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Sheldon Lavin; the bigwig Behind OSI Group’s Success

Only a few entrepreneurs live to enjoy the fruits of their so-called tough journey when it comes to careers-success. For the likes of Sheldon Lavin, entrepreneurship is a path that they have its blueprint. Sheldon is among the few talented individuals whose stay in the business world has always been filled with success. Today, Sheldon is celebrated for his outward contribution towards OSI Group.

The talented fellow serves as OSI’s CEO. Besides, Sheldon serves as the chairman of the board of the company. OSI is a private company based in Aurora, Illinois. However, with Lavin onboard, the company’s operations surpass that of most public entities in the game. Today, OSI Group is celebrated for being a leader in the meat processing business as well as food services.

When it comes to experience, Sheldon boasts of holding more than what is needed. The talented CEO owns more than 47 years of experience in the meat processing game. This experience places Sheldon in a better position to steer OSI Group to an incredible level. Previously, Sheldon used to serve in the investing and banking sector where he held an executive role. Sheldon also managed a financial consulting firm of his own which boasted his understanding of business as a whole.

Sheldon joined OSI when it was just a small company supplying at McDonald’s. However, within no time and under Sheldon’s tenure, OSI Group has grown into a global platform with a credible reputation.

Sheldon’s life in the meat industry runs back to the 70s while he was still working in the finance sector. Otto and Sons were in dire need of financial support which saw them approach Sheldon with a promising deal. The engagement saw Sheldon acquire a leadership position at the company, little did he know it was to be his career breakthrough. Within a short time, Sheldon was getting more involved with the group as he was a talented asset.

Over time, and with the aid of Sheldon, OSI Group had gone beyond the borders to North America, Taiwan, and Europe. In the 80s, Sheldon became the sole owner of the business after one partner sold out his shares while the other one retired. Today, OSI Group is named as a leading supplier of proteins around the world. The company has over 55 facilities in 16 countries. However, Sheldon insists that the numbers are likely to skyrocket in the future.


Nathaniel Ru Keeps Innovation at the Forefront of Sweetgreen

The fast food industry is filled with a ton of competition. So many people are consuming fast food on a regular basis, but they are getting tired of the options that are out there. Some people have taken he to what their doctors are saying when it comes to obesity, and they want change.

Nathaniel Ru is just the person that so many people have been waiting for. He is the entrepreneur that is bringing forth a new era in fast food by creating the healthy food alternative.

It may have seemed somewhat unorthodox for a young person to be the pioneer in fast food alternatives that would bring forth fresh fruits and vegetables, but this is exactly what has happened. Sweetgreen is the product of a young entrepreneur that was actually looking for a way to channel his passion about healthy eating into a business concept. Read more: Sweetgreen | Wikipedia

It is no surprise that this has been successful when one considers the fact that Nathaniel was creating something that was different from everything else.

His unique idea to put a trendy spin on healthy food options has made him a success. He has two business partners that are also riding the wave with him, but it is Nathaniel Ru that has the initial idea. He sparked a movement in healthy food.

There are some other entrepreneurs that are trying to duplicate this success, but few have managed to get the type of praise and interest from investors that Nathaniel Ru has received.

More than $90 million has already been given to Nathaniel Ru by investors to build more Sweetgreen locations. It is exactly what people are looking for, and he has the power to deliver now that more investors have his back.

Nathaniel Ru has managed to become quite successful over the years, but it appears that people are wondering what he can do next. He started out as a student at Georgetown that was simply looking for a better meal plan.

The success of Sweetgreen would be startling, but Nathaniel Ru realized that he could build his franchise and keep people interested by bringing more concepts on board.

Since the start of Sweetgreen Nathaniel has put an annual music festival in place. He has also worked with the concept of starting cashless restaurants to increase the safety of customers. He has managed to keep innovation at the forefront of Sweetgreen restaurants.

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