe. They have been known to have the most talented and well educated graduates in science, engineering, business and having a leading edge of research staff. Gareth Henry, a Heriot-Watt university graduate who earned a BA in science and first-class honors in Statistics and Actuarial Mathematics decided that he would give the school a special Scholarship and Mentorship program for a small group of chosen students. I am giving out one call per term if needed. “I will also give a good bit of advice on getting a job and career advice”. Says Gareth Henry. I hope that graduates can have faith in themselves and see what they can achieve with working hard in Actuarial Sciences.

Right now Gareth Henry lives in New York where he has worked in senior role investing relations for decades. He praises the relevance of the Actuarial Maths for giving at Heriot-Watt, especially for those who want to work in finance. He thinks that the Heriot-Watt program’s quantitative modeling and scholastic processes will be very useful in the future when it comes to learning about machine learning, and artificial Intelligence. Quantitative investing and robot advisory continue to grow. Gareth Henry hopes to see everything come to past.

The Actuarial science degree that is offered by Heriot-Watt university is one of the few accredited courses by the UK actuarial professions, for the people who earn great grades on the exams they are often exempted from taking other professional exams and this gives them a leg up. If the graduates qualify for UK actuaries, they can also get credits for the Society of Actuaries in North America. pretty neat huh?

Do you think that the new Mentorship Scholarship program for Hetiot-Watt university will be successful? Tell us in the comment section below and don’t forget to share us with others to help brighten their day!

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Gareth Henry Explains Repositioning as a Fastest Way to Add Value to Your Property

Everyone strives to make the most of their money. Technology is influencing real estate investing’s “where and how”. Over time, terms such as urban renewal have been rampant in the real estate sector. Gareth Henry, global head of investor relations as well as private credit and hedge funds expert, points out that repositioning of real estate is the hottest trend in the sector. This is a path investors can follow to enhance their returns. However, Gareth Henry does not give any guarantees. Just like any other business, a risk aspect is involved calling for the need to follow well proven guidelines.

Appreciate your strengths

Gareth Henry defines repositioning as the process of adding value to a property through changing its quality, character or purpose. Repositioning can be applied to any type of property ranging from single family home to multifamily resident.

Mr. Henry worked at Fortress Investment Group as a managing director. After graduating from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland in 2000 with an actuarial mathematics degree, he worked at Schroders, a global investment firm.

Mr. Henry pointed out that repositioning can involve as little as adding a paint coat to a property and as much as demolishing a whole property and rebuild it a fresh. He a recommends for investors to appreciate limits as not everyone can afford the time and money which goes into overhaul of a property. See more at for more business news.

How to reposition a single property or multifamily property

Focusing on projects that minor repositioning can count, here are some aspects that you can reposition to make a big difference.

  1. Appearance


Gareth Henry recommends tuning the appearance of rental property to make tenants more willing to pay more and promptly. You can improve the appearance through painting, landscaping, resurfacing parking areas or sidewalks. This will have almost immediate impact on your returns.

  1. Structural


It involves adding some new amenities such as pools as well as changing the layout of your property. Structural positioning is more involving but can have a great impact on the property.

  1. Running smoothly

Running smoothly

Running smoothly repositioning involves changing how the property operates. It can involve change of management, new policies on tenants’ admission as well as adding more revenue streams such as laundry renters.

Pay off

Gareth Henry believes that any selected repositioning option should be backed by realistic expectations as well as research. With an elaborate plan, repositioning can bear significant positive results within a short period.

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Eric Lefkofsky is an Entrepreneur and Businessman Based Out of Chicago

In order to be a successful entrepreneur, one needs to have good ideas or at least one good idea that they can act on. Eric Lefkofsky is a well-known entrepreneur in the United States because he has many great ideas that he acted on passionately until they became a success. Originally born in Michigan, Eric Lefkofsky grew up with a little family, but nonetheless, they were supportive of Eric’s dreams. Eric had big plans for his future and he wanted great success. After completing his education and attending Michigan University to earn his doctorate, Eric starting working on his entrepreneurial ideas.

Eric Lefkofsky was able to build his experience for a while in various different positions before he founded his first company, Inner Workings, a somewhat small printing company that worked with local businesses. These days, Eric Lefkofsky spends the majority of his time with a focus on his latest company, Tempus. Tempus is a company focused on using technology to aid in cancer research and the development of treatments down the road as they continue to build more data. Groupon is perhaps the most successful company that Eric has founded to date, which is valued at nearly 3 billion dollars.

There is little time for Eric throughout the day as he has many projects that he keeps up with on a regular basis. Tempus is an ongoing project that needs a lot of his attention and he not expressed any interest in selling off Groupon anytime soon. On top of his business prospects, Eric is also focused on philanthropy and has been for the majority of his career since finding success. Eric Lefkofsky runs his very own foundation with his wife known as the Lefkofsky Foundation. This organization was founded more than 12 years ago in 2006 and today the Lefkofsky Foundation has helped in hundreds of philanthropic projects around the world.

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Fortress Investment Group Executive Peter Briger

Peter Briger is a member of the Forbes Billionaires list and is regarded as one of the richest Americans. He accumulated this fortune by working in the financial sector as an executive. Briger has spent over two decades in supervisory and administrative roles at two prominent investment firms. With over twenty years of experience as a finance executive, Peter has established himself as one of the most successful professionals in the field. Over the course of his career, Peter has also been active as a philanthropist and a mentor. He has helped improve his community by participating in charitable activities. Briger has been a mentor by his involvement in an investment club.

The first major position that Peter Briger had after completing business school was with the firm Goldman Sachs. He was a member of a number of committees that were focused on expanding the firm to Asia. As a member of these committees, Peter helped get Goldman Sachs a number of clients in one of the most important regions in the world. Briger would also spend a lot of his time supervising a number of investment professionals as well. Due to his quality leadership and amount of expertise, Peter was given a position as one of the firm’s partners by the mid 1990’s

After working at Goldman Sachs for a number of years, Peter would accept a position with Fortress Investment Group in 2002. Once he joined this firm, Briger began working in a supervisory role with investment professionals. He managed a group of advisors who helped the firm provide private equity securities for investors. As well as supervising investment professionals, Peter would also serve as part of the leadership team. Peter Briger has served as a member of the management committee and is also the principal and co chief executive officer of the firm as well.

Peter Briger is very active in the community as he has participated in a number of projects in recent years. While working in San Francisco, Peter helped provide housing for a number of families in need. As well as providing housing for families, Peter has also been responsible for maintaining the Central Park Conservatory while he was working in New York City. He has also mentored investors and students as a member of the Princeton University Investment Club.

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Wealth Strategist Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is an editor and a real wealth strategist. His articles generally spearhead new ways of accommodating wealth using the naturally occurring resources. For instance, on August 24 this year, he posted about the unexpected benefits of marijuana. I mean, who has ever thought that marijuana could be used to make beer? Many countries have banned the use of marijuana.

However, countries like Canada and the United States of America are slowly legalizing the use of marijuana after tapping the marvelous things it can do. Any futuristic individual will openly tell you that pot is the emerging investment in the market sector opening opportunities in recreation, medicine, technology, and agriculture.

In his tweet, Mr. Matt states that Two Roots Brewing Company has released their line of “cannabinoid-infused craft cannabis” which is a non-alcoholic permeated beer brewed by Keith Villa, the Blue moon dexterity beer inventor.

Mr. Matt further explains that Keith Villa debuted three marijuana-infused beers right after his retirement. Believe it or not, Keith Villa is planning to infuse the beer with cannabis extracts which he is aiming to knockout shelves in Colorado this season. Keith Villa is not the only one with such extraordinary ideas.

Province Brands, a brewer from Canada has brewed beer using the entire marijuana plant, and it is seen that this beer will hit the tables very soon in Canada. Also, Heineken in California sells THC infused sparkling H2O.

Marijuana has a wide variety of investments to sign in, and I do not think that investors will detract from this one. Ideally speaking, it is cheaper to produce beer using marijuana than barley and investors seek low input to give large output.

Matt Badiali works at the Banyan Hill Publishing organization where he holds a position as a non-executive employee and holds the title of the Chief Resource Investment Expert.

He started working at the Banyan Hill Publishing since the year 2017. Ever since Matt Badiali has been very lucrative in informing the general public about the futuristic wealth opportunities through his tweets. Matt Badiali acts as an eye-opener to great untapped opportunities.

Vinod Gupta And The Importance Of Female Education

Education unlocks doors and is a ticket out of poverty but in many places, it is harder for women to get an adequate education. Businessman Vinod Gupta is from a small village in rural India and he knows about the struggles women face in education.

Vinod Gupta has slowly raised himself up, rung by rung, by founding small companies and working hard to grow them to have a loyal and profitable customer base. He founded a database company called American Business Information all the way back in 1972 and worked hard to get new clients. 20 years later when Vinod Gupta announced he was stepping down from his role as Chief Executive, American Business Information was worth half a billion dollar. Now, Gupta is the Managing General Partner for a company called Everest Group. This company provides venture capital investments and consultation to failing businesses to help them reach their full potential.

However, Gupta wasn’t satisfied with just raising his companies net worth. He used his money to help fund women’s education to impoverished countries like his native India. His philanthropic efforts have included building new schools in poverty stricken communities and providing essentials like school supplies and busses. He has been especially generous to his hometown of Rampur Maniharan, as he donated a whooping one million dollars towards the development of a women’s polytechnic school for the town. The school opened in 2000 and underprivileged women were already earning degrees in less than two years.

Through Vinod Gupta’s efforts, the women of India are one step closer to achieving gender equality.

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Vin Gupta Featured in Forbes Magazine

Susan McGalla an Example of Females Moving Up

The advancement of women in the work place is a current hot topic of discussion. Some argue that the number of men who hold executive positions far outweigh the number of women; others argue that there are plenty of women who hold top positions within companies; and, stoll, others argue that women have the same opportunities to obtain those positions as men, they just have to put in the work. No matter the argument, one thing is sure, Susan McGalla proves all sides of the argument.

McGalla started working at American Eagle Outfitters in 1994, when it was a retail brand that appealed to teen males. While she constantly felt judged for her ideas, she worked hard, did what was asked of her, and made sure she showed up early to meetings. The dedication paid off as she was named Chief Merchandising Officer and President of American Eagle Outfitters. Since her time at American Eagle, she served as CEO at Wet Seal and in 2013 she created her business P3 Executive Consulting.

McGalla grew up in a family with two brothers and her father was a football coach. She was constantly surrounded by boys and attending their activities, or so it seemed. Nonetheless, she credits part of her success to the values she learned growing up. Her parents taught her to have confidence in all aspects of life. Not only that, but because of her upbringing she is able to carry on conversations about sports with the men in the industry, as well as the women about activities that are considered female in nature.

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Market America Continues To Prove Critics Wrong

Market America is a multi-level marketing initiative established in 1992 by both Loren Ridinger and JR Ridinger with the latter being the CEO and President. While Market America has a presence in virtually every part of the world, its head-office is in Greensboro, North Carolina, United States.

As at 2016, its revenue was estimated to be $791.1 million and its total assets were estimated to be worth $146.1 million. As at 2016, its number of employees had risen to more than 800. The site offers products like weight management products, water purifiers, custom websites, dietary supplements, cosmetics, auto care, jewelry, personal care products, and household cleaning items.

What makes the company different is that it offers the products through several affiliated companies. It acquired, its retail store web domain from Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft. In 2002, the company expanded its operations to Australia and it later expanded to Taiwan in 2005.

It later expanded to Hong Kong, Philippines, and the United Kingdom in September 2007, October 2010, and February 2012 respectively. Market America wasn’t done. It later extended its presence to Mexico, Singapore, and Malaysia in 2012, 2014, and 2017 respectively.

Market America’s business model

The company sells products manufactured by other firms. However, the products are sold by only Market America. The company has partners that sell its products. These partners are known as independent distributors. Independent distributors pay monthly fees to the company.

The distributors earn money by bringing in new partners and by earning commission on their sales. Right now, a new independent distributor will pay $399 as the startup fee and will also pay $129 monthly fee. Their representatives also operate as independent contractors and they spend between $130 and $300 on products. In addition, representatives need to attend seminars and training event s and these events cost between $20 and $200 each.

At some point, critics of the initiative rose up. They kicked against the idea of telling new independent distributors that they can rise to the level of becoming financially independent when the scheme cannot go on forever.

According to pundits, its rapid growth is not worth celebrating as it is normal for such schemes to get to a stage of maximum momentum after which their profit will begin to plummet and that is what Market America avoids by extending to other countries. This remains a mere speculation since the company’s profit still continues to increase tremendously.

Tony Petrello – A Leader In Business And Compassion

Anthony Petrello, also known as Tony, isn’t just the leader of the worlds largest drilling company, he’s also a visionary.

As CEO of Nabors Industries, Petrello has proven his worth, not only in the drilling of oil and natural gas but also in philanthropy. Petrello has demonstrated that his empathy goes deeper than his drills.

The devastation left in the path of Hurricane Harvey in 2017 was overwhelming, leaving Houston and the surrounding areas with both physical and financial challenges. Without resources, the area was at a logistical standstill. Tony Petrello wasted no time in demonstrating that Nabors Industries was more than a drilling company, they were part of the community and were ready to give back in anyway they could. Petrello offered paid time off to those employees who were willing to roll up their sleeves and get to work assisting with the cleanup and rebuilding. However, Tony Petrello knew it would take more than manpower, it would take money. The employees of Nabors reflected Petrello’s compassion and generosity by raising $173,000, a sum Petrello matched.

Petrello hasn’t forgotten his humble roots. As a child growing up in Newark, NJ, the son of a working-class family, Petrello was instilled with a hard work ethic early on. This ethic demonstrated itself when Petrello was rewarded with a full scholarship to Yale University. Realizing the value of an education and the potential in others who may not have the financial resources to attend a world-renowned university, Petrello generously donated $150,000 to a yearly award to his alma mater.

It during his years at college, that Anthony Petrello met his girlfriend, Cynthia. They would later marry and have a daughter, Carena. Carena was born with neurological complications. Diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia, Carena was limited in motor skills. Because of their daughter’s complications and their determination to give support and compassion to other families, the Petrello’s donated $7 million to the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute, a part of the Texas Children’s Hospital.

Recently, the Petrellos welcomed Broadway star and Houston native, Tommy Tune, to their Shadyside estate by hosting a party, showing Tony Petrello’s kindness and generosity also extend to the arts.

Tony Petrello is a man who leads by demonstration, paving the way for others to follow his path of compassion and generosity.

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Sheldon Lavin; the bigwig Behind OSI Group’s Success

Only a few entrepreneurs live to enjoy the fruits of their so-called tough journey when it comes to careers-success. For the likes of Sheldon Lavin, entrepreneurship is a path that they have its blueprint. Sheldon is among the few talented individuals whose stay in the business world has always been filled with success. Today, Sheldon is celebrated for his outward contribution towards OSI Group.

The talented fellow serves as OSI’s CEO. Besides, Sheldon serves as the chairman of the board of the company. OSI is a private company based in Aurora, Illinois. However, with Lavin onboard, the company’s operations surpass that of most public entities in the game. Today, OSI Group is celebrated for being a leader in the meat processing business as well as food services.

When it comes to experience, Sheldon boasts of holding more than what is needed. The talented CEO owns more than 47 years of experience in the meat processing game. This experience places Sheldon in a better position to steer OSI Group to an incredible level. Previously, Sheldon used to serve in the investing and banking sector where he held an executive role. Sheldon also managed a financial consulting firm of his own which boasted his understanding of business as a whole.

Sheldon joined OSI when it was just a small company supplying at McDonald’s. However, within no time and under Sheldon’s tenure, OSI Group has grown into a global platform with a credible reputation.

Sheldon’s life in the meat industry runs back to the 70s while he was still working in the finance sector. Otto and Sons were in dire need of financial support which saw them approach Sheldon with a promising deal. The engagement saw Sheldon acquire a leadership position at the company, little did he know it was to be his career breakthrough. Within a short time, Sheldon was getting more involved with the group as he was a talented asset.

Over time, and with the aid of Sheldon, OSI Group had gone beyond the borders to North America, Taiwan, and Europe. In the 80s, Sheldon became the sole owner of the business after one partner sold out his shares while the other one retired. Today, OSI Group is named as a leading supplier of proteins around the world. The company has over 55 facilities in 16 countries. However, Sheldon insists that the numbers are likely to skyrocket in the future.


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